3 JUNE 1843

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TEE ungrateful and wearisome subject of Ireland again absorbs the attention of Parliament, and overspreads the papers with reports of endless debates. The occasion of the main...

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The other Parliamentary matters need little notice here. Mr. MILNER

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GIBSON endeavoured to obstruct the Canada Corn-resolu- tions by a motion which scarcely differed from Lord JOHN RUSSELL'S amendment last week ; and the Commons set it aside by a...

Debatts nub tlroutbings in VarliamEnt.

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STATE OF IRELAND: THE ARMS BILL. In the noose of Commons, on Monday, Sir JAMES GRAHAM was baited with questions by several Members, to ascertain whether, in dismissing...

A few points may be noticed in the foreign news.

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In Spain, the Ministerial crisis has been placed in abeyance, by the appointment of Ministers chiefly, if not altogether, from the Senate ; something like a Ministry out of the...

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At a Wardmote of Coleman Street Ward, on Wednesday, Mr. William Hunter was elected Alderman, in the room of Sir William Heygate. A vote of thanks to Sir William Heygate,...

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BUCICENGHAlli PALACE again displays the Royal standard ; the Court having returned in order to the christening of the infant Princess. The Queen and Prince Albert, with the...

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Epsom Races began on Tuesday ; on which day the sports are re- garded as a mere whet to the appetite for the Derby day—an opportunity of seeing the horses, and the state of the...

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Mr. O'Connell does not halt in his Repeal progress. On Thursday the 25th May, he had a demonstration at Nenagh for the North Riding of Tipperary ; which he entered, after a...

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The General Assembly has brought its session to a close, after trans- acting a world of business consequent on the Secession ; of which we can mention but a few of the more...

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It is rumoured, that previous to the nuptials of the Princess Augusta of Cambridge with the Grand Duke of Mecklenburg, an application will be made to Parliament, by Ministers,...

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SPAIN. — Acoonnts from Madrid are to the 27th May. The sitting of the Deputies on the 20th was characterized by the most violent de- meanour. S. Gomez Becerra, the new...


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ARRIVED—At Gravesend, 28th May, Madagascar, Weller, from Calcutta; 29th,. Foam, Greig, from China; and Mary Ann, Jacques. from Madras; 1st June, Hima- laya. Burn, from China;...

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An express in anticipation of the overland mail from India

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was re- Ceived by the daily papers yesterday ; and the following is still the fullest intelligence- " The Oriental brings the news from India to the 2d May, and from China to...

Last night's Gazette announces that the Queen has appointed Prince

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Albert to be First and Principal Knight Grand Cross and Acting Grand Master of the Order of the Bath, in the room of the Duke of Sussex ; and the Duke of Cambridge to be chief...

The Dublin Evening Post of Thursday says that recruiting for

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the Army has been stopped in Ireland. Another Magistrate has been dismissed—Mr. James Rose ; and Mr. Charles O'Connell and Mr. John Mayor have resigned.

The inquiry before the Nottingham Election Committee came to an

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abrupt conclusion today. Mr. Cockburn, the counsel for the petitioners, observing that the witnesses had deceived either the agents for the petitioners or the Committee,...

We hear that members of the trade have been invited

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to send in tenders for the supply of ten thousand sets of infantry accoutrements, and it is required that the tenders should state the earliest date at which the accoutrements...

Saunders's Newsletter denies, on authority, the story of Sir Edward

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Sugden's imprisonment in a lunatic asylum. The only truth in the story is that he did visit the asylum. The Oxford Chronicle of this day says- " We have heard from authority...

In a second edition, the Times has news from Lisbon

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to the 29th May- " The Deputies had at length addressed themselves to the budget, and had passed the item raising the Customhouse emoluments for the foreign dividends from 6 to...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. Ireland was again a prominent topic in the House of Commons last night ; being the subject of various random questionings, some of which came to nothing. One...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY IIITERNOON. The alarm occasioned by the progress of the Repeal agitation in Ireland and the determination of the Government to repress it has produced a...

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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Bugsby's Hole, lit June 1843. SIR — As you have taken such a decided part in defending my respected friend and competitor " Hampstead Heath"...


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IRELAND: THE DISMISSED MAGISTRATES. IT seems scarcely possible even for the partisans of Ministers to acquit them of unwise precipitation in the removal of the Repeal...

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No feature in popular amusements is more extraordinary than the patience, nay the passionate eagerness, with which men can play at the same game over and over again, as well...


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THE claims of the Dissenters to be admitted to the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge are generally urged as a right or a boon, which ought to be granted in justice to them....

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However our dramatists may fail in originating, they are very

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success- ful in translating ; and with such teeming resources as the repertories of half a score Parisian theatres at their disposal, the English stage might be supplied with a...


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LONDON has followed the fashion of Vienna and Paris, and Dols - mew - is new opera, Linda di Chaniouni, is added to the stock pieces of her Ma- jesty's Theatre—the Queen herself...

The historian of "Jack Moriarty and his Contemporaries, T. C.

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D.," in Fraser's Magazine, mentions a version of Moore's "Meeting of the Waters" in the possession of "old Joe, the celebrated Wicklow guide, who swore posi- tively that he...

At the French Plays, ' Mademoiselle DLTAZET has been repeating her

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favourite characters, with the addition of one or two new parts of a very trivial kind. Indeed, all her performances are mere bagatelles ; it is the saucy, nonchalant,...

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Szerreves, Austria: its Literary. Scientific, and Medical Institutions. With Notes upon the present State of Science, and a Guide to the Hospitals and Sanatory Establish- ments...

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in this volume is The Dream of Life: and it is the most sustained and poetical work that has appeared for some time ; real in its matter, spirited in its execution, and read-...

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THE groupe of the Virgin Islands lie scattered about the 18th degree of North latitude and the 65th of West longitude. They are many in number; from Tortola, the largest, to a...


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From May 26th to Juno 1st. BOOKS. Political Philosophy. By HENRY Lord BROUGHAM, F.R.S., &c. Part IL—Of Aristocracy : Aristocratic Governments. (Published under the...

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ROYAL ACADEMY EXHIBITION. MODERN MANNER OP PAINTING. EVERY visiter of the Exhibition is painfully sensible of the glare of colour in the pictures ; which is generally...

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Spokes celebrated Violin School, translated from the original German, by Jolts BISHOP. ANY criticism on a work of such standing and repute as SPOHR*8 Violin School would now...

The Childs Own Singing-Book. Edited and selected by MARIA and

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W. H. CALLCOTT. The same laudable motive which led Mrs. BARBAULD to write her "Prose Hymns for Children" has induced two members of the family of Cm.i.corr to give an impulse...


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BIRTHS. On the 17th May, at St. Mary's, Isles of Scilly, the Lady of the Rev. T. W. Nowa', of a SOO. On the 18th. at Heronden, Kent, the Lady of WILLIAM Part CaotrORYON, Esq.,...

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Tuesday, May 30. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Kenyou and Fox, Sheffield, coopers-Bedford and Son, Birmi aa s ham, g lass-dealers- Sellers Brothers,fLiverpool, wine-brokers-Skelton...

MILITARY GAZETTE. WAR.OFFICE, May 30.-12th Li g ht Dra g s.-Sur g . J. Youn g . M.D.

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from the 19th Font, to be Surg. vice D. Perstou. M.D. who retires upon half-pay. Coldstream Re g t. Foot Guards-Brevet Col. C. A. F. Dentin& tube Ma j or. by purchase, vice G....

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Saturday Monday. Tuesday. Wed.nes. Thurs. Friday. shut 921 excl. 931 1001 1011 124 17131 shut 47 47 8 per Cent. Consols . ..... Ditto for...