4 JUNE 1859

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PLACID was the meeting of Parliament. Mr. Disraeli and Lord Palmerston met as softly as the mists of Ossian, and glided apart at the termination of the first day with as little...

The war moves no longer with an uncertain step. The

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bulk of the Allied Army, concentrated between Alessandria and Vercelli, has in part crossed the Sesia, fought two actions, and compelled the Austrians to retire behind the...

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The reduction of discount at the Bank of England is

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not only a satisfactory evidence that the state of commerce is easier than it has been, but it also proves that the panic was a needless ex- aggeration. Perhaps we can trace...


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The intelligence from the head-quarters of the Allies shows that the war has taken a more active and serious turn. They have made an ad- vance and have gained another victory....

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THE OPENING OF THE SESSION. The sixth Parliament of Victoria met on Tuesday, the appointed day. In the House of Lords very few Peers were present, when, at two o'clock, the...

Our Princess B..wal has taken her Ilwartare, and her husband,

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Prince Frederick William:of Pzussia, has not, .0 s - reportsaid he would, come over In fetal:titer back ; -" reasons of state," it seems, still prevailing to prevent 'him...

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Reports of progress continue to fill columns of the morning press day after day. In addition to those places mentioned last week we have now to record the names of Colchester,...

Cbt Court.

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TILE Quinix held a Court on Tuesday at Buckingham Palace- Viscount Stratford de Radcliffe, G.C.B., had an audience of the Queen on his return from Constantinople. The Earl of...

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The Worcestershire Society kept its anniversary on Saturday at the Albion in Aldensgate, Mr. J. C. Dent in the chair. The public interest in the prooeedings arises from the...


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New lines of steamers are to start from Milford Raven; one to Cork and Galway, another to Lisbon, a third to the Brazils. The Lever Corn' . pany is at the head of this...

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Our great sporting festival has been held this week on Epsom Downs, The weather has been varied, rain and shine, but it is admitted that few Derby days have attracted more...

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The Lord High Commissioner, Lord Mansfield, held a reception at 3Iolyrood, on the 27th. The old Palace was splendidly fitted up and adorned, and lighted with extreme brilliancy....


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The Government is faithful to its Irish brigade. Mr. Francis Mac- denogh, Q.C., a deserter from the Liberals, is to be Counsel to the Ex- cise, in the room of Mr. Smyly...

fUrtiglI iuiIr f c f/Iltrs.--The ilfoniteur officially conveys to the public

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this import- tint intelligence. " Up to the present time the Emperor's Government has never considered coal as an object contraband of war, and we are able to announce that it...

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The address in reply to the Royal Speech will be moved by the He- nourable Algernon Egerton, M.P. for South Lancashire, and will be seconded by Sir James Elphinstone, M.P. for...

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. The Court of Common Council yesterday, at the Guildhall,

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presented to Sir John Lawrence the freedom of the City, contained in a gold box of most elaborate workmanship, "as a testimony of the high opinion entertained by the citizens of...

The Stewards of Epsom Races have declared Marionette to be

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the second horse in the Derby, and that Ticket-of-leave was placed second by mistake. The Eastern Monarch, a troop ship, bringing invalids, officers and others, nearly 600 in...

The Liberal party has summoned itself to a council of

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war in Willis's ROO= on Monday. The object is to concert operations, and to deter- mine whether a hostile demonstration shall be made on Tuesday night. The meeting is not...

The Daily London Journal, a penny paper, appeared on Wednesday.

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The proprietor of the penny London Journal obtained an injunction In Chancery- to restrain the proprietor of the daily paper from continuing the name. Carried before the Lords...

Some further telegrams from the seat of war describe the

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Austrians as tilling back. "Turin, June 3.—The Austrians have withdrawn to the Eastern bank of the Po and have abandoned Torre Beretti, and the surrounding country. "Garibaldi...


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SATITADAT ArrEarrooN. AUSTRIA AND ENGLAND. Paris, Friday June 3. Prince Esterhazy leaves Vienna for London on an extraordi- nary mission.

Our Pails correspondent's letter has been accidentally delayed in Lon-

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don ; we give only some portion of it now. "Path Thursday. " Today, Ascension Day, the Bourse and public offices are closed ; and for twenty-four hours the Bears and Bulls...

The Lord Mayor gave a dinner to the Judges last

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night ; and among the guests was Lord Elgin. In referring to his Chinese and Japan missions he made an amusing and sensible speech. Having described the great Chinese security...

The telegram, anticipating the Bombay mail of May12, has come

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to hand. There is no news of importance. Small parties of rebels are being hunted down on thew Oude frontier ' but the general tranquillity of the country is plainly indicated...


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STOCK Exciimen, FREDAT arrzsicoox. A further considerable improvement was, until today, established and sustained in the English Funds, the extreme rise on Wednesday being...

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listful %Its,5ujuu, rah. kr.

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THE "turn of the month," which has again just passed, has not been a brisk one, generally speaking, with the wholesale houses in the dry goods trade in the City. A few have been...


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A certain noble Lord possessed an old plate. not of silver or gold, but earthenware, of the rare old Italian kind called Majolica, made three hundred years ago, when really good...


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(From our own Correspondent.) The Parisians are leaving for the country by troops, 1. every day several hundreds of our fashionables are carried off' by the railway. The...


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To find the most effective weapon and at the same time the one most easily used and the cheapest, is a subject for consideration with those who are now engaged in arranging our...

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Belfast, June ]. Sin—All the misfortunes of Europe during the past ten years have arisen from the infatuation of the Austrian Imperial family in bringing the Rus- sians into...

Mr. Hopley of Eastbourne is about to erect in his

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vicinity, a specimen of a Model Domestic Dwelling for the upper, and wealthy middle classes. The b: :t conditions of ventilation, drainage, water supply, kitchen appliances, as...

rttrrs In tlir Etitar.

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24411040, 1859. San—As it is more than probable that the Derby Administration will shortly terminate its labours, I send you a programme of a Government which would give...


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Belgautn, 7th April 1859. The question, how may a better class of men be induced to enter the Army ? is undoubtedly deserving of grave consideration. The men which it would be...

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STR—I was much pleased with the excellent letter of" A. W. W." in your last impression on this subject and should like to add a few words on the Sick and Burial Clubs. Your...


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FRENCH POWER IN INDIA. AN interesting problem has been opened in our general relations with the French Government, and it is one which is not likely to be left at rest by that...


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Sin—On the opposite side of the world I have just been reading the article headed "The British Officer at School," in your number of 11th De- cember, and also "An Old Soldier's"...

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feeing on the controversy now waged with bayonet and artillery on the continent are showing themselves at every turn. Notwithstanding the complications of the day we find the...


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Fitom the Conservatory Journal, which we noticed among our Eterary news last week, we learn that the City of Boston is the seene at once of a very regretable movement and of one...


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THE Civil Service Commissioners accused of "gross ignorance" as betrayed in the misspelling of words in their Report, appeal through a friendly pen to authorities, and show that...

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Tire Times Money Market usefully anticipates us in opening a question on which we have for some time had our eye. Our con- temporary -reports a very curious investigation which...


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ME most erroneous notions prevail as to the condition and prospects of Hongkong, which never were so bright as now. It has a large surplus re- venue, a population wonderfully...

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Si g nor Montanelli, the former Tuscan Minister, who has boon living

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for some years in exile in Paris, where be wrote the tragedy of (lemma for Ristori, came to Alexandria, from Ac q ui, on the 26th 3f ay, and had amine : disuse of the Emperor....


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Iv is to be re g retted, and we say it with a sincere esteem for Mr. Charles Dickens as a w r iter who most emphatically belon g s to his country, that he has not taken a more...


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By LEIGH HUNT. No. XI. Tax NICKNAIIE OF THE LATE KING OF MAMMA Different accounts of its applicability and the reverse; and probable reconcilement of both. THIS is rather a...

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DE. Bunswiti. ON WHAX - ESPEABE. • [masa. Nonce.] THE author of The Psychology of Shakespeare compares himself in his preface to the shoemaker who criticised the work of...

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HAVING retired from the stage on a competence earned by the brilliant performances of half-a-dozen years, M. Robert Houdin, facile prineeps of conjurors, reappears before the...

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NO MORE LOST .- ARMIES 1 . * THE purpose with which Miss

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Martineau has written about Eng- land and her soldiers is purely practical, and equally so is the manner in which she has treated her subject. There is not in her whole volume...


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Magazine day usually brings a flush of books as well as of periodicals, and thanks partly to this circumstance and partly to the advanced period of the publishing season, our...

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Vixere fortes ante Agamemnona : there were muscular. Christians be- fore Charles Kingsley. One such was Henry Brooke, author of "The Fool of Quality,' a novel which was long...

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An American paper, Dwight's Boston Journal of Music, says that

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Ma- dame Bogie was married, not fortunately, to a Greek gentleman named Xindavelonis, from whom she was for some years separated. This is not true. Madame Bosio lived...


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Flotow's Martha — an opera in great vogue at present all over Europe —was reproduced at the Covent Garden Italian Opera on Tuesday. Poor Bosio, the Lady Eurichetta of last...

The third concert of the Philharmonic Society, on Monday evening,

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has been the chief musical performance of the week. Its varied attrac- tions drew together one of the largest audiences we have ever seen in the Hanover Square Rooms. The great...

St. James's Theatre is to be reopened early in June

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under the joint management of Mr. Augustus Braham and Senor Marques, a Spanish gentleman, for the performance of English opera and Spanish dancing. A new opera, by Edward Loder,...


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A comedy, in three acts, called Une Preure d'AmitM, and recently brought out at the Gymnase, is distinguished from the generality of French productions by its total deficiency...

JiUt 3.rts.

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EXHIBITION OF THE ROYAL ACADEMY. IV. There is the customary amount of skilful observation and faithful painting in the Landscapes, though few attain a prominence such as some...

tOt Eyratrts.

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We have again arrived at an almost blank page in the annals of the metropolitan theatres. Were it not for an exceedingly trivial farce, pro- duced at the Strand with the title...

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Messrs. Graves have on view, in Pall Mall, Lucas's full-length

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portrait of the late Sir W. Peel, leading on his Naval Brigade at one of the Indian campaigns. The likeness is excellent and striking, but the figure hardly seems tall enough:...


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Bankruptcy Annulled. - Jonn M'LAcrit.A.N, Spite! Square, Norton Folgate, auctioneer. Bantrupts. - JAmun LOBO jun., Witney, builder-BEENnAnn KATZENSTEIN, King William Street,...


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On the 13th of May, at Dromoland, in the county of Clare, the Lady Inchiquin, of a daughter. On the 23d, at Rome, the Marchese Marianna Paulucci de' Calboli (n6e Simp- kinson),...


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BRITISH FUN DS. (Closing Prices.) &shied. Monday. ramie,. ranee. 27ssies. Friday. Spec Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents Long Annuities...