5 APRIL 1856

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PEACE has been officially announced in this country, though not proclaimed. The treaty is to take effect from the date of its signature, although it is not ratified, nor...

On reassembling after Easter, Parliament found that much of its

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most interesting discussion was cut away by the conclusion of the peace, and further suspended by the suspense in the publica- tion of the treaty. We can have no effectual...

The Conference, it is stated, now sits to consider propositions

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on subjects not included in the terms of its original summons. It has become, to use the phrase of a French writer, a tribunal of European public law, charged with the, duty of...

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As nobody else made the first move in Parliament, Mr.

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Scott undertook to bring the House of Commons to the question of the treatment of convicts. He moved for an inquiry into the Act of 1853, as a step towards the renewal of...

The Revenue-accounts are backed by the Trade and Naviga- tion

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accounts in setting forth "the continued prosperity of the country." Increase is the general characteristic of the revenue, with a total for the quarter of 1,477,0001., for the...

Two incidents of the most opposite kind call attention to

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the condition of our American relations. General Walker has con- fiscated a charter granted by the Government of Nicaragua, we believe, to a company got up in the United States...

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• PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. Korea or LORDS. Tuesday, April 1. The Treaty of Peace ; Lord Clarendon's Absence. Thursday, April 3. Torture in India; Lord Albemarle's...

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Intelligence of the signature of the Treaty of Peace at Paris was re- ceived in.London on Sunday afternoon and soon became known over town. The Londoners were immediately on the...

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THE QUEEN returned from Windsor Castle to .Buckingham Palace on Tuesday afternoon. Soon after her Majesty's arrival, Lord ianmure had an audience. Lord Palmerston had an...


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The first titling of the Board of Officers appointed " to take into con- sideration so much of the Reports on the Supplies to the British Army in the Crimea,' lately presented...

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Dundee has built itself a new Exchange, in which the Cbiu0er of Commerce will in future transact its business. This building, a gratify- ing proof of the progress of Dundee, was...

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The old Diocesan School at Bristol has been converted into a "Trade School." The course of education will include, besides the ordinary sub- jects of study, the teaching of the...


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Guns were fired and bells rung at Dublin on Monday when the news reached that city that a treaty of peace had been signed at Paris ; "but there was no appearance of popular...

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grattrt.—The treaty of peace was signed at Paris, by the Plenipo- tentiaries of the seven Powers, some time between one and two o'clock on Sunday. It had been preceded by a...

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Miss Nioiernson.s AND THE Somnsat's Winow.—The wife of a private in the Eighty-ninth Regiment, serving in the East, not having for many months heard from her hasband, wrote to...

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On the 26th March, at Creebridge House, N.B., Mrs. Edward Heron Maxwell, of a son. On the 27th, at Halted. Cardiganshire, the Wife of Sir G. j. Thomas, Bart., of a son. On the...

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A serious conflict is reported to have taken place, on

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Thursday, at Tem- plemore races in Ireland. The origin of the riot was the rescue from arrest of a female pickpocket. Two soldiers are stated to have died yesterday. The...


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SATURDAY. The greater portion of last evening was taken up in the House of Commons by another chapter in the endless dispute between Sir James Graham and Sir Charles Napier ;...

The "Baltic Fleet" no longer exists in official recognition ;

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it was merged into the home fleet yesterday, when Rear-Admiral Dundas and Rear-Admiral Baynes gave up their respective appellations of Com- mander-in-chief and Second-in-command...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FREDAT AFTERNOON. The intelligence from Paris at the close of last week prepared the public for receiving the announcement on Monday, that the treaty of peace...

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The Musical Union has also begun its season. Its first

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concert, on Wednesday morning, filled Willis's Rooms to the doors with the most fashionable company in London. Mr. Ella, with his usual spirit, brought the famous violoncellist...

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ROYAL PORTRAITS BY WINTERHALTER. Mr. Mitchell has just published three lithographic portraits of the Queen, Prince Albert, and the Princess Royal, after drawings made by Mr....

The two rival Opera managers have at length spoken, by

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newspaper advertisements. Mr. Lumley merely states that Her Majesty's Theatre will reopen early in May; that engagements of great interest have been effected both in opera and...

We are requested to state that the oil-picture named "The

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Larder," at the Suffolk Street exhibition, of which we spoke last week on the as- sumption of its being by the same Mr. Chapman who painted the water- colour of Shakespere's "...


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Some extremely well-executed aninink, of the size of life, endowed with mimic animation by means of certain mecluminal contrivances con- cealed within real skins, made their...

• The New Philharmonic Society have begun another campaign; trans-

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ferring their field of operations from Exeter Hall to the Hanover Square Rooms. Thus the two rival bodies, occupying the same ground, are Imought into more immediate collision...


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The " peace " has been solemnized at the Varietes by a little jen d'esprit entitled Domm - snoi la Pair. M: Benett; a Frankfort tailor, who is moreover an enthusiastic admirer...

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There has been no novelty whatever at any of the theatres this week ; but we believe the general aspect of dramatic affairs is prosperous. Anew drama of some importance is...

Mr. Hunan has entered upon an undertaking not in the

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lino of his special vocation in which he has laboured so long and so well. He has commenced a series of "Orchestral Concerts," to be given every Satur- day evening, and to...

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THE TREATY OF PEACE. THE original purpose of the war with. Russia, expressed or iv- plied by the declaration in the London Gazette of March 28th 1854, was - ' to abate that...


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I. The following is an Abstract of the net Produce of the Revenue of the United Kingdom, in the undermentioned periods,. ended March 31, 1856, compared with the corresponding...

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TIM peace signed at Paris on Sunday, although it stops the war, by no means rounds off the Eastern question. Indeed, the docu- ment which bears the names of the representatives...


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THE question of Italy is not put forward only because Count Ca..;. your is reported to have said something in the Conference. What- ever may have passed in that assembly, or...

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THE Cambridge University Reform Bill is better than the Phoenix. That famous bird passed through the process.of destruction to rise again equal to its former self; this...

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is• the authorities of the Post-office were able to begin the ar- rangement of their system from the very beginning, we might at once have all the advantages that perfect reform...


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Tim scene at the Old Bailey on Monday morning could have none but bad effects. It was calculated entirely to shut out from sight the question otjustice or of retribution ; and...

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Timex who appose useful measures beeause they rely on "the Vo- luntary principle" frequently advocate some plan which constrains the people and obstructs their free volition. Do...

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THE FRXNCU ALLIANCE. _Edinburgh, 29th March 1856. Bra—There appears to be an impression at present that the best way to strengthen the French alliance and to keep up a cordial...

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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, APRIL 1. • Wan Doesn't:Kerr, April 1.-Cavalry-2d Regiment of Dragoon Guards-G. E. Jarvis, Gent. to be Cornet, by purchase, vice Stewart, who retires....


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MOIL THE LONDON GAZETTE, APRIL 1. Partnerships Dissoleed.-Watson and Ripon, Oakenshaw, calico-printers= Boughton and Hayward, Billiter Street and New Bond Street, merchants-J....

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BRITISH FUNDS. 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents Long Annuities Annuities 1885 Bank Stock, 8 per Cent India Stock, 101 per Cent...

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London Printed by JosEra CLATTON, of 920, Strand, in the

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County of Middlesex, Printer, at the Mike of Jotters CLAY - Tax, No. 10, Crane Court, in the Parish of St. Dunstan's In the West, in the City of London ; and Published by the...

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DOUBLEDA.Y'S POLITICAL LIFE OF PEEL. * THERE is an opinion now entertained by many, that every history should be pervaded by what is called an "idea,"—that is, some principle...

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APRIL 5, 1856.

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OLIPHANT'S TRANSCAUCASIAN CA.MPAIGN. * IN point of essential knowledge this volume

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adds little to what was known already respecting the brief and abortive campaign of Omar Pasha in the Transcaucasian provinces, The landing at Souchoum. Kale, the rapid...

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SOUTHEY' 5 UNPUBLISHED LETTERS. * Jr generally wanting perhaps in force

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and elevation, the style of Southey was excellent for its English, excellent in itself. His letters hitherto published are as attractive as his more elaborate prose works. There...

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PERIODICALS. * THE three numbers of the Journal of Classical and

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Sacred Phi- lology, published at Cambridge, which lie before us, testify not only to its continued existence, but its unimpaired vitality during the past twelvemonth. Appearing...


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THE annual Reports which bear the signature of the Registrar- General of Births, Deaths, and Marriages are distinguished in themselves for considerable interest in their...

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Booxs. IT is curious to note how frequently publications run in classes : some- times travels predominate, sometimes books in the belles lettres, and so on. The present...

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As that part of the Central American question relating to the Mosquito territory has all at once become the most prominent feature in the case, the Filibuster Government of...

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MONTHS ENDED 29m FERRHARY 1856 AND 1855. ExPoars. Declared value of British Month ended Feb. 29, 1856. 1855. £ £ Two Months ended Feb. 29, 1856. £ 1855. £ Manufactures,...