31 MARCH 1855

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THE position of the Conferences at Vienna, although officially veiled with a certain degree of reserve, is perfectly intelligible. The Plenipotentiaries, as we stated last week,...

The "crescendo" in the murmur of military movement con- tinues

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in the Crimea. The French works approaching the Russian earth-works in the front Of the Malakoff tower continue to be pressed forward ; and collisions between the advanced...

The most interesting business in our Parliament has been the

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consideration of the message from the Crown annonnoing the con- vention with Sardinia, under which that state will furnish its contingent of 15,000 men for service in the Peat,...

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The Liverpool election is remarkable for the return- of Mr.

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J. C. Ewart, and by so great a majority as 6718 to 4262. His opponent was selected by the Tory party as a fitting heir to Mr. II. T. Liddell ; the organization to support him...

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEER, Eorss OF LORDS. Monday, March 26. Treaty with Sardinia; the Queen's Mes-- sage considered—Despatch of Business Court of Chancery Bill committed...

As the Sebastopol Committee advances,—the inquiry still per- severing in

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one track, the admLnistration of the medical depart- ment,—the exposure becomes more complete, the evidence more damaging to "the system " ; and the u:gent necessity of reforms,...

The state apartments of Windsor Castle are closed, to bore-

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opened on an unprecedented occasion—the arrival of a French "Emperor," and that Emperor a Napoleon. Verdun is avenged ; St. Helena is assoilzied. The visit at once gives birth...

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The thirty-fourth anniversary of the Seamen's- Hospital Societrwas celebrated by a dinner at the London Tavern on Wednesday. This-in- stitution extends its benefits to. seamen...

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THE QUEEN held a levee at St. James's Palace on Monday. The levee was attended by a brilliant crowd ; but the presence most remarked was that of the Marquis of Clanricarde. On...

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Fluarce..—The Moniteur of Wednesday contained the following an- nouncement of the long-expected visit of the Emperor Napoleon to this country. "Her Majesty Queen Victoria has...

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The nomination for the vacant seat at Liverpool was on Tuesday. The proceedings seem to have excited little interest, and the speeches of the candidates certainly were not...

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Some new information affecting the "Handcock and Delacour " case came to light in the Times of Monday. In his recently-published affidavit, Lord Clanricarde mentioned "a Mr....

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On the 21st March, in Carlton Gardens, the Hon. Mrs. J. Stuart Wortley, of a daughter. On the 22d, in Upper Grosvenor Street, the Hon. Mrs. Robert Herbert, of a son and heir....

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Both Houses of Parliament adjourned last night, for an unusually

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long Easter holiday ; fixing Monday the 16th April as the day for the next meeting. In the House of Commons, various statements were made and an- swered on the motion for...

Mr. Bouverie has accepted the offiee'of Vice-President of the Board

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of Trade ; Mr. H. B. W. Brand the office of a Junior Lord of the Treasury. Mr. Edmund Burke Roche has accepted the Chiltern Hundreds. The inquiry before the Sebastopol...


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SAT17RDAY. In connexion with pending negotiations, the Morning Past gives the following information- " We believe that, yesterday afternoon, M. Drouyn de Lhuys, with the French...


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STocio Eseloopeit; FRIDAY ARTREHotoi. A belief has prevailed this week of an early reduction by the Bank of England in their rate of discount. This feeling has been promoted...

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The two Philharmonio Societies have hadeoneerts this week—the Old on

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Monday, the New on Wednesday. Both were good, and both at- tracted crowded audiences, a - proof that there is room for both, and that an honourable emulation will not do harm to...


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The departure of Mademoiselle Rachel for the United States, which has been so long anticipated, is . at 'last formally prohibited by the voice of authority: By the 12th article...

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If Mr. Charles Mathews's advertisement for a partner possibly raised a smile among some of the readers, a feeling of sympathy is assuredly awakened by the later and longer...

The concert for Sir Henry - Biehop at Exeter Hall on Tuesday

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evening drew a large audience"; and its success has led to the announcement of a similar concert on the lath of 'April. The concerts at the Hanover Square Rooms, also, are to...


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RECEIVED TEE ROYAL ASSENT. Militia BilL Enlistment of Foreigners BilL Army Service Act Amendment Bill. Fisheries (North America) BilL Consolidated Fund (3,300,00W.) Bill....

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THE VACANCY IN THE COLONIAL OFFICE. PERSONALITIES are to be avoided in reference to public affairs, and 3 et while persons retain influence it is impossible to exclude per-...


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Jr is proposed to form as a contingent of the British Army in the East a corps of Turkish Irregulars in British pay, commanded by British officers. The proposal is not quite so...

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Ix some nations it has been the custom to place women and criminals on the same footing ; and to a certain extent it may be said to be the case with us at present. When, in...


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GOSSIP, says Mr. Drummond, is the commodity manufactured in the office of the principal daily newspapers. Gossip the people of this country will have, and it is the vocation of...

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ALMONERS FOR THE POOR. _London, 26th March 1855. Sin—If my reply to your correspondent, "A Loudon Clergyman," has given him the impression that I am perfectly satisfied with...


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IN the Militia debate of the Peers on Thursday, Lord Panmure said that Government is "endeavouring to accomplish that by voluntary , means which formerly could only be...

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MAYOR'S NICHOLAS FEMUR.. This is a volume which must be allowed mainly to tell its own story in the extracts we can find room for. It consists of two lives of the famous...

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FISHBOIIRNE'S IMPRESSIONS OF CHINA. * CAPTAIN FrunionuicE served for some time

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in China, and his Im- pressions of the Celestials contain useful and rather striking mat- ter, overlaid by the groundless hopes and headlong reasonings of a sanguine man engaged...

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TEE first part of Thorney Sall is a story of the commonest occur- rences of daily life among the humblest middle-class, rendered interesting by the social condition in which the...

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Boons. Learning and Working. Six Lectures delivered in Willis's Booms, London, in June and July 1854. The Religion of Rome and its Influence on Modern Civilization. Four...

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An exhibition of "Water-colour Drawings and Pictures by amateur artists, and art-contributions, in aid of the fund for the relief of the widows and orphans of British officers...

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THE SOCIETY OP BRITISH ARTISTS. The exhibition in Suffolk Street, though as much wanting as usual in passable treatments of subjects of any ambition, and even in pictures of...

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The last artistic record we saw of Mont Blanc was a large and very clever amateur volume, by a gentleman named, if we recollect rightly, Browne. Another one,* small in scale, is...


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7ue8day, March 27. Pmts.:seam:1ms DISSOLVED.-Lilly and Carter, Barnstaple, drapers-Beck and Co. Middle Wharf, Adelphi-Cousens and Whiteside, Davies Street, Berkeley Squire,...


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WAR-OFFICE, March 27.-Scots Fusilier Guards-Capt. J. Scott, from the 79th Foot, to be Lieut. and Capt. by purchase, vice Bulwer, who retires. 79th Regt. of Foot-Lieut. P....

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) &turd. Monday. Tuesday Wednes. — -- -- 3 per Cent Consols 934 93 93 921 Ditto for Account 931 93} 93} 93 3 per Cents Reduced shut New 3 per...