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The Queen's Speech will be read on Tuesday, whether by

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Her Majesty or not has not yet been officially stated. It is known that the Queen will not enter by the great door or pass through the usual corridors, every precaution being...


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DARLIAMENT was opened on Thursday, though the Queen's Speech will not be delivered till Tuesday next. The Lord Chancellor informed the Parliament that "as soon as the mem- bers...

Mr. Peabody, who recently gave 150,000/. to be expended by

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trustees for the benefit of the poor of London, has this week given 100,000/. more for the same object, the two gifts making up, we imagine, the largest amount ever presented to...

The latest rumour about Reform is that the Bill will

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be confined to a reduction of the qualification from 50/. in the counties to 101., and from 10/. of rental in the boroughs to 6/. of rating. The- Star, in an article obviously...

Mr. Bright took advantage of the Speaker's election to protest

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against a grievance. All members who accept the Speaker's in- vitations to dinner are required to present themselves either in uniform or the strange costume which is now worn...

Mr. Goschen has been gazetted, and has attended a Cabinet

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The rumour which we mentioned some weeks ago that the

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cap- tain of the Tallahassee, late Confederate cruiser, had, after disarming his ship, an interview with Mr. G. W. Gordon at Kingston, Jamaica, when the latter gentleman made...

News has been received of the arrival of Sir H.

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Storks in Jamaica on the 6th January, and of his assumption of authority as Governor on the 7th. The whites had signed largely an address to Mr. Eyre, warmly approving his whole...

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"John C., Chesslryre" writes to the Times explaining, theaystein under

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which the agriculturists of Hertfordshire have succeeded in distributing the loss from rinderpest. They decided to insure against all accidents or disease -to live stock, at 5...

'The reasons f or terminating the Treaty 'of Extradition between

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Great Britain and France haver been -published in the form of a 'despatch from M. Drouyn -de Lbuys to:the French. Ambassador in London, the Prince de la Tour d'Anvergne. The...

The Manchester reformers held a very grandiloquent meeting in the.Vree

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Trade Hall on - Monday night. The great gun was Mr. E. A. Leathern, ex-member for Huddersfield, whose speech was like a homoeopathic solution of Bright in water, —one globule of...

The cattle-plague -returns are -still alarming, the number of seizures

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being 11,165 for the. week,-against 10,041 for the previous one. The per-centage of recoveries is still eleven and a half per cent., but the hopes entertained from vaccination...

Another mass of correspondence between' France and America about Mexico

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has been published this week. "It is all of .the same character, though the tone grows every, week a little more bitter. Mr.. Seward repeats :always, in every variety of words,...

Mr. Charles Buxton, in an able letter to last Saturday's

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Standard, recapitulating ealmly all the reasons for disapproving the conduct of the Jamaica -authorities, states what we are bound to repeat, as we recently fell into an error...

Mr. Chichester Fortescue attended the 'cinangnral " banquet of the

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Lord Mayor of Dublin on January 30, and made a good speech. He said that the first step towards the " recovery of Ireland,", of which „he mentioned many signs, was to maintain...

The _Royal_ Academy has, after. two ...unsucroattful efforts, found a

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painter to accept its presidency. - The. office .was.at -first offerod by a great majority to Sir Edwin Landseer, .who after a-week's consideration declined the honour....

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The University College Hospital has long been in the.deepest pecuniary

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difficulties, showing a permanent dlefieit on , its "ordinary" budget of 4,000/. a. year. As it was for a long time -quite the leader of all improvement ,among all the London...

The -Money Market has been-firmer, and in .the open market

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prices have advanced f per cent., the lowest rate for the best short- dated paper out of doors being 7f per cent. The demand for Silver for- the East is:active, the whole of the...

A great meeting of Irish moblemen.and gentlemen assembled on Thursday

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in the Rotunda; Dublin,.with- the Marquis of Downshire in the chair. His Lordship,-the Earl of Charlemont, the Earl of Erne, and other speakers supported-resolutions declaring...

'Lord Shaftesbury - does not like to think 'Dorset-exceptionally badly off, arid

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has .accordingly made an inquiry over eighteen farms, coveting nearly 10,000 acres, add reports the result to the Times. - He finds that the, - Dorset system is one.of a low...

The • Consol Market , during : the . meek

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has been • greatly depressed, and business-has been done. for transfer as tlowas Yesterday's-closing !quotations-showed a fractioual improvement, the- latest official-prices...

During the last three, months the number of. Applicants for

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em- ployment to the Society for the Employment of Women.luts been 131; the: number of employers only 30. Female .secretaries, governesses, matrons, olerks,.-book.keepers,...

Some Sabbatical fanatics ' have attempted to stop the Sunday

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-evening lectures in St. Martin's Hall, by putting in force .an un- !repealed statute, 21st - George III., cap. 49, imposing a penalty of 2001. ,a night on persons who Jet rooms...

Lord Justice Kuight:Bruce has a spite Agaiust the plymont13 Brethren

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because they have no recognized religious- teachers. In WI appeal from the VicesChaucellor's :decision in re Newbury, As to the, religious education of infants, it Appeared that...

The-closing prices Of the leading Foreign Securities -yesterday and on

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Friday week were as follows :— 'Greek Do. Coupons Mexican Spanish Pensive .. „. Do. ,Certilicates , Turkish. 6 per Cents., 1858.. 1662.. .4.0 Friday, Jan. 23. 181 ;1 1 1...

The leading British Railways left off at the following ,quo-

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tations yesterday add on Friday week :— Friday, Jan. 26. 'Friday, Feb. 2. • Caleionittl .. 1291 1221 Eastern .. .4iceet 37i •• 381 Great Northern .. .. 12; 128...

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THE TREASURY BENCH AND ITS RIVALS. T HE great difficulty which the death of Lord Palmerston threw upon his successor in the office of Prime Minister was not so much to find an...

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IN the whole range of English politics there is no question of .I. which the leaders of parties are so afraid, or which is so certain to come up one day for definite settlement,...

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DARTAAMENT has met e and the Speaker has been elected, and the imbecile ceremonial which we call-" swearing in" and the Continent "verification of powers," is getting itself...

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DANICS, the most dangerous and intractable political disease with which statesmen and governments have to deal, are in s peculiar manner the growth of a society of castes. In a...

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I S the Times about to declare open war upon free labour all over the world ? It has been the lot of the Spectator to oppose the great journal for years upon the principles to...

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A N essay by Mr. Matthew Arnold on the narrow and dimsighted views of the English middle class is like the visit of an intellectual angel, not unconscious of angelic graces, to...

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T HE swindlers should form an Academy. As with the other 1 middle classes of Great Britain, for we take it the true rank of a swindler in the criminal world is between a burglar...


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[FROM A Conmoroscstrr.] TN recalling while in its first freshness the distinct and vivid 1 impression which was left upon the minds of those who knew him by the late Professor...

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THE BUTLERS OF ORMONDE (CONTINUED). and Ormonde became, in 1425,

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his Deputy. In 1440 Ormonde was again twice made Chief Governor, first as Lord-Lieutenant and then as Lord Deputy, and the same year had the temporalities of the see of Cashel...

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[To THE EDITOR OE' THE " SPECTATOE."1 Sra,—When, some weeks ago, in a very able article on "The Devil" you alluded to a book of mine On the Conflict of Good and Evil in Our Day,...

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[To THE EDITOR OF THE "SPECTATOR."] SIR,—You have been lately attacking a good deal the democrats or, as you call them, the advocates of the rule of "mere num- bers." While...

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alr t.

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MR. HADEN'S ETCHINGS. ETCHING is not and never has been a generally popular art, and since the reasons which have prevented its being so must always continue in scarcely abated...

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THE WILL AND THE SENSES.* Bone the books whose titles are given below deserve to be read by those who take an interest in the questions treated of in them. Each is the work of...

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Tan hint given by Miss Braddon has been- very quickly taken. For her purpose it was necessary to strengthen the old machinery of novel-writing, to introduce changes -more...

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there is no "language of Flowers." To justify such a phrase, there ought to be in all countries a well understood relation between certain visible qualities in the flower and...

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• The Fortnightly Review. Conducted by George bleary Le*,, j . L on d o n Feb- ruary 1. Tars is one of the most interesting numbers of the Fortnightly # Review which we have had...

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Astronomy without Mathematics. — By E. B. Denison, LL.D., Q.O.

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(Seeiety for Promoting Christian Knowledge).—At the request, we sup- pose, of the Committee-of the'Sbciety - for Promoting Christian Knowledge, Mr. Denison has written a short...


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The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri. Translated in Tema Rima By John Dayman, M.A., Rector of Skelton, and formerly Fellow of C. C. C., Oxford. (Longman.)—Mr. Dayman published...

The Fundamental Truths of Christianity. By C. Ernst Luithazdt. Translated

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from the Third Edition by Sophia Taylor. (Hamilton Adams, and Co. ; T. and T. Clark, Edinburgii.)—Thia is another of thee many aids to.faith that are thickening upon us just...