3 APRIL 1852

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The Governor-General of India, somewhat against the grain, has sanctioned

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earnest military operations against the Burmese. This war on the Eastern frontier of British India, it is confidently pre- dicted, will be a short and a little one : but it is...

Milton describes Death in a lazar-house as shaking his dart

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overhead the patients but delaying to strike : even so Lord Derby deals with his general election. The preliminary canvass, ho*- ever, is plied with increasing energy. Its most...


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LORD DEERE, like many other clever men, is his own worst enemy. An impression had been taken up by the public, that the "Rupert of debate" was an ardent, frank, chivalrous...

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The farcical has come to preponderate so decidedlyit the pro-

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ceedings of the French President, that it is impossible to criticize them with that gravity which their dangerous consequences de- serve. It is difficult to imagine how among a...

Sir Henry Ward has already dissolved his new Parliament. This

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is no more than we foretold some time ago, and than Sir Henry must have foreseen if he was not utterly blind. After re- volting the minds of the most reactionary admirers of...

Prhatro an rntrrbtng inVattinintut.

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rniweiret BVSINESS or THE W BEE. n orgy. OP Loans.-Monday, March 29. All Moored of Khyrpore; Lord Ellen. borough's Narrative-Law of - Witts Amendment Bill, read S third time...

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• itt Court.

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THE Queen held a Court, at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday. The Count D . /Ulnae, brother of the King of Naples, and the Countess D'Aquila, had audiense of her Majesty. The Queen...

Itte Ettrovolio.

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Another movement to save the Crystal Palace has been set on foot. On Tuesday there was a public meeting in the "Exhibitors' Room" of the building; at which Sir Joseph Paxton...

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lat Vinniurro.

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The speech of Sir James Graham at Carlisle, last week, indicated his geeeral political position, as much as it served for a local recommendation of himself to the constituency...

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,forrigti anti Colonial.

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FRANC/L-11e swearing-in of the Senate and the Legislative Body at the Palace of the Tuileries was enacted on Monday. At about noon the Rue de Riveli was full of people, the...


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Mr. Chisholm Anstey has issued an address of leave-taking to his con- stituency at Youghal. He declares himself driven from his seat by "a new power sprung up in Ireland"— " To...


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The Dundee Chamber of Commerce ' at a large meeting of its members held last week, unanimously agreed to strong Free-trade resolutions. The resolutions expressed the regret of...

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Mr. Francis Searle, whim presentation at the Queen's levee by the unauthorized Italian title of Monsignore" has been cancelled, and The cancellation published in the Gazette,...


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SATURDAY. The subject of broadest interest in Parliament last night was the de- bate which arose on the motion by the Earl of DERBY for a Select Com- mittee to inquire into the...


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On the 25th March, at Hythe House, near Staines, the Wife of Lieutenant-Co- lonel Des Voeux, of a daughter, stillborn. On the 25th, at Castle Rising Rectory, the Wife of the...

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'ijtutrr uu 3iuir..

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The engrossing subject of theatrical attention during the past week has been the opening of the two Italian houses,—the Royal Italian Opera oil Saturday last, and Her Majesty's...

Accepting Mr. Disraoli's last explanation as to the dissolution of

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Par- liament, the Times holds Lord Derby to be "still in debt, if not to a con- stitutional demand, at least to a pardonable curiosity." Mr. Disraeli is held to have "restored...

There was a disastrous fire in Moor Street, Soho, last

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night, at tbe house of Mr. Oakley, fishmonger. Mr. and Mrs. Oakley were obliged to throw their boy out of window, and to leap out themselves; and a young woman and two men were...

At a Court of Common Council, yesterday , a resolution top

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roceed with the Corporation Reform Bill was passed : amendment w as rejected, At a Court of Common Council, yesterday , a resolution top roceed with the Corporation Reform Bill...


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' STOCK AN EXCHGE. FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The English Stock Market has been subject to but slight fluctuations; the variations in price not having exceeded f per cent ; %%bile the...

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The second Philharmonic concert, on Monday, was honoured with the

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presence of the Queen and Prince Albert, the Duke of Wellington, and an audience which completely filled the room. The programme contained nothing that was not well known to...


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BARNSTAPLE. Lord Ebrington stands, in room of his brother the Honour- able N. Fortescue, and it is said he will head the poll ; and that another Free-trader will get in with...

Her Majesty's Theatre also opened with Maria di Rakes, but

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not in consequence of the other house having done so, for Her Ma- jesty's was prior in the date of the announcement ; the piece being one of those which Mr. Lumley had recently...


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The Great Exhibition lecture of this week was on" Cotton an element of industry, its confined supply, and its extending consumption from in- creasing and improving agencies."...

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PREPARATION FOR THE AUTUMN. IT is a good while ago since the Protectionist leaders avowed that they could hope nothing for their cause from the present House of Commons. The...

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THE publishers are again dragged before the public through a dis- turbance in their trade this time, however, the dispute arises, not on the score of copyright, but of...


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Wirzy Mr. Chisholm Anstey failed in carrying the terms of his motion for a Select Committee on the Wine-duties, but succeeded in obtaining its object, we think that the result...


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Or all parties in Parliament, the opponents of any Militia Bill at all seem to be the most hardy—they are the only folks who retain their equanimity unbroken, equally before the...

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that certain public establishments have a right to copies of every book published, gratuitously ; a privilege not per- fectly fair, since it operates as a special tax upon a...


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Tun newly-issuel "Papers relative to the Reduction of Lagos by her Majesty's Forces on the Western Coast of Africa" explain the rationale, or rather the irrationale, of the...

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Mon of us have been placed in the ludicrous position of going on talking after the person with whom we were in converse has depart- ed. In a conversation with a merry party it...

trttrr to 4t

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WHAT IS LORD DERBY'S GOVERNMENT WITHOUT PROTECTION London, 2d April 1852. Sin—What is Lord Derby's Ministry without Protection ? The country has now a right to ask that...

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_GROTE'S GREECE—VOLUMES IX. AND X. Leuctra. The highest excellences of both states are exemplified, an historian, of realizing the situation—the same boldness in but few will...

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Pius volame contains the account of a tour through the South of France lying between Bordeaux and the country adjacent to the Rhone. In common hands, not much, perhaps, would...

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Ria 0 RA.*

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This volume is indicative of the better things of its title, more, whims, in what it promises than in what it altogether performs. Meliora consists of a variety of papers on the...


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Boom. This week's publications have not diminished in number, but there is rather a falling-off in point of mark and weight. Mr. Reach's "Claret and Olives" is the best of them...

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EXHIBITION OP THB SOCIETY OP BRITISH ARTISTS. To those who, like ourselves, have come to look upon the Exhibition of the Society of British Artists as "Mr. Anthony's...

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Our print-shop windows have been familiar for two or three months past with an engraving by Mr. Atkinson, after a picture by Sir Edwin Landseer, representing the domesticities...


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A circular has been issued frein this department—the reorganized centre of the - Schools of Design—calling upon the several schools through.- out the country for a specified...


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OFFICE OF ORDNANCE, March 27. —Royal Regt. of Artillery—Major-Gen. F. Camp- bell to be Col.-Commandant, vice Major-Gen. Lacy, dec. WAR-OFFICE, April 2.-2d Regt. of Drag....


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Tuesday, Mara 30. PARTNEasnrPs DISSOLVE:D.—C. and E. H. Roads, Greek Street, tallow-chandlers - Edger and Harris, Exeter, linen-drapers—Wood and Co. Maryport, sail-makers; and...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Stallard. Monday. Tuesday. Wanes India Braids 3 per Cent 1ndis Stock, 101 per Cent Exchequer Bills, 10. per diem Spec Cent Consols 3 per Cents...