31 JANUARY 1852

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The Admiralty superintendence of steam-boats is quite on a par

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with the Board of Trade superintendence of collieries. The Admiralty Superintendent of Packets at , Southampton, when examined by the Committee appointed by the Board of Traie...


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NEVER did usurpation, that encountered so little opposition as Pre- sident Bonaparte's, consolidate itself so rapidly into an organized and ruthless despotism. For anything that...

It appears that our Ministers are bestirring themselves in a

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quiet way, to make good the deficiencies in our defensive establish- ments. Enlistment is visibly carried on with activity in the me-. tropolis, and by report in the...

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From India we learn that a force has been collected

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at Rangoon : it is odds but the next mail brings us news of some territorial ac- quisition in that quarter. It is stated that the ill-starred Nizam has only been able to raise...

The examining barristers, appointed by the House of Commons to

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inquire whether the standing orders have been complied with in the ease of applications for private bills, are busy with the bills promoted with a view to improve the...

The progress of the engineers' strike augurs ill for the

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work- men. Already the funds for maintaining the labourers thrown out of employment begin to run low : the weekly allowance to the men has been much reduced, and even with the...

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8emeral Amin e gentlemen in the liondangkoek Exchange have agreed to form a rifle club, on the principle of enabling members at their con. venience to practise rifle-stooling ;...

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Tax Royal Family enjoy their usual good health at Windsor. Rides and walks abroad when the weather permitted, and exercise in the riding- school when the sky was unfavourable,...

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A new Freehold Land Society was launched at Manchester last week, at a diecting in Newell's Buildings, over which Mr. Prentice presided. The principle of allotment is to be that...

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The citizens of Edinburgh had a "great Reform meeting" in their Music Hall on Tuesday, to lift up the voice of Scotland on the subject of Parliamentary Reform, The Lord Provost...


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The proceedings at a banquet at Limerick, on Tuesday, to celebrate the return of Lord Arundel as Member for that city, occupy ten pages of description in the Dublin Freeman's...

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FRANCIL—The spoliation decrees are not unlikely even yet to prove a great difficulty to the Usurpation. They have universally shocked French public opinion. Each of the decrees...

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The Cabinet meetings come still thicker, and their deliberations run to a still greater length. Meetings were held. on Saturday, and on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday ; and...

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SA.11711DAM The Leading Journal of this morning announces another little change in the Cabinet, and embodies the club reports of the character of the new Reform Bill. The...

The Paris correspondence of yesterday describes a dinner of imperial

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splendour given by President Bonaparte in the great diningroom of the Palace of the Tuileries, to a party of forty-three guests, selected almost exclusively from "the Clite of...

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'The Hellespont has brought home the Cape mail, with news

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from Gra- ham's Town to the 23d December. The expedition across the Bei into the teriitory of Krell had set out, 4000 strong, and so far as was known had been tolerably...

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Though the vocal company at Drury Lane is so strong that Mr. Bunn has been able to bring out a grand opera and a comic opera, both of a high class, with two entirely different...

The subordinate position which tragedy holds with regard to opera

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at Drury Lane is wonderfully apparent. Even the really impassioned act- ing of Miss Helen Faucit as Juliet barely suffices to render Romeo and Juliet endurable, by such a troop...

The Lord Chamberlain has issued the usual directions for the

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admis- sion of Peeresses, Peers' sons, and strangers, into the House of Lords on Tuesday, at the opening of Parliament by the Queen. Strangers must obtain the Lord Chamberlain's...


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STOOL Excwozz, FRIDAY Arm:Noon. The English Funds have undergone some fluctuation, although the result of the week's business has been to establish the closing quotations of...

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The Olympic company is not sufficiently strong to carry off

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weak pi e ces. A flimsy drama, called A Conspirator in Spite of Himself, which looks like a very diluted version of Michel Perrin, is precisely a case in point.


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THE LAST SUNDAY BEFORE PA RLIA WE have arrived at the last breathing-time of our busy world before the opening of Parliament. For all the quiet on the sur- face, the juncture is...

The performance of two of Mendelssohn's masterpieces, the Lobgesang or

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Hymn of Praise, and the music of the choruses in Racine's _etthalie, drew on Wednesday evening one of the greatest crowds we have ever seen in Exeter Hall ; and the performance...


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Sin—The present mode of raising the militia by means of the ballot, in other words by lottery, is a very tedious process, requiring several weeks to carry it into effect....

Mr. Ella, the able director of the Musical Union, has

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commenced a series of concerts at Willis's Rooms, which he calls "Musical Winter Evenings," the first of which was given on Thursday. It was precisely s imilar to one of the...

Ittttro to t4t

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NATIONAL DEFENCES. 20 Pore/jester Terrace, 27th January 1852. Sin—At the present moment every man has his pet scheme for keeping the soil of Britain sacred from the foot of an...

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H. BONAPARTE has accomplished his task. He has kindled a con- flagration; has rushed through the streets shouting fire at the tor of his voice ; has frightened honest folks out...

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THE President-Dictator is constructing a new patent lawmaking machine for France. It is in appearanoe unnecessarily compli- cated. There isthe President-Dictator himself, to...


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IT would be difficult to name an institution more identified in the public mind with practical progress and victorious assertion of the great principle of equality in civil...


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WiTriorrr meaning to revive a discussion of the once formidable question that cost Charles the First his head, it may not be amiss to say a word or two on the power of the...

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THE Mormons are determined to die hard ; and they are the more' likely to do so since their death seems to be doomed while the sect is . yet growing with all the vigour of...

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Tim sea has made a vast inroad into the contract system as it is now conducted : the whole of the sea-wall of the railway between Lowca and Whitehaven has been shaken to its...

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DISRAELI'S LORD OEOROE BENTINCX. * Tr is a Protectionist mistake to talk of the late Lord George Ben- tinck as a "statesman," or even as a politician. When Nature gives...

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SQUIRR'S NICARAGUA. * Mn. SQL/FER is a fluent "free and easy"

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American, with all the no- tions of - a stump orator touching the superiority of the "en- lightened ", to all the natiens of tile earth, and the same personage's idea of the...

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ARTHUR'S SUCCESSFUL MERCHANT. * Mn. Armin intimates that we have biographies

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of all sorts of classes except men of business as men of business, though they are the proper object of study for young traders. The purpose of his book is to supply this want :...

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A. FEMININE perception of small points in appearance and man- ners, minute in themselves but conducive in the aggregate to great truth and naturalness, forms the distinguishing...


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Boozs. Memoirs of the Marquis of Rockingham and his Contemporaries. With Original Letters and Documents, now first published. By George Thomas Earl of Albemarle. In two...

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On the 21st January, at Brighton, the Wife of Captain Farquhar, R.N., of a daughter. the Fl ter. 22d, at Florian, near Torquay, the La O Lady of Lientenant-Colonel Percy...

COMMERCIAL GAZETTE: Tuesday, January 27.

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. • PARTNERSHIPS Disienvico.—S. and H. Isaacs, Iloundsditch, cigar-manufacturers —0. and C. Robinson, Heaton Norris, Lancashire, grocers —Collingbourne ten, and Collingbourne...


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Wan-orrice, Jan. SO.—Royal Regt. of Horse Guards—Lieut. J. I. Jones, from the 1st Drags. to be Cornet, by purchase, vice Mills. whose retirement was announced in the Gazette of...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices ) dotard. llooday Tuesday. Weds... Spec Cent Consols Ditto fur Account per Cents Reduced 31 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock, 7 per Cent...