31 JULY 1852

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As usual at the close of a general election, there

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is much bruit of the bribery to which it has given occasion. Petitions on this score are threatened against the Members returned for Derby, Yar- mouth, Liverpool,...


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• THE job of manufacturing a new House of Commons is finished. The workmen have put their article out of hands. They cannot now alter the nature of the - thing they have made...

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to the crown of Sweden, under the auspices of France,

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to haunt the pillows of the Northern potentates. In Portugal, a new and improved edition of the Charter has been promulgated ; and the Queen and her husband have taken a solemn...

A word in season has been spoken by Archbishop Whately.

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In the charge addressed to the clergy of the diocese of Dublin at his annual visitation ' the Archbishop directed their attention principally to what has been called "Papal...


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I. ALL THE MEMBERS. [The letters x and x heading the columns of figures in the following list indicate "Ministerialist " and " Non-Ministerialist " respectively-the only simple...

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'at t Vrnuiutro.

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East Cumberland feted its newly-elected Members, the Honourable Charles Howard and Mr. William Marshall, at Carlisle, on Monday. Sir James Graham and Mr. Ferguson, the city...


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The Gresham Committee have lately permitted the shops on the South or Cornhill side of the Royal Exchange to be thrust forward beyond the line of the building ; and complaints...

Cht taut.

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THE Royal Family have remained at Osborne since their return from the sea-excursion. On Saturday, the Queen was visited by Duke George and the Grand Duchess of Mecklenburg, and...

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,furrigu suit Catuniul.

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FltANCE.—The Moniteur of Thursday announced that M. Drouyn de Lhuys resumes the office of Minister of Foreign Affairs, in the place of M. de Turgot ; and that M. Magne is...


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All the Irish elections are now concluded ; and Ministers have, it is alleged, gained something like four seats. There have, of course, been some changes, some gains and losses,...

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Bishop Wilberforce presided over a Synod held at Oxford on Monday, to elect Proctors to Convocation. He distinctly stated that the revival of the active proceedings of...

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SATURDAY. News this morning is of the scantiest. E. g. : the Daily News makes the following announcement, which any of us might have made from the facts on the surface but...

A meeting to elect Proctors for the ensuing Convocation was

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held at York on Wednesday. Two known supporters of the revival of the body were elected. This indicates a settled purpose on the part of the clergy. It will be recolleoted that...


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Another masterly paper on Reform of the Law of Real Property, by our correspondent "A Practical Lawyer," has been received: we reserve it for next week, when, the hubbub of the...

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Madame Charton, one of the stars of the Opera Comique,

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and a great favourite here as the prima donna of Mr. Mitchell's French Opera at the St. James's, has come to the aid of Her Majesty's Theatre. She appeared on Tuesday in the...

This morning the steam-ship Washington touched at Cowes, landing her

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mails and passengers, and proceeding on to Bremen. She brings pa- pers up to the 17th from New York. There is no news from the States. The Panama Railroad was completed to the...

Mr. Sidney Herbert set out for Paris on Thursday night,

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in haste ; summoned by the dangerous illness of his half-brother, the Earl of Pem- broke. It is reported this morning that Mr. Macaulay has recovered from his recent...

A very serious charge against a leading London Tractarian divine

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was, we understand, yesterday the subject of an investigation instituted by episcopal direction. The offence in question is alleged to have been committed by a reverend promoter...

The Honiteur of yesterday announces the resignation of M. de

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Casa- blanca, Minister of State, and his nomination as a Senator. The Mar- quis Turgot is also gazetted as Senator. A decree in the Honiteur of this morning names M. Fould...

Yesterday was the last, and, as usual, the pleasantest day

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of Goodwood races. They have been attended by great numbers of distinguished people ; and the hosts of Goodwood Park have, as usual, displayed a splendid hospitality. Altogether...

'601 tOtatrto.

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At this moment Drury Lane Theatre presents one of those extraordi- nary spectacles for which we should in vain seek a parallel beyond the precincts of the histrionic...


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Smock ExcnAlvox, FRIDAY Arrintwoolt. The English Funds have been heavy for some days ; Consols having fluc- tuated between 100 and 1001 during the early part of the week, while...

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The Surrey, this week, has produced a new opera by

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Balfe, with great success, and in a manner highly creditable to this suburban house. It is called 17w Devil 's in it ; and is an operatic version of The Devil to Pay ; • the...

Itthr Iii tYt Cahn.

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MR. LINGER'S DIFFICULTY. Trin. Coll. Cambridge, 28th July 1852. Sin—Everybody who knows anything of Mr. Lingen must regard every- thing that he says with interest and respect,...


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Birmingham, 24th July 1852. Sue—I take the liberty of submitting to you a query, which, now that the Derby settling is well nigh over, you may perhaps have leisure to answer....


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THE DODGER IN DOWNING STREET. A WIT of the last century defined the duty of an ambassador to consist in lying, abroad, for his country's good. Lord Derby has adopted the maxim...

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" ACCIDENT " is a term of ever shifting signification in the railway vocabulary; and according to the verdict of the Jury on the Burn- ley accident, it now means, not an...

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AN Englishman respects a nuisance, and he stands by the Eccle- siastical Courts ; so that proof of abuse and vicious construction only help to strengthen the tenure of those...


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THE parish of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields has been torn by a contest, which involves not only a question of substantive importance, but also a principle of state policy ; and...


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IT is remarkable that, with all the lights of modern publicity and discussion, obvious truths escape notice, even after they have been challenged. Louis Napoleon inaugurates the...

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"Is London, " asks the Times, apropos to the " enthusiastic " re- ception of Ylir. Buchanan the new tragedian, "engaged in a con- spiracy to put down histrionic art altogether...

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to begin early to "live all the days of one's life," Colonel Landmann began soon enough. He was born in 1780; at thirteen he was admitted into the Woolwich Aca- • Adventures...


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DAVIS'S CHINA. DIMING THE WAR AND SINCE THE PEACE. THESE volumes are the result of Sir John Davis's latest official ex- perience in China, as Governor of ]iongkong. They...

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CURTIS'S WANDERER IN SYRIA. * TlIERE is not much novelty of

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scene in the Syrian wanderings of Mr. Curtis. His route was from Cairo to Jerusalem, Damascus, and Baalbec ; his adventures by the way were few. Neither had he any particular...

EARLSWOOD. * TICEOLOGY is not the most amusing of reading in

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its direct form, yet it is perhaps better to have it short than expanded in a romance. A religious novel is rarely very effective, because the keeping or truth of nature is...

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WAR-OFFICE, July 30.-7th Regt. Drag. Guards—Lieut. F. G. Smith to be Capt. by purchase, rice Gray, who retires ; Cornet A. R. G. Costello to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Smith....


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On the 225 July, at Bolton Hall, near Clitberoe, the Wife of H. A. Littledale, Esq., of a daughter. On the 23d, in Eaton Place, the Hon. Mrs. Parsons, of a son. On the 25th, at...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices ) Saturd. Monday. Tuesday. Wanes, Thurs. Trials}, S per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 1001 1001 1001 1001 1001 1®.1 1001 1001 104 1 1 .4 3...


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Tuesday, July 27. PAILTNERSnms DiSSOLVED-Jones and Howells, Tipton, grease-manufacturers- Taylor and Wilson, Halifax. coal-merchants-The Vigra and Clogan Copper Mining Company...