5 APRIL 1851

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ON the oth of August last, the House of Commons resolved to resume the consideration of the Jewish disabilities "at the earliest opportunity in the next session of Parliament."...

As a political demonstration, the Stanley banquet in the Mer-

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chant Tailors' Hall was tame and ineffective. It wanted reality; the speaking reverberated the internal hollowness of the party. Only 158 Members of the House of Commons...

The Paris public have been amused' for the last ten

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(lays by *reports of negotiations-to terminate- the transition Ministry. m. Odilon Barrot accept:el the task of forming a Gabinet His plan is understood to have been to bring...

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Recent intelligence from Van Diemen's Land represents the state of

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that colony as becoming daily more intolerable. The convicts, it is said, were fast accumulating on the hands of Government ; merchants' stores were hired to hold the surplus...

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. Horse off Loans. Monday, March 31. Chancery Reform Measures of the Go- vernment, criticized by Lord Lyndhurst. Tuesday, April I. Royal Assent,...

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THE Queen held a drawing-room, at St. James's Palace, on Thursday morning. It was her Majesty's first public reception for ladies this sea- son, and was brilliantly attended....

bt aittrupn 113. The announced political banquet in honour of

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Lord Stanley took place an Wednesday, in Merchant Tailors' Hall. It was not a corporate festival of the great Conservative guild of Merchant Tailors, to which sympathiz- ing...

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Lieutenant Richard H. Risk is appointed to the command of her Ma- jesty's steam-vessel Tartarus, for service "in protecting the fisheries on the North coast of Scotland." The...

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The reelection of Sir John Itomilly at Devonport, Sir Alexander Cock- burn at Southampton ' and Mr. Page Wood at Oxford, were unopposed— all well received, and easily able to...


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The Privy Council of Ireland have proclaimed that part of the parish of Garvaghy which is situated in the barony of Upper Iveagh, in the county of Down, the scene of the riotous...

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GRRMANY.—The Prussian and Austrian Plenipotentiaries have again returned to Dresden, and with the other Plenipotentiaries have again been conferring ; but there is not any...


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The following manifesto, issued this week by the Staff of the Esta- blished Church, has attracted universal attention. THE BISHOPS TO THE CLERGY OP THE CHURCH OP ENGLAND. "We,...

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His first proposal was not, he admitted,. received with satisfaction by the country. The disappointment of the agriculturists-was not matter of sur- prise; and the...

Our readers.are requested to place the BOOKS in the Supplement

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after page 928 of the Paper: they will then be in the ordinary place-for binding.

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Last night's Gazette notified the appointment of George James Turner,

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Esq., one of her Majesty's counsel, to be "a Vice-Chancellor in the place of Sir James Wigram," resigned. Mr. Bethell, Q,.C., of the Chancery bar, and Mr. Busfield Ferrand, are...

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Paris is now the only place where original operas of any magnitude and importance are produced. Verdi, the single noted Italian composer, is not tolerated out of Italy ; and...


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SATURDAY TWELVE O'CLOCK. No change or business worth noticing has occurred in either the English or Foreign Funds. The opening price of Consols was 96i I, and the market has...

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The Royal Italian Opera commenced its fifth season on Thursday

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; but the event was not attended with any very remarkable circumstances. The opera was the well-known Semiramide ; performed with the completeness and splendour for which this...

There is one truth that, it seems, will never force

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itself upon the ma- nagerial mind,—we mean, the truth that a comic opera, deprived of its music can rarely or never make an effective drama. La Dame de Pique, written by M....


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APRIL 2. REFORMING M/NORITT FOR THE SECOND READING OF MIL LOCKE KING'S Aglionby, Henry A. Fox, W. Johnson M'Cullagh, W. T. Salwey, Col. Henry Alcock, Thomas Gibson, Rt. Hon....

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STANLEY AT MED:HI-ANT TAILORS' HALL Coseeannson must have been warted when the dinner was ar- ranged for Lord Stanley at Merchant Tailors' Hall; but the identity of place has...


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IT is mostly found that servants who have grown above their places, or ceased to value them, are careless about giving satis- faction to their masters or mistresses. This is...

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DEC - CARA TION OF .1111, Blb.H.OPS.

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TWENTY-FOER English Prelates, the two Archbishops at their head, have issued a declaration intended to allay "heats and jea- lousies and "to restore harmony" in the Church. If...


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IT does not appear from Lord Brougham's bill on the Patent Laws that any change of the jurisdiction is intended ; but it may be doubted whether the Law-officers of the Crown are...


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THE further investigation of Augusta Talbot's ease only places the evidence in more utter confusion. The disclosures or half- disclosures that have been made reflect discredit...

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IrrntrnrrABLE facts are certainly few in number. Is there one in the world that has not been challenged or disputed ? Justice, morals, forms of government, statistics and...

Tn - s SwrwnLER's FATE.—Boecaccio could not beat the literary work of

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a swindler just committed from Marlborough Street for trial—" Captain" or "Sir Richard" Douglas, of Orpington House, Kent ; Ascot Villa, Ascot ; and No. 6 Belgrave Terrace. His...

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THE BISHOPS AND THE CHURCH. Hitehen, 3d April 1851. Sin—Our lawn-sleeved Melbournes, Peels, and Russells, have favoured us with their view of Church matters ; and being forced...


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Glasgow, March 1851. Sin—The vacillating impotence which has marked the proceedings of Go- vernment in dealing with the question which has recently so agitated the public mind,...


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Boom. The History of the Jews in Great Britain. By the Reverend Moses Margo liouth, Author of "A Pilgrimage to the 7-And of my Fathers." In three volumes. The Empire of...

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STA.TIIE DT THE CiLTEEN, ET MR. TIFORNYCROFT. Mr. Thornyeroft's equestrian statue of the Queen has been on view at his studio for some days of the two past weeks, previously to...


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13alrewell's copying electric telegraph was successfully tried be- tween London and lnghtcrn on"Wednesday, with :the wires of the Elec- tric Telegraph Company. Ban-similes of...


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Two china dessert-services, manufactured at Colebrook Dale for the 'Great FAttlibition, have been inspected, at Messrs. Daniel's, of New Bond I3lecet, by numerous visiters. Both...


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WAR-0E710E, Apri14.--Lst Regt. Drag. Guards—Cornet T-J_Mitchell to be Limit. by purchase, vice Black, who retires. 6th Drag. Guards—Cornet E. B. Cunliffe to be Lieut. by...


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On the 26th March, at Cothoridg,e Court, Worcestershire, the Lady of the Rev. W. C. Berkeley, of a son. On the 27th, at Chell House, near Tunstall, Staffordshire, the Lady of...


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Tuesday, April 1. PARTNERSHIPS Dissoventi.—Macleur and Roberts, Kidderminster, coach-builders —Smith and Cooper, Camomile Street, leather-merchants—Petter and Co. Crane Court,...

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BRITISH FUNDS (Clotang Prices ) 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced 31 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock, 8 per Cent India Stock, 101 per Cent Exchequer...

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London: Printed by Jessie Cisrros, of 320, Strand, In the

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- County of Middlesex, Printer, at the office of Itoetas PALMER and JOSEPH Claitsos, No. 10, Crane Court, In the Parish of St. DIMVOIIVS in the West, la the City of London. _...

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13 0 S.

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. JOHNSTON'S NOTES ON NORTH •AMERISA. * aft. JOHNSTON, the well-known agricultural writer, was requested by the legislature of New Brunswick to survey their Province and to give...

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TALES AND TRADITIONS OF HUNGARY. * TH:E really national tales of

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a country contain, as the writers inti- mate in the introduction, the elements of poetry without the poeti- cal art. The feelings and superstitions of the people, their shrewd...

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TRIS publication is based upon a work by Dr. Branner, a German writer who was born about the middle of the seventeenth century, and published a large compilation on sorcery,...