4 OCTOBER 1851

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The liberation of Kossuth has been the subject of diplodiatic

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notes interchanged between Austria and the Porte, which have found their way into the columns of the newspapers. The craven anxiety to bully the Ottoman Government in this...

The public has been amused to astonishment during the week

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by the 'vagaries of Mr. Ramshay, the County Court Judge at Liverpool. That gentleman has been dealing with the newspaper Fess and its abettors, in his limited sphere, after the...


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THE only thing worthy of note in domestic politics, is the aversion manifested by the County Representatives to grapple with the question of Protection. They will not confess...

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'b alttrupuli5.

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The new 43heriffs, M. Thomas Cotterell and Mr. James Swift, were Sworn in at' tie Guildhall on Saturday. Mr. Swift is a Roman Catholic ; and a notable incident of the...

The Indian overland mail reads like one great obituary. Most

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of the deaths recorded are, of course, " fee-griefs due to some single breast"; but two or three of them are of that kind which, removing influential personages, leave a void...

The most interesting item of news received from America by

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the last mail relates to the festivities with which the opening of the rail- ways connecting Boston with the Canadas have been celebrated in that city. The completion of the...

Among other inconveniences that attend any abandonment of principle, is

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this, that parties guilty of it are readily believed to be capable of conduct much worse than they have been guilty of. The proceedings of the French Ministers against the press...

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, ght Vtattiurtz.

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At the anniversary of the Agricultural Society of Wallington, (a small town in the South-east corner of Oxfordshire,) on Wednesday sennight, two of the County Members, Mr....

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Lord Dunsandle and Claneonel has been clime by a majority of votes to be the Representative Peer to sit in the House of Lords in the room of the Earl of Charleville, deceased....

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,farrtatt nut' Cranial.

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FRANCIL — The President's Government has met a repulse in its poise. cation of the press. The Court of Assizes of the Seine has acquitted the responsible editor of La Pre -...


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A. drive to the Balloeh Bhuie and a walk towards Abergeldie on Friday, a drive to the Falls of Garrawalt on Saturday, and in this week a night's sojourn at the Shiel of...

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The daily journals have minutely noted the Premier's steps through North Wales. The people of Portmadock met in the Town-hall and drew up an address to him, in admiring terms,...

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POSTSCRIPT SATURDAY. The Lord Provost briefly initiated the ceremony with a "special bum- per" ; declaring his certainty that what the Town-Council were about to perform would...

SOti the - 24th September, at the ReetorY;liertingfordbury, Huts, the Wife of

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the .1ffionottable and act , . Godolphin Hastings. of a daughter. ; Po the - Lady. of Dr.. Shendan• Muspratt, F.R.S.E ., Liverpool, of a kt e -1. 2 , it Brussels, the Lady of...

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The Arctic expeditions sent out by Government under Captain Austin,

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and by the Hudson's Bay Company under Sir John Ross, have returned to English ports on different days of this week; and Commander Pullen yesterday reported himself at the...

At the anniversary meeting of the North Staffordshire Agricultural Society,

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held at Burton-on-Trent on Thursday,—in the presence of Vis- count Anson M.P., Mr. M. T. Bass M.P., and the Earl of Harrowhy,— the following explicit avowal was made by Mr....

Lord Carew, Lieutenant of Wexford county, has obtained the riband

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of St. Patrick, which the death of Lord Clare had placed at her Majesty's disposal.—Morning Chronicle. The Earl of Liverpool (Charles Cecil Cope Jenkinson) died at his seat,...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The English Stock Market has been firm. The price of Consols reached 97 on Tuesday ; and though a reaction of / per cent has since taken...

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London, 30th September 1861. Sue—Among the probable effects of gold - finding in Australia on the etono- mical and social condition of our Southern Colonies, there are two in...


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Ire have often wondered, what definition an inductive philosopher, whew dramatic knowledge was oonfined to the. English repertoire, could at- Mel to the word " comedy." Would it...

Itthro to *t

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THE NEW FRANCHISE. Sin — If, as alleged by the Yorkshireman, it be proposed to extend the elec- toral suffrage to the learned and literary professions, would it not be...

Drury Lane still prospers wonderfully with its equestrian troop. Could

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it not with propriety adopt the arms of Kent—a white hot-se? Under such a banner it would always be victorious.

A party of gentlemen, each of whose heads is filled

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with a crotchet of modern times, and who glide from verbal dispute into fisticuffs at a dinner given by a Vegetarian, and a " Bloomerist ' assembly held in the house of a...

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Tore event of the age is one that has not yet happened, bit is g,oing to happen ; the North of England already feels its indluelee--a re- fraction of the rising sun senne(Weeks...

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PAP 1.07 has made its election i ,to stick to its Ptolemaic astronomy, its Post-Apostolic nuracleg o ana its pelitical despotism. The Pope has been frightened byhiefey4i,Joilure...


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FuExpent of the press is what most of us in England will stand up for, except when it tells against ourselves ; and then we are in- elined to think that the freedom ought to be...

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VARIOUS comments or strictures on the administration of the Ionian Islands have of late appeared in the newspapers. In itself this is not extraordinary ; the administration of...

KOSSUTH AND AUSTELL Parrs have their falsehood and their unconscious

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self-reflecting satire, as well as words. The same paper which announced to the good people of 'Vienna the reception of ICossuth on board the Ame- rman steamer, contained the...

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Eves yet the hopes for Franklin's party are not quite exhausted. They have now been out five years, and are entering upon their sixth winter; and they had provisions only for...


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TIIE LILY AND TUE BEE. * Mn. WARREN'S prose poem in commemoration of the Great Exhi- bition resembles its theme in the variety and vastness of its sub- jects, and in a sort of...

What is the nature of Lord John's Reform Bill i

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Nobody knows ; although the provincial papers volunteer replies to the question, oftener than it is asked. If they are not deterred from discussing the nonexist- ent, they are...

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HOSKINS ' S . *PA:LW:stall '.IT 9594! Tun- meritorious feature of Mr..Hoskineel

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tour in Spaindiftlibi e x- tent and manner of travellin g; the defect is want of observation upon life. The tourist entered -Spain' frorii-tho Ferier n frontier by Perpi g nan ;...

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THESE lectures were originally delivered at the Ladies' College in. Bedford S q uare. Their delivery, the preface tells us, " was a mid- den thought; determined on and begun ,in...

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PRE-EAPHAELTTISM. THE rules of art may be broadly divided into two classes, the positive and the conventional. We say conventional, not here in the invidious sense in which the...


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BOOKS. The slackness that has distinguished the publishing world of late seems to have passed away with- September. In addition to greater numbers of books, they appear to be...

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WAR-Orrice; Sept. 30.-3d Regt. of Foot—Surg. H. C. Reade, from the 97th Foot, to be Sang. Tree Stevenson, dec. 17th Poot—fierg. M. Bradford to be Ensign, by parakeet., vine...


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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Solurd. Monday. Tuesday. Weise. 3 per Cent Consols 961 961. 961 95/ Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced 31 per Cents Long Annuities Bank...


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Tuesday, September 30. PARTNERSHIPS HISSOLTE19.—Page and Co.—Green and Constable, King William Street, ironmongers — Bagnall and Lees, Birmingham, druggists—Moser and...