5 APRIL 1845

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IRELAND and her religious difficulties absorb the public mind this week ; and that mood of politics is accordingly reflected in various parts of our present number. Maynooth...

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Maws anti ginneetings in Varliantent

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ENLARGEMENT OF MAYNOOTH COLLEGE. The House of Commons, on Thursday, resolved itself into a Committee for the purpose of considering the acts relating to Maynooth College. Sir...

The Continental news is not striking ; only a kind

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of stir, as though there were something important behind. The French Ministers are kept in perpetual hot water, as if to remind them that in the midst of life they are in death....

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A Court of Common Council was held on Thursday. A report was presented from a Committee on the arrangements at the Queen's visit to Christ's Hospital: it stated that the...

1be court.

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THE Court has been rather erratic this week. The Queen and Prince Albert, ac- companied by the Princess Royal, and attended by a small suite, left Windsor Castle at ten o'clock...

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A meeting was held at the Rotunda on Monday, to protest against the in- creased grant for Maynooth College. It was expected that the Earl of Roden, would preside, but he was not...

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Meetings to petition against the increased grant to Maynooth College have been held at Cheltenham, - Maidenhead, and other places about the country. A numerous and influential...


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Mr. Wallace, the Member for Greenock, has declared to his constituents that " he has taken the usual measures for vacating his seat" in Parliament, on account of some recent...

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The Morning Post reports that the Queen's visit to Irelan'd is fixed to take &el early in July; and that, in order to allow the attendance of Cabinet Minis- ters on her Majesty,...

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Fitartcs.—The proceedings in the French Chambers have not possessed very great interest. The most stirring topic is the demand by Marshal Soult, of 17,500,000 francs, (700,0004)...


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ARRIVED—At Gravesend, 1st April, Tory, Duncan, from Madras ; Janet Boyd. Troughton, from Calcutta ; and Adele, Pelham, from the Cape ; 2d, Christina, Prim- rose, from China ;...

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The Journal des Dibats of yesterday . has the very worst

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news from Switzer- land. " From the accounts we have received, which are somewhat confused, we collect that the Free Corps presented themselves before Lucerne upon the morn- ing...

The death of the Earl of Egremont is announced. He

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died at Silverton Park, his seat in Devon, on Wednesday, after a short illness of eight days. George Wyndham was born in 1786: he married, in 1820, Jane, daughter of the Reve-s...

The departure of the Caledonia steam-ship from Liverpool for America,

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has been delayed by order of Government until today; probably to carry out the ex- pression of Parliamentary opinion, amounting to determination, on the Oregon question.

We are happy to announce the welcome fact, that the

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Norwegian Diet has just acceded to the propositions laid before it by the King relative to a very consider- able reduction in the duties on British manufactured goods [33 or 35...

Last night's Gazette notifies that the Queen will hold levees

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at St. James's Palace, on the 23d April and the 7th May; drawingrooms, on the 2d and 22d May. It is also stated, that the Queen has appointed Colonel George Bowles to be Master...

The Standard states, by anticipation, the prominent points in the

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revenue- accounts for the quarter airline on this day. The diminution of the Customs on the quarter may be estimated in round numbers at about 300,0001.; while the increase on...


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The subject was brought before the House of Commons by Lord JOHN Himmel.; who said, that under ordinary circumstances he should never have interposed while negotiations...

Joseph Connor was examined at Bow Street Police-office today, on

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the c of murdering the woman T in St. Giles's. The evidence was excessiv revolting, from the abandoned of the witnesses, mostly women. Revenge peeps out as the motive. Connor...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FR/DAY AFTERNOON. The business and fluctuations of the English Funds have been unimportant Prices have bad a downward tendency; though, in the almost total...

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Since the English Government has assumed the office of a political de- tective police for all the states of Europe, it must leave no means untried to procure exact information....


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A strange meteor was seen on Saturday night, at 1111. 50m. London mean time, (in important matters it is good to be particular,) near the star Alpha in Canis Venatica. Seen by...


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[PROM A CORRESPONDENT.] The lively fragment which the executors of the late' Sydney Smith have very properly published, follows most agreeably in the wake of a more se- rious...

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Lucia diLammermoor was resumed at the Italian Opera on Saturday; when Madame Castellon had 'a brilliant reception, on her first appearance upon our Opera stage, ih the character...


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SCOTCH POOR-LAW REFORM. THE general principle which has regulated the constructioik of the Lord Advocate's ]Poor-law bill for Scotland isjudicious. The Lord Advocate has taken...

At the French Plays, genteel comedy has succeeded to melodrama

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: ex- plosions of imprecation and gunpowder no longer shock the nerves and offend the senses of fashionable audiences at the St. James's Theatre. An atmosphere of drawingroom...

Miss Cushman's success in _Rosalind has induced her to essay

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Beatrice; but this second attempt at Shaksperian comedy is not equal to the first. Miss Cushman's Beatrice is deficient in delicacy of sentiment, refinement of style, and...

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LARGE sheets are as unfavourable to newspaper literature as large theatres have proved to dramatic art. In both cases ex- cessive space has necessarily led to coarseness of...


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HISTORY records no Minister who cultivated with such success the art of making himself disliked as Sir James Graham : his talent in this line rises almost to genius. Few public...


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for history are much more harshly . win- nowed than they used to be. The time has gone when the privacy and obscurity of Parliament afforded licence to fiction ; and when a...


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VoLTAIRE has been elevated to the English bench, in the person of Mr. Justice Maule ; who, with admirable covert satire, has just set himself to expose one of the thousand...

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POLITICS, Past and Present Polley of England towards Ireland. Mares. . A Fragment on the Irish Roman Catholic Church. By the late Rev. Sydney Smith. Prince, Longman and Co....

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IN addition to all that is passing on the question of religious tempo- ralities, the present week has been enriched by a Fragment on the Irish Roman Catholic Church, from the...

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THE subject of Eugene Sue's De Bohan is a rash conspiracy that took place in the manhood of Louis the Fourteenth, between the Chevalier De Bohan, a ruined and disgusted...

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Prom Mara 21st to April 3d. BOOKS. _American Facts. Notes and Statistics relative to the Government, Re- sources Engagements, Manufactures, Commerce, Rel i gion ,...

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wear PRIIIIARMONIC CONCEET—MONDAT, mason 31. PAST i. Sinfonla in D, (No. 7) Haydn. Song, •• The Quail," Miss Rainfurth Beethoven. Concerto, Pianoforte, Madame Oury, (Op. 37)...

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Tuesday, April 1. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Foweraker and Baker, Exeter, stationers—Ingleby and Briddon, Liverpool, cotton- brokers—Linton and Dromgole, Barbicah,...


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DIORAMA AND COSMORAMA. THESE two popular exhibitions of pictorial illusions by foreign artists have reopened with new views. The Cosmorama is a mere peep-show beside the grand...


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WAR-OFFICE, April 4.—Coldstream Regt. of Guards—Capt. W. M. Wood, from the- 60th Foot, to be Lieut. and Capt. vice the Hon. F. J. B. Villiers, who exchanges. 19th Foot—Capt. J....


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On the 21st March, at Edinburgh, the Hon. Mrs. Primrose, of a daughter. On the 23d, the Lady of the Hon. W. Stourton, of Holdgate Lodge, Yorkshire, of triton. On the 27th, at...

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BRITISH FUNDS. &ieurd. (Closing Ifonday. Prices.) Tuesday. Watts*. 3 per Cent Comas ....... ..... . • • .. Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced . 39 per Cents Long Annuities...