5 APRIL 1975

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The dominoes of American disengagement

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The United States is the richest and, both actually and potentially, the most powerful State on the globe. She has much, I believe, to give to the world; indeed, to her hands is...

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Market questions,

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From Tom Norma nton, MP Sir: It is rather significant that Mr William Pickles, in his extensive survey of how he thinks the European Community works (March 8), should have...

Sir: With reference to your leader article on the Common

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Market — 'Hesitation, evasion and reluctance' (March 8), I should be most grateful if you can point me in the right direction. My problem basically is this. Ever since January...

Sir: I was interested to read Bill Jamieson's contribution to

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Sovereign State (March 22) and in particular to his references to the CB's pro-Market stance. My own experience is that most businessmen have not given much serious thought to...


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Sir: Patrick Cosgrave was quite right, in his article 'The Charade of Renego tiation' (March 22) to conclude that "There has, thus, been .n? renegotiation." However this needs...

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P ress freedom Sir: The Home Secretary in stating that freedom

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of the press is more or less sYnonomous with the right of editors in the name of the public interest to resist censorship pressures from trade unions and, mark this, those...

Open lett er Sir: My wife and I would be grateful

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if t hrough the courtesy of your columns W e might address an open letter to the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, to Whom a copy has been sent. To: His Grace the Lord Archbishop...

The Bhutto degree

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Sir: As Professor Trevor-Roper has now repeated in print remarks for which we were previously dependent on reporters, some comment is now possible. As it happens, I voted on...

Young generation

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Sir: It is interesting that Dr Rhodes Boyson's article in Spectator (March 22) should appear next to Mr O'Sullivan's. The one dealt with student unions, the' other, in point,...

Medical matters

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Sir: What a splendid and brave man John Linklater is (March 22), and what an apathetic nation we are, letting the humanistic element of the Labour Party lead us to disaster. We...

Nothing books

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Sir: Bookend's note on Nothing Books (March 22) calls to mind an earlier example. In 1923 Kegan Paul published The Meaning of Meaning by C. K. Ogden and I. A. Richards. When...

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Political Commentary

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Economic policy the crucial argument Patrick Cosgrave - Very pretty," Lord Milner used to say to his bright young men when they were together remaking South Africa, "but it...

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A Spectator's Notebook

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There is a practice in the television business that seems to need the attention of some such body as the Performing Rights Society. When a Personality is interviewed for a fixed...

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Spectator peregrinations

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Just as my diary starts, Alan Brien finishes his weekly column on the Sunday Times. He • is going to Sunderland for six months to write a book — "a sort of industrial A...

Westminster corridors

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My friend Nick Fitzfosse, who disguises his present ennui by visiting the wenches of the Town, tells me that the last rainy night he with Sir Simon d'Audley was driven to...

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Waspe S411 14 because the name of Jonathan Miller does not figure in any announced plans of the National Theatre, whereas it does figure in the plans of the Greenwich Theatre,...

Book marks

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In discussing the dramatic changes in the hardback-paperback relationship last month, it seems that I underestimated the ingenuity of Andre Deutsch, one of the few remaining...

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Middle East

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The danger signal in the death of Feisal Maurice Samuelson • To judge from some of our local pundits, the saddest thing about the death of King Feisal of Saudi Arabia was that...

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South-East Asia

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Indochina the end of the road, and beyond Bill Manson What a relief! It's nearly over. In the ghastly sufferings of a million refugees in Vietnam, in the horrifying...

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Sovereign State

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Bland as bananas Chris Jones Nobody can decide quite where the Common Market came from. The EEC Commission's booklet The European Community: Facts and Figures, which contains...

Brussels letter

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The West in retreat Gerald Segal How long is it going to take the peoples of the Western democracies to realise that the Wet,by which I mean western democracy, is I" „ ,...

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Personal column

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Brian Inglis The new liquor code issued by the Advertising Standards Authority is best desoribed simply by removing the 'e', Irish fashion: it is cod. The ASA's difficulty,...

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Sir Oswald Mosley on doing it his way A distinguished scholar has written a biography of me* which has taken some of his time for twelve years. I am happy to recall that when...

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Great Scot

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Christopher Hill The Admirable Urquhart: Selected Writings edited by Richard Boston (Gordon Fraser £5.50) For most English-speaking readers, Sir Thomas U rquhart's translation...

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European poor

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Terry Pitt Poverty Report: 1975 Edited by Michael Young (Maurice Temple Smith £4.00) Academic studies of poverty, though crucially important, are normally the driest of...

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False claims

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M. I. Finley Razor. The Rediscovery of a Great Citadel of the Bible Yigael Yadin (Weidenfeld and Nicolson £5.25). Atoms of Time Past David Wilson (Allen Lane £4.95) Among the...


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Peter Ackroyd The Hawkline Monster Richard Brautigan (Jonathan Cape £2.50) Turtle Diary Russell Hoban (Jonathan Cape £2.95) "This novel is for the Montana gang" and so...

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Talking of books

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Books and lyrics Benny Green In 1870 the dramatist William Schwenck Gilbert wrote a farce called The Palace of Truth, a melange so perverse that years later it tempted William...

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Crime and consequences Not a reform too soon lain Scarlet Forgive my mentioning it but the English are a puritanical and punitive people (as exemplified by the Haiisham...


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Done with Mirror Bill Grundy "That way madness lies." 1 do not know if that quotation from King Lear is carved in stone over the doorway of a certain office block in...

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Sans everything John Linklater The general practitioner is often brought face to face with examples of the way in which the social , services are brainwashing the public. In...


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Eye witness Martin Sullivan A fortnight ago we held a memorial service at St Paul's for the Moorgate disaster. Already this tragedy has passed into recorded history and the...

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Country life

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Cornish bliss Denis Wood After an early Easter it is bliss to go to St Mawes again. You can go from Exeter by Okehampton, Launceston, Bodmin, Indian Queens and Grampound Road,...

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Max Ernst retrospective Ruth Berenson on New York today, Paris tomorrow The full-length Max Ernst retrospective currently on view at New York's Guggenheim Museum is the latest...


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Assault and Pepper Kenneth Robinson The Great Waldo Pepper Director: George Roy Hill Stars: Robert Redford, Bo Svenson 'A'. Paramount (109 minutes). Deadly Strangers...

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Patience and a monument Rodney Milnes The centenary of the first Gilbert and Sullivan operatta, Trial by Jury, fell last week, and the D'Oyly Carte company, which approaches...

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Skinflint thoughts

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Nicholas Davenport It was not quite fair of Skinflint to say that I had put my neck on a much-blooded block by saying that the FT index would go to 350. The tenor of my...

A fool and his money

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Night on the tiles Bernard Hollowood No one will be surprised if other fashionable restaurants follow the Caprice and shut up shop. Dining out in style is becoming too...

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Skinflint's City Diary

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You may feel bewildered by government economic policy in the economic sphere — if it is any consolation you are not alone. But never fear, our politicians and civil servants...