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THE Congress of European Powers is to be held ; the invitations have been despatched from Paris, and have by this time been received in all the European capitals. The Austrian...

A report reached this country early in the week that

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the French have been bombarding Tangiers. As we expected, the report proves to be so exaggerated as to be virtually without' foundation. There was no French squadron to bombard....

The announcement that the two Houses of Parliament stand prorogued

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until the 24th January, then to meet for the despatch of business, and to consider divers important and urgent affairs promises a busy as well as an early session. Government...

We have from time to time pointed to the state

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of uneasiness which exists in Hungary ; it has evidently attracted increased attention in Vienna ; the Imperial Government has taken steps to prevent the mustering of the...

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FTh e treaties of Zurich, all concluded on the 10th of November, consist of e documents, which although not wholly different from each other, are in some parts identical. We...

The case of Smethurst, tried a second time and convicted

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of bigamy, possesses a deep interest for every Englishman. Our readers need scarcely be reminded of the facts. Accused of poisoning his second wife, Isabella Bankes, subjected...

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The movement promoted by the shipowners has at length reached London. Last week the Sunderland shipping interest held a great meet- ing, formed a Chamber of Commerce, elected...

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The long-advertised meeting of the Liverpool Financial Reform Asso- ciation took place in the Philharmonic Hall on Thursday. Mr. Charles Robertson presided ; Mr. Cobden and a...

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g4t Court. i iiSQu r nms held a Privy Council at Windsor Castle

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on Tuesday, when the further prorogation of Parliament and the date of its assembly for despatch of business were determined on. Earl Granville, Lord John Russell, the...

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A deputation of persons desirous of legislation on the supply of gas to the metropolis waited on Mr. Milner Gibson on Wednesday. The gas companies have endeavoured by private...

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The Liberals of Bath have presented a silver tea and coffee service to Mr. Phinn, their candidate at the last election. A soirée was held on Tuesday, when the ceremony of...

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forrigu unit (Colonial.

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f Moniteur of Wednesday announced that the letters of invitation to the several Powers who are to take part in the Congress were issued on Tuesday. It is said that the first...


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A deputation from a committee of the friends of a national system of education, headed by Mr. Black, waited on the Lord Advocate on Tues- day to request that a bill should be...


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A " true-hearted priest of Tipperary" declares there are 100,000 men as brave as the Tipperary Militia Artillery, who "are ready and willing to go and meet on the plains of the...

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A Royal Proelamation was published in the Gazette of Tuesdak; direct- ing that Parliament should be further prorogued on the 15th of December to Tuesday the 24th of January,...

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The Nord states that the selection of Plenipotentiaries for the

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Congress has been nearly completed. According to this journal, Prince Gortscha- koff and Count Kisseleff will represent Russia ; Count Walewski and M. de Banneville, France ;...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The English Funds have shown considerable buoyancy throughout the week, and a rise of 1 per cent has been established. On Monday the opening...

On the 10th of October, in lat. 8.10 N. long.

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26.30 E., on board the ship Surrey, for Calcutta, the Wife of Lieutenan t-Colonel H. A. Campbell, C.B., Royal Artillery, of a son. On the 23d, at Brussels, the Princess Thdobald...


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THE report of the deputation of English bondholders and shareholders in the New York and Erie Railway Company, which went to America, was delivered in a meeting at the London...

The question, "What can Educated Women do ? " is

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further discussed with great and practical ability by Miss Bessie Parkes in the December number of the Englishwoman's Journal. We shall revert to it next week; meanwhile some of...

The lioniteur of yesterday confirms the reference of our correspondent

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to the affair with the Moors, by publishing the following despatch from Admiral Romain-Desfosses. " The Bretagne, of Algesiras, November 26.—Yesterday the vessel St. Louis was...

The Caffre found in Highgate woods was yesterday brought before

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the Recorder at the Old Bailey. He was discharged, the Grand Jury having ignored the bill against him. It is understood that precautions have been taken for his safe custody.


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SATURDAY MORNING. "Paris, Thursday Evening. " The letters of invitation were sent out last Tuesday, but it is not expected that the Powers will assemble in Con g ress before...

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HARRIET MARTINEAU' ought to add another to the many services which she has rendered to her country, by just now producing a couple of stories for the instruction of Mr. George...


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THE CONGRESS SUMMONED. THE Congress is at last summoned, and in 1860 the Powers of Europe will be sitting in conclave on "the Italian question." Although we believe that the...

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ONCE more attention is drawn to the want of Volunteer Cavalry. Many horsemen have set forth their views on this important sub- ject in the columns of a great contemporary, and...


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Banner often reminds us of Oliver Cromwell, and on Thurs- day he behaved exactly like his great compeer on a memorable occasion. He stood forward to scatter his most troublesome...

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COMING after the statements which we have already made as to the kind of materials employed in the building of iron ships, and as to the manner of getting up those new and...


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WE can now well believe that there are Indian ladies who object to the abolition of suttee as some are said to have done with great animation and a show of conservative reason....

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THERE has been a revolution in Hyde Park by no means so pro- mising as that which is going on in Italy. When Sir Benjamin Hall was First Commissioner of Works many improvements...

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A SYNE QUA NON.—IF any of my readers were ever

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fortunate enough to hear Mr. Clay tell the following story, they can never forget the inimitable grace and humour with which it was done. " While I was abroad, labour- ing to...


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THE ESSAYS OF SIR HENRY LAWRENCE. * PennArs the greatest loss India, and, through India, England sustained in the rebellion and war of 1857-8 was the loss of Sir Henry Lawrence...

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English Constitution, from its rise and progress to its maturity, and most recent modification, originating in a lecture delivered in 1854, has now been given to the public by...

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NEW NOVELS. * THE clever write; whose nom de plume is

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Holme Lee, has called her last novel Against Wind and Tide, and we who have toiled through its three volumes, vainly striving to persuade ourselves that we were amused, have no...

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Mr. John Stuart Mill has contributed to Fraser's Magazine for this month an article which he calls A FEW WORDS om NON-INTERVENTION: Our readers will find it worthy of their...

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Some interesting documents relating to Milton have been discovered by Mr. D. Hamilton at the State Paper Office. Among them is a trea- tise of the poet in justification of the...


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Festival Anthem ; " Bow lovely are thy dwellings." By Louis Spobr. snrman. This anthem, intended (as its title imports) to be performed MI festival occasions, is a grand...

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S#t Otatrts.

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At nearly every theatre some novelty has been produced in the course of the week now closing. The post of honour, on the record, belongs in this instance to the Princess's,...


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The Royal English Opera at Covent Garden, though it has not yet produced any of its promised novelties, has not been idle. During the past week The Rose of Castille and The...

At the Norwich Festival in autumn next an Oratorio composed

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by Mollque is to be produced, on the strong recommendation, we understand, of Mr. Benedict, the conductor of the Festival. A new work of magni- tude from the pen of this great...

lin iris.

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ROBERTS'S SKETCHES IN SPAIN, At the German Gallery, 168, New Bond Street, is exhibited a collection. of drawings made by David Roberts on a tour in Spain during the years 1832...

A circumstance has just occurred, calculated to disconcert the present

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endeavours to obtain an uniform depression of the musical pitch. Tbe plan adopted by the Parisian sevens was founded on inquiries tending to show the gradual rise of the pitch...

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Mr. Laurence, whom many of our readers will remember as a painter characterized by unaffected style, truthful and luminous colouring, and a certain air of distinction in his...

FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, NOVEMBER 29. Bankrupts. - SAMUEL WELLDON, Islanea, Cambridgeshire,

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machinist-Joan flo- tsam) LYON, Cambridge, brewer-Brainy JOHNSON, Spencer Road, Stoke Newington, builder-AmLiaam Came, West Bromwich, ironfounder-WILLIAm DCGARD junior,...


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Thurs. 228 228 29 -- 3 964 965 951 951 Friday. 228 2261 29 4 961 96 95 954 BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Beard. Monday. Tuesday. Wanes. 3 per Cent Consols 961 Ditto...