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THE publication of Lord ELLENBOROUGH'S proclamation for ter- minating the Afghan war leaves no doubt as to the withdrawal of the troops ; and its terms leave _scarcely any room...

If the signs can be trusted, there seems to approach

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a real re- vival of trade, under the stimulus of speculation for the newly- opened Chinese markets. The price of cotton was the first thing to rise ; then the price of goods...

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gin Court.

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Tan Queen has been unwell. Her Majesty walked on the" beach on Saturday, 'when the weather was wet and windy; and to that probably is attributed the cold and toothache from...

Central America has just despatched one of its leaders :

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Moat.- zait, after a life of fighting, has been assassinated by his own sub- jects, at his capital; a bloody illustration of the state of society among the semi-barbarous bandit...

gbt Afitttropolis.

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We have reason to believe that it is proposed by the Government to appoint a Commission, the services on which will be gratuitously ren- dered, for the purpose of considering,...

The progress of the insurrection at Barcelona, now drawing to

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a close, corroborates the opinion that it was rather a symptom of the unsettled state of Spain than the result of any definite movement. Catalonia is the traditional depository...

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be thobinces.

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The annual dinner of the Bridguoth Conservative Association was held on Thursday last week, in the Town-hall. Mr. Thomas Whit- more presided ; and about a hundred-and-fifty...

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A meeting is about to be held in Dublin to determine upon a national testimonial of Father Mathew's services in reclaiming his countrymen to temperance. The project was set on...


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The Convocation of Nonintrusionist Ministers, at Edinburgh, closed its proceedings with a public meeting on Thursday week, in order to explain the course that had been adopted....

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The following important document appeared in London on Monday morning- " PROCLAMATION. Secret Department, Simla, lit October 1842. " The Government of India directed its army...

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Lord Palmerston has a new point today in his course

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of daily strictures on Lord Ellenborough. If, according to Lord Ellenborough's proclamation, argues the ceaseless writer, we created the anarchy in Afghanistan, " we ought to...

Colonel Thompson has written a letter to the Morning Chronicle

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to state his belief, that three individuals were employed to utter language at the Anti-Cora-law meeting on Thursday, merely to have that lan- guage reported. The particular...

On the anticipated trade with China, the Leeds Mercury of

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this date remarks and reports- " All the hest-informed merchants and manufacturers agree in the opinion that ultimately the opening of the new ports in China will be a most...

Intelligence from Bayonne to the 1st December, and from Barcelona

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to the 29th November, announces that Espartero left Saragossa on the 27th, after receiving anaffectionate address from the Militia, and arrived in the neighbourhood of Barcelona...

The Chronicle this afternoon has a sentence dated "Barcelona, 30th

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November," announcing that "The Junta has capitulated wit h the Regent, and the insurgents have laid down their arms."


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SATURDAY NIGHT. In a late edition, the Morning Chronicle gives the followiug intelli- gence from China- •• Malta. 25th November. "A special steamer has come from Nankin to...

At the meeting of the Anti-Corn-law League in Manchester, on

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Thursday, Mr. Cobden stated the results of a tour which he had re- cently made in West Yorkshire : 150/. was subscribed at a tea-party in Sheffield ; 850/. (afterwards made...

John Moorton, a labouring man, has been taken into custody

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for throwing a " sleeper " on the Birkenhead Railway, near Sutton, half- way from Birkenhead to Chester. A. train was stopped, but not much damaged. Moorton had been heard to...

There are more outrages in Ireland. The Lord-Lieutenant has issued

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a proclamation, offering a reward of 80/. to the discoverers of the persons who shot Mr. Mortimer, a middleman, at Kyle, near Freshford in Kil- kenny, on Tuesday. The Limerick...


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STOCK EXCHANGE. FNMA? Ammar:N. There have been some very large operations in the English Feuds daring the last few days.. The Bank-broker bas bought extensively on several ea-...

A Correspondent has sent us an account which describes one

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of the most monstrous cases ur legal oppression that we ever encountered. The story is. that a merchant. to assist an acqoaiutance, gave him some bills for a considerable %menet...

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Arrived-At Gravesend, Nov. 30ilt, Wigeon. Capes, from Singapore; Dec. 1st, Pro- vidence. Hicks. from Calcutta: 2d, Bengalee, Boodle, from China; Independent. Hop- kinson ; and...


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BIRTHS. On the 23t1 May, at Gresford, on the Upper Patterson River, New South Wales, the Lady of CONSTANTINE TALBOT CRICHTON. Esq., of a son. ' On the 13th October. at Bombay....

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CHINESE TRADE, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. Ti the manufactures and trade of England were in a healthy Con- dition, the prospect of extended commerce with China would be a source of...

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IT was only a very inexperienced young lady that asked, "What's in a name ?" A name has relieved a case, which in its essentials is of the commonest kind, from obscurity. MARY...


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D'ANVILLE is reported to have said on one occasion, that people might rail against war as they pleased, but it was a great promoter of geography I The cultivators of many other...

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ANOTHER change of administration has occurred at Covent Garden : Mr. CHARLES KEMBLE has quitted office, leaving an empty treasury, and Mr. ALFRED BURN is to be his successor at...


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"CHARITY thinketh no evil," is a precept apparently little in favour with those who dictate the philanthropy of the present day. The Vicar of Harrow, moved by commiseration for...

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BIOGRAPHY. Correspondence of John Fourth Duke of Bedford : selected from the Originals at Woburu Abbey. With an Introduction. by Lord John Russell. Volume I. Loagmas and Co....

Miss KEMBLE'S reappearance at Covent Garden on Tuesday drew a

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fall attendance to Semiramide, lifasaniello, performed as an afterpiece to The Tempest, was not so attractive. The Haymarket Cure for Love may prove a cure for the suicidal...

A committee of the booksellers and publishers of Paris was

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re- ceived last week by the President of the Council of Ministers, and presented an address, with 146 signatures, in favour of the project of the Customs Union with Belgium. The...

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We think this volume the most interesting of any thing that WILLIAM Howrry has done. It possesses all his well-known ex- cellences, exhibits fewer of his faults, and derives...

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THIS nautical novel derives its title from the name of a French privateer, which is supposed to have injured our commerce and evaded our cruisers during the early period of the...

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Front November 18th to Decemter 1st. Booxs. Correspondence of John fourth Duke of Bedford; selected from the ori- ginals at Woburn Abbey. With an Introduction, by Lord JOHN...

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THE PICTURE-LOTTERIES. THE monster project that is to swallow up all the rest—The National Art - Union, as it is called—has now assumed a shape, at least on paper : its...

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1.0 THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR, SIR-The Germans are the Egyptians of Europe ; with the game mysterious credulity, the same incomprehensible mystery, the same gigantic capacity;...

MILITARY' GAZETTE. WAR•OFFICF, Dec. 2.-2d Regt. of Life- Guards-Cornet and

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Sub•Lient. R. Lams to be Lieut. by purchase, vice C. H. Drummond, who retires. 22d Regt. Foot -Capt. St. J. Mundell, Irom the 58th Foot, to be Capt. vice Russell, who exchanges....

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BRITISH Saturday FUNDS. Monday. (Closing Tuesday. Prices.) Wedaes. Than. I POidep. 3 per Cent. Consols ....... • 941 941 941 941 941 shirt Ditto for Account 95 95 941 95 95/...


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Tuesday, Nov. 29. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Maguire and Higgins Birmingham. woollen-drapers-Taylor and Co. Seentheatl, Yorkshire, coal - getters•, as far as regards J. S. Taylor...