31 JANUARY 1846

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The Duke of Wellington has furnished his quota to the

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Minis- terial explanations. It is characteristic of the good old General, though not alto g ether edifying on " constitutional " grounds. In sum it is thi s. He thought...


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THE measure for the repeal of the Corn-laws, propounded by Sir Robert Peel, is before Parliament and the country. It both falls short of the most extravagant expectation and...

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Some of the minor holders of office in the Government

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are vin- dicating their independence of opinion and resigning. In the list of these illustrious dissidents, are the Marquis of Exeter, Lord Arthur Lennox, and Mr. Milnes Gaskell...

A fuss is made about some Irish legal appointments. The

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re- tirement of Chief Justice Pennefather occasions a series of moves; and it is objected that Mr. Blackburn, a clever Equity lawyer, is too political and unpopular for the...

The American mail brings us snore reports of war discussions

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in Congress — placable speeches from Calhoun, and a war-whoop from John Qubicey Adams. The most melancholy circumstance as to the veteran's new spirit is that it looks hke a...

The English and French fleets have struck a blow at

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the strength of Rosas in the Rio de la Plata ; and the tyrant Dicta- tor, who would have shut out free commerce from the broad waters, and who braved the British flag by...

The present interest in other Parliamentary matters, however important they

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may be in themselves, is entirely absorbed in the consideration of the Ministerial position and policy. Both Houses, at the instance of Government, have referred to Select...

Debates an 10race:ring5 in Vadiament.

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THE ADDRESSES AND THE ANSWERS. Both Houses met on Saturday, though not in great numbers; and pro- ceeded, about two o'clock, to Buckingham Palace, to deliver the Addresses to...

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Zrat eourt.

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THE Addresses voted by both Houses of Parliament in reply to the Royal Speech were presented to the Queen on Saturday, at Buckingham Palace, with the customary ceremoniaL The...

gbt Stleiropolis.

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The new Ministerial scheme underwent the consideration of the Central Protection Society on Thursday, at a special meeting; the Duke of Rich- mond presiding. Resolutions...

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The meeting of Members at Radley's Hotel, in Dublin, on the 23d, proved a failure: not more than eight were present, three of them belong- ing to the O'Connell family. Captain...

Zbe Vrobintes.

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The promulgation of Sir Robert Peel's commercial code has been fol- lowed by Protection meetings at Newark, Newbury, and Welchpool. At the Newark meeting letters were read from...

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fforeign anb (Colonial.

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Fnarro2.—The Chamber of Deputies have been engaged in a most pro- tracted debate on the Address; the Opposition having done its best to im- pede the progress of business, and...


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The Morning Post exultingly announces the progress of official defec- tions from Sir Robert Peel, or, as it is called, " the Peel rot." According to the Post, the following...

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The Duke of Modena died on the 21st instant, in

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his sixty-seventh year. He is succeeded by his son, Francis V.; who was born in June 1810. In return for presents from the Emperor of Russia to the Pope, his Holiness has...

" If Mr. Cobden should succeed in convincing the class lie

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addresses, he will both render a great service to all parties, and also prove himself a very master of pia - suasion. In the existing state of things, however, it seems a matter...

Several cargoes of Indian corn have arrived at Waterford, and

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other ports in the South of Ireland.—Globe.


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The threatened agitation against any continuation of the Corn-duties has begun. We have already seen that the modified sliding scale for three years has had no...

Mr. Wolryche Whitmore has published a letter "to the agriculturists

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of the county of Salop," on the general subject of Corn-law repeal. He shows them that they have derived no real benefit from the restrictive duties, and that they need fear no...

In the Court of Bankruptcy, yesterday, proofs of debt were

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taken on the estate of Sir John Ross. Sir John was set down as a banker, being proprietor in a small joint stock bank; but he is better known as the enterprising explorer of the...

We hear more rumours of resignations among the subordinate members

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of the Government; without sufficient authority, however, to publish the names at present—Globe. Mr. Ferrand's ceaseless efforts to excite opposition to Lord Morpeth in West...

The Adelaide Observer, of the 6th September, has intelligence of

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Captain Stud, who left Adelaide more than a year before with a party on an exploring expedi- tion to the Northward, and about whose fate some anxiety had been felt. On the 18th...

The Honourable W H. Downey has withdrawn from the representation

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of the county of Rutland, on account (as he observes) of his being " unable to gainsay the startling details in Sir R. Peel's explanations," and yet being unwilling to act...

A correspondent, himself a lawyer, suggests an additional check on

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such carelessness of responsible parties as leads to railway accidents- " The remedy which I would take the liberty of suggesting to the Home Secre- tary is this, and it appears...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRTDAT AFTERNOON. The great measure of fiscal reform proposed by Sir Robert Peel has produced but little effect upon the Funds. The first impression was...

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POLITICAL ASSOCIATIONS. OUR paper upon " The Measure," last week, contained an expres- sion relating to political associations, less logically precise and accurate than could...


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AtutivEn—At Gravesend, 28th Jan. William Mitchell, 3FLachlan. from China ; and Orator, Tait, from Madras. At Bristol, 26th, Eliza, Warwick, from Calcutta. Off Li- verpool, 29th,...

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CERTAIN political and grammatical purists have assailed Sir Robert Peel for faulty composition in his letters to the Queen. Their jealous regard to the Queen's English is very...


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THE note of preparation for the opening of the Italian Opera this season sounded with extraordinary potency; and -the preliminary flourish of trumpets—loud, long, and lofty as...


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This great Governments of Christendom—America perhaps ex- -comport themselves with laudable amity towards each other. France will not war with England, nor England with France....

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The performance of the artist amateurs at the St. James's

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Theatre, on Tuesday, went off very well; to the gratification of a full house, and the advantage of the benevolent fund which it was intended to benefit. What- ever difference...

The regular stage doings this week present no novelty, but

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much of excellence. Mr. Macready has been playing King Lear and Hamlet at the Princess's, to crowded and enthusiastic audiences. William Tell has been admirably performed at...


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HISTORICAL MEMOIR, History of the Captivity of Napoleon at St. Helena. By General Count Montholon, the Emperor's Companion in Exile, and Testamentary Executor. Volumes I. and...

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THE crosses that have formed the existing British breed—Celt, Roman, Saxon, Dane, and Norman—are ever present to the memory ; but we do not so well call to mind the various...

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freshness which distinguished her New Home, but in most other features the work is an improvement. There is not so much of what Lord Sydenham, in recommending that book to one...

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Tan Life, with which Sir Bulwer Lytton has prefaced these Miscellanies of Laman Blanchard, is one of the most graceful, considerate, and sensible things he has done. He has...


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Frons January 234 to January 2915. BOOKS. Memoirs-and Correspondence of the Most Noble Richard Marquess Wel- lesley, K.P., K.G., D.C.L., successively Governor-General and...

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WAE-OVVICE, Jan. 30-24 Drag. Guards—Major W. Campbell to be Lieut.-Col. bypur- chase, vice Charlton, who retires ; Brevet-Major P. Le Poor Trench to be Major, by purchase, vice...


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Tuesday, Jan. 27. PAETNESSAIIPS DISSOLVED. Barker and Witten% Liverpool, butcheis—Emberton and Co. Barslem, earthenware- manufacturers ; as far as regards It. Salt—Jackson and...


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On the 11th December, at Madras, the Wife of Lieutenant-Colonel Bores Forster, of a daughter. On the 21st January, in George Street, New Kent Road, Mrs. William Robinson. of a...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) S per Cent Consols Ditto for Account . 3 per Cents Reduced - 31 per Cents Long Annuities .... Bank Stock, 7 per Cent. . India Stock, 109...