31 AUGUST 1861

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The accounts of the harvest in England are exceedingly encourag-

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ing. The barley crop will be one of rare excellence. The wheat, though short in quantity, will probably make up by its quality a full complement of flour. Wherever the wheat...

Mr. Roebuck's asseveration that a contract existed between Italy and

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France for the cession of Sardinia, has not only been officially denied in the Moniieur, but it has been roundly asserted that even the thought of such a negotiation had never...

The new Bishop is Dr. Thompson, the Preacher of Lincoln's

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Inn, not one of the peculiar class whom Lord Palmerston has usually delighted to honour. He is a distinguished logician, and has published a treatise of some repute on the Laws...

The British Association for the Advancement of Science has made

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its preparations to hold its sitting at Manchester next week. It follows close on the heels of its Social sister in Dublin, and will doubtless, in its own peculiar way, be not...

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L ORD Palmerston has been installed as the one hundred and nineteenth Warden of the Cinque Ports. His speech on the occasion was stately, calm, and not wanting in his usual...

The most recent estimates of the prospects of cotton-supply are

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more favourable than those of last week. Not only does it seem that the stocks on hand are larger than had been supposed, but the impres- sion grows stronger that the North will...

The news from America has not been of the first-rate

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importance which the telegraph of Sunday first led us to expect. The battle in Missouri appears to have been a less serious affair than the first accounts represented it, though...

The most important continental event of the week has been

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the dissolution of the Hungarian Diet, and the address of the Emperor of Austria to his Reichsrath, in which he comments on and defends that grave step. The satisfaction of the...

The Parliamentary returns of Exports and Imports for July and

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for the first six months of the year have been published, and show a depressed state of our Export trade. The most remarkable feature is the falling off in the American trade....

A great and unexampled railway disaster has proved that the

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ex- cursion "to Brighton and back for half-a-crown," is not always a cheap one. Twenty-four lives have been lost in a railway accident of fearful horror. The collision in the...

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" tar t—The Moldleas of Monday contained a formal denial of Mr.

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Roebuck's fact as to the treaty or understandino , for the cession of Sardinia by Italy to France, in the event of the evacua- tion of Rome. It was couched in language which it...

Sla13.—The letter of the Marquis d'Azeglio, to which we drew

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attention a fortnight ago, proves to have been published without that distinguished statesman's knowledge or consent. The despondent views which it contained were meant only for...

i n d r i g auk Ibigani. — The news from Austria is important. The Emperor

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had, as we reported last week, determined on the dissolu- tion oif the Hungarian Diet, and had despatched Count Haller to Pestli to dissolve it. But it was not then known that...

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Rhine—a counter-demonstration, we suppose, to the French camp at Chi

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lions—which is to take place next month. The King of Prussia will reside from the 10th to the 14th of September at the Castle of Reurath, near Dusseldorf, and from the 15th to...

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'RussiaanhVslank.--There is little or no 'news from Russia and Poland.

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The chronic contest between the people and the Govern- ment still goes on, but according to the latest intelligence the Em- peror is now disposed to adopt a more conciliatory...

R u m ( st a i r5 .—News was received early on Sunday morning

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that a new defeat had been encountered by the Federal forces in Missouri, under General Lyon, on the 13th August, and that the general was killed. The last item of news was...

Inrkz4. — No news of the slightest importance has been received this

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week, except a statement that Russia has proposed to the Porte to defer its decision on the union of Moldavia and Wallachia for three years. The Syrian Commissioners held a...

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Intlia.—The news from India is only important as regards Mr.

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Laing's financial measures. It is now quite clear that the Govern- ment of India do not share Mr. Laing's distrust of the income-tax, or his wish to replace it by other...

3}1trim.—A long and important letter from the correspondent of the

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Times in Mexico appears in that journal yesterday. The Mexican Government have, as was expected, gone still further in their career of repudiation, by their non-payment of the...

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prevent its entrance into the tunnel so soon after the

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first train had extremity of the tunnel to know if the train had passed through. allow the system a fair trial. . The latter replied " Yes," meaning, of course, the first, or...

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The following phrase in the speeech of Count de Horny, on open. rag the Council General of the Department of the Puy-de-Rime, has given great offence to some of the Liberal...


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(By Electric Tekgr_aph.) BRIGHTON, Friday Morning. The inquest will be resumed to-day, and the evidence of the engine- driver in charge of the third train will be called;...


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HOLYHEAD, Aug. 30 (Morning.) THE Queen left Kingstown at five o'clock this morning, and has just arrived here. Her Majesty will remain here to-day, and inspect the new harbour...


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&OCR EXC1LANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. OWING to the increased ease in the Money Market, the directors of the Bank of England yesterday lowered their rate of discount from 4* to 4 per...

CO Cunt.

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VICEREGAL LODGE, AUG. 23. - Her Majesty the Queen and the Prince Consort, accompanied by their Royal Highnesses Princess Alice, Princess Helena, and Prince Alfred, landed...


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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Friday. Friday. 3 per Cent Consols 92f Bank Stock, 10 per Cent 235 Ditto for Account 92f India Stock, 101 per Cent 219 3 per Cents...

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THE REFLEX INFLUENCE OF AMERICAN EVENTS ON ENGLISH POLITICS. I T cannot be denied—as that persevering and chivalric sup- porter of a very unchivalric institution, vote by...

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TT has been not unhappily said that Lord Palmerston began 1 life as a human being. Ever since Mr. Carlyle invented that phrase, it has been used to express a natural enjoyment...

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T HE approach of Autumn brings with it Autumn's inevi- table train of ploughing matches, harvest homes, agricultural institutes, farmers' dinners, merry-making and...

AT THE CINQUE PORTS. N EVER did Lord Palmerston better sustain

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the cha- racter above delineated than in the grand ceremonial at the Cinque Ports on Wednesday last. It was an occasion on which a less perfect master of the English social...

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Roebuck and the partisans of Austria in this country must feel singularly grateful for the Emperor's lucid exposition to the Reichsrath of his constitutional principles. Having...

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UMAN life may be said to be in all respects, moral and physical, a very diluted affair. Physiologists tell us that the body itself is composed mainly of water; that a...

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IT bas been truly said that, "If Truth hides at the bottom of a well, she never does so more completely than on the morrow of a great battle." This is true of the fight at Bull...


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Tiu, BIRMINGHAM MTJSICAL FESTIVAL. WE defer our criticism on the great provincial Festival which has just terminated, until next week, when we shall be able to give a con-...

ftwe 51..rto.

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A VISIT TO THE SOUTH KENSINGTON MUSEUM.. IT has happened to most of us to return after a lengthened journey, during which we have seen beautiful countries and rare sights, and...

trttrr In t4r

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THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE FRENCH COURT UNDER Louis xv. Sta,—The last number of the Spectator contains a review of the work edited by me, entitled The Secret History of the Court...

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Tnz new farce at the Lyceum is very amusing, and we prefer it. decidedly to the comedy which it succeeds. It is called The Fetches, or the Onconvaniences of a Single Lif e; but...


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which attracted so much attention at the recent meeting of the Social Science Association in Dublin, is, in fact, far more a practical than a theoretical one. The whole thing is...

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CAPTAIN JOHN BROWN.* Tins little book has many merits as a biography. It is plain, modest, and carefully put together, is written with a - hearty and intelligent sympathy for...

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THE Rev. John Graham has given to the world a volume of what he is pleased to call Poems, which he dedicates "to the friends whom it is his joy to love on earth, and his hope to...

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ECCLESIASTES.* EcctzsissrEs is a poem addressed to a decaying civilization,

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and a half-exhausted age. It was written, as all the great scholars of all schools now tell us, judging by language, style, and internal evidence, not at the climax of the -...

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ph wife, ph ysician and his patient, a clergyman's pardonable. The

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utter seduced or been seduced by Dr. Campbell, and died on giving birth to misapprehension of the author on this point is amazing. The very his child. Her betrothed husband and...

• On the Hypethron of Greek Temples: a Paper read

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before the Archteologital Society of Berlin. Together with some Observations in Reply to the Re viewels of beautiful in art. But, unfortunately, this model has never been known...

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An Unpopular View of our Times. Beiny the Result of a Free Enquiry into the Existing Sources of Demoralisation, and the Causes that have rendered Inefficacious the Schemes of...

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Bankruptcies Annulled-Thomas Geddes, Liverpool, draper-Samuel Meet, And. lem, Cheshire, mercer. Bankrupts.-Joseph John Counihan and Maximilian Lindt, Fenchurch-simeX...


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On the 21st inst., at Knoekin, Shropshire, Lady Corbet, of a daughter. On the 24th June, at Shahjehanpore, India, the Hon. Mrs. Robert Drummond, prematurely of a son. On the...