31 MAY 1834

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The session of the two French Chambers was closed on

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Saturs day, by a Royal ordinance. On Sunday, the Moniteur published two other official documents, by the first of which the Chamber of Deputies was dissolved, and by the second...


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EARL GREY'S ricketty Cabinet was broken up on Tuesday, by the resignation of Mr. STANLEY, Sir JAMES GRAHAM, the Duke of RICHMOND, and the Earl of RIPON. Serious differences of...

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The Belgian Chambers have unanimously voted an address of condolence

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to the King and Queen on the death of their infant son. There is a great deal said and written in Brussels about the King nominating a successor, in the event of his dying...

The ratification of the Quadruple Treaty has been received from

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Lisbon. There is no later information front Portugal, as to mili- tary affairs, than we gave last week.

A report was in circulation at the beginning of the

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week, that the Viceroy of Egypt had been assassinated ; but it has not been confirmed, and is discredited.

The King of Naples has projected a convenient mode of

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reliev- ing his treasury from embarrassment. He proposes to sell a part of the property of the regular clergy,—equally disregarding the vested rights of individuals and the...

Mantel an Promerino in Pediment.

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1. IRISH CHURCH REFORM. There was an unusually large attendance of Members of the House of Commons on Tuesday evening, when Mr. WARD brought forward bis motion on the subject...

The decree for the convocation of the Cortes has strengthened

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the government of MARTINEZ DE LA ROSA, and diffused almost general satisfaction among Spanish Liberals, who begin to give the Minister credit for honesty and prudence. The...

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ebe Court.

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TIIE King and Queen arrived in town from Windsor on Monday after- noon. Soon afterwards, they proceeded to the British Institution, accompanied by the Marquis of Winchester,...

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EISC The members of the Pitt Club dined together at

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the City of London Tavern, on Thursday, which was the anniversary of the birth of their ,Patron Saint. Colonel Conolly was chairman • and the Dukt s of Wellington and Newcastle...

The house at which Mr. Gee was entrapped and chained

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down was thrown open on Monday to the public at sixpence a bead. The esiti- bition was crowded : and if the present occupant would engage Mr Geehimsel i" for a few days only,...

In the Court of Chancery, on Wednesday, Sir Edward Sugden

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and two other banisters appeared in full Court dresses ; Sir Charles Pepys (Solicitor. General) and Sir William Horne in their usual costume. Sir Edward augden tin ught it right...

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The races commenced on Tuesday. The course has been much improved since last year-the principal alteration being in the Derby Course, commencing at the barn, where it takes a...

Cbt Country.

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A meeting of the Somersetshire freeholders was held yesterday week, at Bridgewater, to petition against the Government plan of Tithe Com- mutation. The Reverend P. Thomas...

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In our second edition last week, we mentioned that Sir Jobn Camp- bell had become more liberal in his professions, as he advanced in his canvass. In his interviews with the...


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Mr. T. Wallace and Mr. Vigors, the representatives of Carlow, have written to their constituents, to inquire their opinion respecting Mr. Littleton's Tithe Bill, and whether it...

rnarts of a mile. 6 Subscribers. difficulties attending the exchange

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of wsppers between is country Mr. M. Stanley's Skimmer, 3 years 1 1 and England are entirely removed, and English newspapers may hence- Mr. Shard's b. f. Mask. 3 years 2 Jr....

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0. P. Q.'s Address to the Diss alters of England

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shall be published next seek. His Letter on the French Elections did not arrive until after our columns hail been almost filled up; and the affairs of our untry ths wfs.k are of...

The Times, in this week of trimming among newspapers, has

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been straightforward in its course, and energetic in its language. The fol lowing remarks on the new Ministerial arrangements are extracted from s columns of this morning....


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S ATURDAY N I G IIT. The Morning Papers concur in giving the following account of the new Ministerial arningements. CA BINET. Mr. SPRING RICE, Colonies. LOPI1 AUCKLAND,...

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The house of Commons will reassemble on Monday, and the

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ad- journed debate on Mr. WaRD's resolution must be resumed. It will then be seen bow the new Cabinet will meet the important question involved in that Resolution. An amendment,...

Amongst the seceders from the GREY Cabinet, Mr. STANLEY enjoys

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the highest reputation for conscientious motives as regards the Church. He is said to be religious ; and we have seen a little book ascribed to his pen, bearing the title of...

The nomination of the candidates for Edinburgh took place on

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Wednesday. Mr. AYTOUN was proposed by Mr. 'F UT, and seconded by Mr. W. JAMESON; Sir JOHN CAMPBELL by Lord Provost SPITTAL, and Sir T. I). Lannen ; and Mr. LEARMONTII by Mr....

The following is a correct report, taken from the Patriot

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of the 21st May, of that part of Lord DURHAM'S speech at the Protestant Society's meeting which, we extracted from another paper last week. It will be seen that the passage does...


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STOCK EXCHANGE. FRIDAY AFTEI.NOON. This has been a busy week ; the settlement of the Consol Account for May. and the Foreign Account for the latter half of the month, have both...

The Reverend Mr. CONNOP one of the most distin-

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guished scholars of the University of Cambridge, and the translator of Nicauna, nuts been dismissed from his office of Classical Lecturer, and called upon to resign his...

There is still some uncertainty as to the Ministerial arrangements.

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The pulse of the House of Commons must be felt before the provi- sionally appointed Ministers will be installed. It will probably be as- certained on Monday in which way the...

The General Assembly of the Church of Scotland came to

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a very important vote on Tuesday, on the motion of Lord MostratievE. It was decided by a majority of 46, the numbers being 184 to 138, that heads of families in communion with...

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POLICY OF THE GREY GOVERNMENT. * THE immediate cause of the dismemberment of the late Admi- nistration was the Irish Church question ; but if this difficulty had been got over,...


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Arrived-At Gravesend May 30th, Achilles, Duncan, from Ceylon. Sailed-From Gravesend. May 24111. Broxbornebury, Chapman, for Bengal ; and Portionle, Wilson. for tin, Cape; 26th,...


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WAR•OFFICE, MAY 30. - 131 Itegt. of Dragoons-Cornet J. Dalton to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Rollo, who retires ; W. Yates. Gent., to lw Cornet, by purchase, vice Dalton. 15th...


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BIRTHS. On the 25th inst.. the Lady of J. 11. Ltovn. Esq., M.I'., of a daughter. On t he 92.1 inst., at the Rectory. Kiugstone Bagpuze, Iterhs, the Lady of the Rev. Jam ss...

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LORD BROUGHAM'S bill for the prevention of Pluralities bears this concise and expressive title, "An Act to prevent Spiritual Per- sons in England and Ireland from having more...


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THE absence of a predetermined plan in the laying out of London, is a capital defect inn its architectural constitution, that is now be- yond cure. The only favourable...

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LAST week, the mechanics and labourers enjoyed their hard- earned holyday ; the recusant tailors alone excepted, who had neither money to spend nor stomach for pleasure, and to...

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THE arrangements for the Festival are going on ; but the Corn. Inittees have not officially reported progress. The engagements, nevertheless, are made, both with the singers and...


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TUESDAY night brought a revival of La Donna del Lago, but not a repetition of the pleasure which La Gazza Ladra and Otello imparted. La Donna del Lego has not intrinsic strength...


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WiNTER's IAis Unterbrochene 01 : livfi'st was performed on Wed- nesday. A few years since, it was produced at the English Opera- house, under the title of " The Interrupted...


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(Continued.) th to exa- mine e Project of the Customs Law, presented by M. Meynard to the Chant- her of Deputies. Standard, 9th May 1834. dangel ous rivality for our...

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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Northamptonshire, 22(1 May. SIR—If you can afford space in your admirable journal for the following extract, I think it might be advantageously...


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THIS novel is an adinirable picture of manners, a very good exhi- bition of national character, an interesting though improbable tale. The nicxles of balutation, ejaculation,...


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Ftermx, Ayesha. the Maid of Rms. By James Morier, Esq.. Author of " Zulr en b ti ll g ic H . ostage," " Ilajji Baba," &c. 3 vols. Ittoossenv, The Liffi and Correspondence of...

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THOUGH far from ranking in the first class either of men of in- tellect or men of action, and chiefly indebted for his celebrity to the positions in which he was placed, SALT...

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of this great national undertaking comprises twenty-parishes of the county of Dumfries ; and is, upon the whole, worthy of the reverend gentlemen who have furnished the...

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HERE iS another cheering sign of the times : the entire Works of BURKE, excepting the disjecta ntembra of his orations against IIAsTINGs, printed almost fur popular circulation....


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nits Second Part of Mr. HEBER'S Library, though rich of course in every branch of literature, is distinguished amongst other col- lections for the value and extent of its...