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fusion. Mr. Gladstonef 11 d th ex lanator de- was in con r. o owe up e p fence of Mr. Sidney Herbert, by a further argument to show that our disasters in the Crimea must be...

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OP Ton WEER. Holm OF Loans. Monday, Jan. 29. Trials for Petty Offences; Lord Brough- am's Statement—Order of Military Merit; Duke of Newcastle's...

The self-exposed attempt of Lord John Russell to get the

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Duke of Newcastle, and perhaps "the Peelite section" of the late Ca- binet, out of his way, has received a further elucidation from the explanation of the Duke in the House of...

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9nt Court.

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THE movements of the Court this week have been intimately connected with the Ministerial crisis caused by the hostile vote• of the House of Commons. On Tuesday afternoon, the...

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The deputation of Westminster electors appointed to present an address to Sir De Lacy Evans, waited upon him at his residence in Bryanstone Square on Thursday. Sir John Shelley...

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The languid state of the manufacturing districts was increased at the end of last week by the unsettled state of the Government; and though nothing very serious is reported,...

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THE Ciustris.—The intelligence from the camp reaches by:letter to the 20th, and via St. Petersburg to the 22d January. At the latter date; no- thing had occurred beyond those...

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The Duke of Cambridge landed at Dover on Tuesday : he was received by the civil and military authorities, and an address was presented to him. The same evening he arrived in...

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The House of Commons met yesterday, for the special purpose

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of con. veying the vote of thanks to Sir De Lacy Evans, in person, by the Speaker. General Evans, who entered the House wearing his uniform. and decorations, was received by all...


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SATURDAY. Great difficulties have been encountered in the attempt to form a Administration ; and the amount of activity among conspicuous men to achieve that desirable object...


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.C25,671,665 £26,871,666 BANKING D CASSMENT. Proprietors' Capital £14,653,600 Government Securities (Inds. Rest 3 ,268,916 ding Dead Weight Annuity). £11,625,652 Public...

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Talk of "the weather and the Parke" !—what are we

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to say about this morning ? We can hardly say whether we have a right to designate it "weather " or not, it was so totally out of ordinary role. About five or six- o'clock there...

Strange to say, the literary and the playgoing world have

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for once an interest in common. It is said that an original piece from the pen of Mr. Thackeray will shortly be produced at the Olympic ; and such a name is sufficient to create...

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Miss Cushman has reappeared at the Haymarket, in the character of Romeo ; and once more surprises her audience by the manliness of her assumption. Miss Susan Cushman, who was...

In a powerful and argumentative circular despatch to the German

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Courts, dated January 26, M. Drown de Lhuys, in exposing the illogi- cal and dangerous course taken by Prussia, implies some statements of fact. One is that the French...


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Brous Excisemen, FRIDAT ATTERE0021. The protracted suspense regarding the Ministry has occasioned an almost total cessation of business in the several departments of the Stock...


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For the motion 305 Against it 148 Majority against Ministers 157 The divisions on the Foreign Enlistment Bill assumed a good deal of the complexion of votes of " oonlidence " in...

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THE PICTURE OF THE INTERIOR. THE Russell scandal having torn open the door of the Cabinet, Lord Derby, who is loitering wistfully outside without the cou- rage to make good his...


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SELDOM has a Ministerial crisis in England been of such Euro- pean importance as it is at the present moment. It involves much more than a simple change of men, whether for...

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AT the close of his explanation last week, Lord john Russell made a boast that it would ever be his pride to belong to the Whig part, who " supported the just principles of...

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"'ALL flesh is grass." Modern physiology points to the vegetative functions of man ; but we could least have expected to find the military profession treated most especially on...

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MUSGRAVE'S RA.MBEE THROUGH NORIIA.NDT.. MB. MusexavE is favourably known by The Parson, the Pen, and the Pencil, a book which gave a lively and informing though somewhat...

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Ewes was an extremely uneventful life, yet not without interest, even apart from the man's eminence as an artist, owing to the sin- gleness of his aim, and his unalterable...

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HERBERT LAKE. * Teas fiction is not strictly a novel of

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manners and society, though its elements are drawn from modern life. The story wants vraisemblance; but all that constitute the story—characters, incidents, ideas, and the_...

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WHEN the first volume of this edition of Johnson's Lives of the Poets appeared, we pointed out at considerable length indications that Mr. Cunningham had discharged his...

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On the 25th January, at Westover, Isle of Wight, the Lady of the Hon. Wm. I Court Holmes, of a daughter. On the 26th, at Margate, the Wife of the Rev. Charles T. Astley, Vicar,...


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Boma. Mountains and ifokhals ; or Recollections of a burnt Journal. By Frank M.arryat, Author of " Borneo and the Eastern Archipelago." With Illustrations by the Author....

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WAR-OFFICE, Jan.30. EMMET. In consequence of the deaths of the following General Officers, the undermentioned promotion to take place, in accordance with the provisions of her...


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Aninaeurv, Jan. 29.-In consideration of the services performed by the officers vs, the Navy, in codperation with the Army, in the trenches before Sebastopol, the fol- lowing...


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Tuesday, January 30. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLTED. - Skinuer and Walker, cattle-salesmen-Freeman and Botharnley, Coleman Street, attornies-Scragg and Thursby, Monks Coppenhall,...

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Rxraways- Bristol and Exeter Caledonian 95 111 ex n. B•was- Australasian British North American 811 621 Edinburgh and Glasgow 56 Colonial Eastern Counties 114 Commercial...