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„ THE disgusting Canadu bill passed the House of Commons on Monday : before our next publication, it will, doubtless, have received the sanction of the Peers and the assent of...

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New York Papers, whose latest date is the 8th of

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January, were received in London yesterday. They supply intelligence of events on the frontiers of Upper Canada which may affect the relations be- tween this country and the...

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tachatcti /fit atc'tbing tn Varriament.

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( ATTAIRS Or CANADA, The Canada Bill was " reported," with the amendments, on Saturday. ' On Mealy, Lord JonN RUSSELL moved that it be read a third time. ...410Mr. LEADER...

The Continental newspapers have been remarkably barren of politi-

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L • cal news this week. In France, the Chamber of Deputies has been occupied with a worthy discussion of the proper livery of its members—shall the coats be embroidered,mr,plain...

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At a meeting of the Court of Common Council, on

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Thursday, the Lord 'Mayor complainea that he had received a letter from Mr. An. derton, a member of the Court, alluding to a current report that be had never got his patent of...

ebe ailettnpOiia.

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.A public meeting was Lehi on Vatalliesday, in the Town- boll of Southwark, to petition Pal litruient to grant the Bollot, extension of the Suffrage, arid Triennial Parliaments,...

In the Court of Queen's Bench, on Monday, Mr. Cresswell

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showed ca Ise against a rule for a criminal information obtained last term again t the proprietor of the Newcastle Journal, for a libel on Mr. Russ ll Bowlby of Sunderland. In...

EIN Court.

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Nonca has been issued by the Lord Chamberlain, that the Queen will hold Levees at St. James's Palace on Wednesday the 14th and Wed- nesday the 2Ist days of February, at two...

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The Killarney steam-boat sailed from Cork for Bristol on the

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19th ultimo, with nine cabin and a number of steerage passengers. The wind soon blew hard; and the Captain was obliged to put back in a storm of snow, after having got about...

eV Country.

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A meeting was held at Halifax on Monday week, and a petition to Parliament in favour of the Ballot and Universal Suffrage adopted. Mr. Leighs delivered a public lecture at...

The Irish papers contain numerous accounts of outrages in different

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parts of the country. The following, if true, has rather a formidable appearance- " On the 19th ultimo, a party of men, consisting of about fifteen in number, took forcible...

Nine persons were drowned in the reservoir at Hollinwood, near

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Oldham, on Wednesday week. They were skating at the time ; and the ice having broken, fourteen were plunged into the water, and only five saved. Three of the nine are married...


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The adjourned meeting of tradesmen was held at the Royal Exchange, D ublin, on Wednesday. It was a repetition of the scenes at the pre- vious meeting. There was nothing but...

Mr. 1). W. Harvey, though solicited to be put in

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nomination as a member of the Pension-list Committee, the motive which lately caused his rejection having ceased to operate, declines to dose, on the principle that his former...

The report of the recall of Lord Elphinstone from Madras,

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and of Sir Robert Grant from Bombay, is contradicted by Ministerial papers. It is confirmed, however, that Sir Andrew Leith Hay is to be the Governor of Bermuda, and that Mr....

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The Peers read the Canada Bill a second time last

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night, after a rather prosy debate. Lord GLENELG justified the bill, on the ground of necessity; but was very sparing of fact and argument, Lord ABERDEEN followed, with an...

It was foreseen when the public licensed gambling, houses of

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Paris were suppressed (on the 31st ult.) that private, and of course more ob- jectionable establishments with the like object, would succeed to them. Two, each on a large scale,...


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SATURDAY. By the arrival of the Ramona packet at Falmouth, intelligence has been received from New York to the 10th of January. The message. sent by President VAN BUREN to...

The "performances on the Serpentine" have been the subject of

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much admiration lately. Similar feats of agility, especially that of spinning round upon the heels, and skaiting backwards, have been exhi- bited in another place, (we must not...

A portly gentleman, in the disguise of a Canadian bear,

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has been frightening several Members of the House of Commons lately w gimost out of their wits, but certainly into their votes. Qumre, clui - M be "the Peckham hobgoblin ?"

A fire broke out on the 21ith January in the

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Petit Chateau of Gotha, the residence of Duke Alexander of Wurtemberg. With some difficulty, the Dutchess, who was in her bedroom, escaped with her life. Jewels, paintings, and...

The Editor of the l'crth Chronicle, who complains that the

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Spectator, which ought to arrive in Perth on Monday alternoon, bus not reached him till Wednesday after- noon, for the last four weeks, is informed that we have no means of...

We wonder that among the ingenious expedients for superseding sanguinary

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punishments, it has not been suggested that the reading of historical and philosophical works should form one of the class of se- condary punishments. We feel assured that no...

" Where are the Radicals ?" asked a country cousin,

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who had got admission into the House of Commons tohear the debate on one day last week. " Oh ! " said his neighbour, looking about, " they must have clubbed for a hackney-coach...

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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AVTERN0011. The Consol Market improved in the early part of the week, and some large Purchases forced the prim up to 92i. The rise in price, however,...

Some important business was quietly got through in the House

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of Commons last night. As strong posts are taken under the cover of an attack directed against a different quarter, producing much smoke and noise, so Ministers are slyly...


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The Thalia, Biden, was driven on shore at Madras the 6th November. and is a corn. plete wreck. Arrived-0ff Plymouth. Hero, Smallwood, from Siam. Off Falmouth. City of Edinburgh....

The Northern Whig, of Belfast, reproves the Irish Members for

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all- ; senting themselves from the discussion of the Canada Bill, to which they are known to be opposed. They no doubt intended to serve Minis- ! ters by staying away ; but had...


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/ A "stranger," who has attended all the debates on the Canada Bill in the House of Commons, remarks, that Mr. GROTE appeared like ' "a man playing fair with opponents who use...


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On the 28th ult., the Countess of Boar,rwarorr, of is son. At Leamington, the Viscouuteas DILLON ot a daughter. Oti the 28th ult., in Portland Place, the Lady of Captain Count...

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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. 15th January Me. Sta-I crave a place in your excellent paper for some remarks on an amine.- mous letter which yesterday appeared in your...


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Wya-ovnex, Feb. 2.-1st Regiment of Foot-Lient. D. S. Cooper to be Capt. by purchase, vice Shafto, who retires; Ensign D. Green to be Lieut, by purchase, vice Cooper: C. Y....


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. London, 31st January 1.838. shall feel obliged if you will allow me to occupy a part of your valuable columns, with a few remarks upon the...

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HOW CANADA HAS BEEN GOVERNED " FOR MANY YEARS." SIR JOHN COLBORNE is to be Lord Duastam's locum tenens till May next—perhaps for a longer period. How admirtb.y he is q ualified...

t1-10 , 1 k 1 ., .• II E. PLIN I.1- NT 1 TN

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his spceelt on the eeth of J inuarv. \Ir. Elm arr»Et.t.tee., M.P. Pii‘u t-encithr of Enelan I and S..i.ii,....ir of 13.Fitobartiois in L os el. ( 'a nada, ro:su rod tin' I I on...

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OFFICIAL accounts of the military proceedings in Lower Canada , from the outbreak to the suppression of the popular rising, are new before us: in examining the conduct of the...

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A MATTER has been under debate during the present week, which, if we may credit the violence of partisan writers on the respective sides, will either end in overturning true...

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THE new Gresham Professor of Music entered on the discharge of his duties, at the Theatre of the City of London Sehool, on Monday evening. Mr. TAYLOR had signified to the...

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COMEDY is now coming in for its share of attention from the Covent Garden management ; the company being reinforced by Mrs. GLOVER, Mrs. Humpy, and Mr. STRICK AND, from the...


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Fr is only two years ago since Mr. Butnnove and a spirited party of young inteticiaris eonceived the idea of making an experiment on the taste of rhe public, by gi vine...


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THE second Vocal Concert, on Monday night, consisted of the follow- ing selection 1. Overt ore, Faneleat HIMMEL. Dr GREEN F . 2. Anthem, '0 our hands" Ilonst.EY. 3. Glee,...

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The Adelphi is famed as the theatre where wonderful performers

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of all descriptions, from the Elephant of Siam to Jim Crow, are to be seen; and YATES, indefatigable in his exertions to secure every novelty in season, has succeeded in...

What has possessed managers with such a universal passion for

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th e Black Domino, we cannot divine : the public by no means :hare in their rage. The St. James's, as well as the Adelphi version of it, is without the music: and this too at an...


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Olt Se, Monsieur? oh why would you Put our small Whigs in such a stew, Make MELBOURNE fume, and G LEM° bustle, And fluster little JOHNNY RUSSELL, Makiug the pale oue ghastly...

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Tom volumes are a continuation of Miss Mann MIMI'S Society in America; and are intended to communicate more of the wri- t es 's "personal narrative, and of the lighter...


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Tuners, R e trospect al' Western Travel. By Harriet Martineau, Author or -Society In Ame- r ica," " illustrations of Political Economy," &v. In 3 vole., .Saunders and (Airy ....

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Ira a more fruitful time, this poem could not have received, and, looking only to its intrinsic merits, would scarcely have deserved, much notice in our columns. The sad dearth...

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Tose Confessions have neither the verisimilitude nor the pi- quancy which are naturally looked for in a history of the female heart written by one of her own sex ; nor are the...


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Tim Lyn Valley in Devonshire combines in a perfection rarely to be found elsewhere, the opposite qualities of the rich and the barren, the sublime and the beautiful. Strolling...

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THE number of literary births still continues unabated, but the offspring is not of a very giant kind. We remember no period 83 continuously fiuitful as the first month of...


The Spectator

Is a collection of articles from the Asiatic Journal. They consist of general talk about the social system of India, some sketches of its bench and Bar, tales illustrative of...