31 MARCH 1832

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THE Reform Bill was carried to the Upper House on Monday The Daily Journals describe the ceremony as partaking of the theatrical. The number of members that accompanied Lord AL-...

Count ORLOFF has arrived at last. The Courier observes that

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he was precisely one month at the Hague, having arrived there on the 26th February and left it on the 24th March. This, by the by, is two days short of a month. We request...

The news from France during the week has been of

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small im- portance. The disturbances at Grenoble are not only at an end, but the memory of them is fast passing away. The reports of in- tended barricades and resistance to the...

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Orbatrg nub' PrarrOingl in Vadiamtnt.

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1. THE REFORM BILL. The Reform Bill was carried up to the Lords on Monday, by Lord Joni.; RUSSELL and Lord ALTHORP, ac- companied by a great number of members. The House of...

Letters from Constantinople of the 25th of February state, that

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- to a recent official note addressed by Sir STRATFORD CANNING to the Porte, inviting a new negotiation respecting the boundaries of Greece, an answer was returned, that the...

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Ebe aletropoTig.

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Lord Althorp, in a conference with a deputation of gentlemen con- nected with the hemp trade this week, admitted that there were strong grounds for complying with the request to...

ELECTION PETITION.—The order, on the petition of Mr. Gurney, complaining

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of the return for the borough of Tregony, has been dis- charged, the recognizances not having been entered into by the petitioner. Imsn POOR.—Mr. Sadler has given notice that,...

ebe Court.

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The King came to town on Wednesday, in order to hold a Levee. This is the only Court event of the week. The health of the Prinoess Louise is still most precarious, if we may...

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Etc Courstrg.

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REPRESENTATION OF DORSETSHIRE.—MT; Portman, in a letter dated the 26th instant, has announced to the freeholders of Dorset his intention of resigning the representation of that...

Marlborough Street Police-office, in hackney-coaches, and under a • strong

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escort, charged with an offence against the act for illegal training to arms. They had been found in a room in Glasshouse Yard, Mino- ries, performing the broadsword exercise...

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MACHINE-BREAKING.—At Coventry, on Saturday/three men-

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Burbury, Sparks, and Toogood—were found guilty of breaking into and destroying the power-loom-mill of Mr. Beck, of that town. Bur- bury and Sparks were condemned; but against...

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Last Saturday, the number of cases remaining in the Metropolis was 171: the new cases reported that day were 47, deaths 33, recoveries 9. The following is an abstract of the...


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At the chairing of Lord Acheson and Mr. Brownlow in the town of Armagh, in May last, there was a riot, as might have been expected. The result was not different from the result...

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It is currently reported, that the Duke of Cumberland will

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neither give vote nor proxy againstethe Bill ; but will merely explain his sen- timents on the second reading. 'His Majesty has conferred the honour of Knighthood on General...

The latest New York papers mention a most destructive flood

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in the valley of the Ohio. The river rose at the rate of twelve inches an hour for some twenty hours. It rose, less and less rapidly, for twelve hours longer; when it came to a...


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Anthem, " 0 Lord 1 grant the King a long life." Composed for the Coronation of King William the Fourth, at Westminster Abbey, September 8th, 1831. By THOMAS Arrwoon. There are...


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On Sunday afternoon, a report having gone abroad that the church- yard at Paisley had been violated, a number of graves were hastily opened of persons that had been reported to...

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Les Souvenirs de l'Italie; six Valses and Trios for the

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Pianoforte. Composed by FREDERICK DE SEIGNEUX. When a young lady is requested by the mistress of the house to sit awn to the pianoforte, partly from a wish to compliment the...

You told me once ;" a Song. Composed by J.

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M. HERRIES, The author of this pleasing air is, we are told, an amateur lady, and it speaks well for her taste. Th.; accompaniment shows some marks of inexperience, which she...

"Poor Camille;" a Song. Composed by JOHN TuousoN, Esq.

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This very pretty ballad confirms the opinion we had occasion lately to give of Mr. TitomsoN's talents as a composer. The words are set with that proper reference to their...


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Among the Parliamentary Papers of the week, is the following " Re- turn of the Number of Stamps issued to each of the Newspapers puhlisLed in London during the year 1831, and...

Bongs of the Gipsies. Written by W. T. MONCRIEFF; the

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Music by S. NELSON. " Songs of the Gipsies" would seem rather to indicate songs which Gipsies are accustomed to sing, in like manner as collections of Scot- tish, Irish, or...

" The Banished Pole ;" a Song. The Words and

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Music by Mrs. W. MARSHALL. The atrocious sentence which gave rise to this song appears on its titlepage. " The young and heroic Prince Roman Sangu.sko had been condemned to be...

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BIRTHS. On the 6th inst. at the Marchioness of Queensberry's, Callsfleld, near Frisehan•., Lady MARY GAGE, of a son and heir. On the 23d inst. at Hurstpierpoint, Sussex, the...

FROM THE LONDON GAZETTES. Tuesday, 27th March.

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PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Vtrra. and VERDURE, King Street, Cheapside, merchants-TIARnasost and CANIZ. Wi,:beeell St. Peter's, Isle of Ely, cabinet-makers-M'CriTcriEere and...


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WAmorEsez, March 30,1832.-13th Light Dragoons : Cornet 3. C. Campbell to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Walker, whose promotion has not taken place-39th Foot ; W. G. Scott, Gent....

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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY EVFN ■Na. Three per Ceots dosed on Saturday, at 83j, sellers ; Exchequer Bills, 9s. to 105. premium. Time Belgian treaty and the mission of Count Orloff...


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warrTEN BY DR. BOWItING, FOR TAIT'S MAGAZINE. Few are the fragments left of follies past ; For worthless things are transient. Those that last Have in them germs of an eternal...


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The ratifications of the three Powers, Russia, Prussia, and Austria, to the Belgian treaty, are in town. The Austrian travelled, it would appear, as fast as the telegraph...

SLAVE POPULATION.—The alleged diminution in the Slave popula- tion in

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Jamaica on which Mr. Buxton's strongest argument for eman- cipation is founded, having been disputed, that gentleman has made the following calculation in confirmation of his...

The House of Commons sits to-day, to forward one or

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two bills— among otheri, the Mutiny Bill—a stage. The Chronicle suggests Mr. R. Gordon, the member for Cricklade, as a proper choice for the Dorset freeholders. We trust Mr....


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Arrived—Off Dartmouth, March 27th, Penelope, Hutchinson, from the Mauritius. Sailed—From Gravesend, March 24th, the H. C. S. London, Smith, for Madras and China ; 26th, Sarah,...

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THE late Earl of BRIDGEWATER left 8,000/. for the production of a work having for its object the exemplification of the "Wisdom of God in the Creation ;" a noble sum, and a...


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WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN IF THE BILL WERE LOST A SECOND TIME ? IT is to be presumed that Earl GREY has now taken his resolu- tion : the season for argument, for advice, for...


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a modified Property-tax has not yet been adopted by the House of Commons, for the honour- able members did not meet on Thursday to consider it. To this measure, however, we must...

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WE premise our remarks on the third Concert by stating, that the Directors were placed in embarrassment at the last minute, owing to the indisposition of Madame DE MERIC, of...


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A PARISIAN correspondent informs us, that while. the German Prince has been amusing us with the exhibition of our own fbilies, another German has been puLlishing a work...


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A RETURN has been laid before Parliament of the number of Stamps issued to the various London Newspapers during the last year, and of the amount of Advertisement-duty paid by...

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Connected with the topic of the Newspaper Press of London,

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is one which regards very intimately the Press of the whole King- dom, and not only the Press, but the Government, and still more the People, of the Kingdom—we mean the...

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THE Fragments of Voyages and Travels, by Captain BASIL HALL, have been happily continued in a second series ; and we cannot suppose that the public, more especially the naval...


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VOYAGES AND TRAVELS, Fragments of Voyages and Travels. By Captriin Basil Hall, R.N., P.R.S. Second Series. 3 vole Cadell, Edinburgh. HISTORY. A History ofthe Italian...

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THE history of the Italian Republics is the history of a number of illustrious corporations. They derived their origin from the Ro- man tnunicipium ; an institution which the...


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Tars is a lament over the decline, not of Literature, as the title- page indicates, but of that passion for collecting scarce books which raged in this country about twenty...

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MR. TAIT, an active and enterprising member of the great book trade, has at length brought forth the first Number of his Magazine. The note of preparation had been loud, and the...

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WE have heard famous preachers, who invariably began the ser- mon with a story : this had the effect of laying hold of drowsy Christians by the ears, and the attention, once...


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MR. HAYDON'S EXHIBITION. IN painting the grand picture of Xenophon, Mr. HAYDON gives the best of all proofs of his genius and energy, and, in the most satisfactory man- - ner,...

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Tins is the ninth annual exhibition of the Society of British Artists. It displays a considerable amount of excellence in the mechanique of painting, especially in the lowest...