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THE session of Parliament has been opened with circumstances of unwonted pomp and importance. The youthful Queen of this vast empire came fresh from the ceremony that admitted...

The discussion on the Address did not disclose much more

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than the Speech. It was preceded in the House of Commons by notice from Sir ROBERT PEEL, that on Wednesday next he should move for a Committee of the whole House on the Corn...

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Dublin election has concluded as we anticipated last week ;

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the unknown young Tory having succeeded against the united Whigs and Repealers and Lord MORPETH'S name. Two causes for this result seem to present themselves : the first is...

The debate in the French Chamber of Deputies did not

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finally close without a glance at the state persecution of the press ; and though it was but cursory and meagre, one startling fact was dis- closed. The Attorney-General is...

Debatts anti iprorettrinpin Varliaintst.

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OPENING OF THE SESSION. The Queen opened Parliament in person on Thursday the 3d instant. Recent events, and the presence of the King of Prussia, drew large crowds within the...

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Zbe (Court.

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THE Queen and Prince Albert, accompanied by Prince Ferdinand ot Saxe Coburg, arrived at Buckingham Palace, from Windsor Castle, at twenty minutes past two o'clock on Wednesday,...

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gbe Inetropolis.

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A meeting was held on Saturday, at the offices of Mr. William Linley, Adelphi Terrace, at which an Association was formed to watch the Metropolitan Improvements in progress, and...

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Mr. Gregory has won the seat for Dublin. At the close of the poll, on Saturday, the numbers were—for Gregory, 3,825; for Morpeth, 3,435 ; majority, 390. Several decisions of the...

Zbe Vrobintes.

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The succession of the Earl of Darlington, the Member for South Shropshire, to the Dukedom of Cleveland, has set the electioneering folks in motion. The Honourable Captain...

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By an Order in Council, dated " At the Court at Buckingham Palace, the 2d February," it is directed that in future, on all occasions of Divine service "where the Royal Family is...


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In the Presbytery of Edinburgh, on Wednesday week, Dr. Gordon moved an overture to the General Assembly on the present state of the Nonintrusion question. After asserting the...

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SATURDAY NIGHT. The active appearance which Ministers gave to the session at its opening was kept up last night, in the House of Commons, by the Introduction, at an...

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In the French Chamber of Peers, on Thursday, M. Dusollier

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retracted the statements which he had made of five hundred francs having been sent down to a district that approved of the survey of taxes ; and at the same time he resigned his...

The Dublin Evening Post avers that "it is certain that

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Lord Eliot does not return to Ireland. and it is rumoured that he has resigned " ; and adds that "there has been a complete clearing out of his personalia from the Viceregal...

Mr. B. W. Proctor (" Barry Cornwall ") says, in

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a letter to the papers' that acme impostor is going about soliciting subscriptions as if for a work of his.


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Tug visits of the King of Prussia to Drury Lane and Covent Garden have not only occasioned the postponement of the novelties promised Tug visits of the King of Prussia to Drury...

Last night's Gazette notifies the appointments made at the last

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Privy Council. It is confidently reported that the Duke of Buckingham, feeling the peculiar delicacy of his position, and being anxious to give his most strenuous opposition to...


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STOCK EXCHANOZ. FRIDAY AFTRRNOON. In the early part of the week, some speculative sales of Stock were made ; and it was very generally reported that these operations were...

A bill was found on Thursday last, by the Grand

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Jury of the Central Criminal Court, at the Old Bailey, against Alexander Baring, now Baron Ashburton, Francis Baring, and Humphrey Mildmay, on an in- dictment preferred by...

Quarterly average of the weekly liabilities and assets of the

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Bank o f England, from the 9th November 1842 to the 1st February 1842— LIABILITIES. ASSETS. Circulation £16,630,000 Securities £22, 8 8 0 , 000 Deposits 8,506,000 Bullion...

Both Houses met today to take their Addresses up to

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the Queen. The Peers, headed by the Lord Chancellor, left the House of Lords for Buckingham Palace at a quarter past twelve o'clock. Their Lordships wore naval or military...


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Arrived — At Gravesend, 29th Jan. Margaret. Bergh; from lifoultnein, lat Feb. Hiudostan, Redman ; Hotspur, Wilson; and Tapley, Mallory. from Bengal ; Samsraog, Robertson, from M...

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The Queen of Cyprus was crowned with success at the

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Adelphi on Monday. Not only is the pageantry of truly (stage) regal splendour, brit the royal heroine is an object of interest ; for her story is a sad one, and Mrs. YATES is...

The death of the two popular managers on the Surrey

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side of the water — Messrs. Decaow and DAVIDGE—within a week of each other, cannot be passed unnoticed. ANDREW Duenow was an artist unrivalled in his way : not merely an expert...

Acis and Galatea is performed tonight at Drury Lane; awl

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Mr. BOURCICAOLT'S new comedy, The Irish Heiress, is announced for Monday at Covent Garden.

The saloon reform at Drury Lane has called forth some

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cavillings, a all reforms great or small are sure to do ; and Mr. MACREADY has ar pealed from the most measured of his opponents, a weekly contemp,, rary, to the public through...

The new " comedy " of Marriage, produced at the

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Haymarket on Saturday, was a severe trial of the patience of an audience predisposed to applaud at every opportunity : to listen to four hours' talking, not of the most...

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MORE than forty years ago, Sir Itaern ABERCROMBIE wrote to Colonel LORENZO MOORE—. " Although the French Revolution and Jacobin principles may have been the immediate cause of...


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THE KING OF PRUSSIA. THE King of Prussia has gained golden opinions in London. The homely frankness and kindliness of his deportment—the judicious selection of objects of...

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TRAVELS, " Agricultural Tour in the United States and Upper Canada; with Miscellaneous No- tices. B y Captain Barclay of Cry Blackwood and Sons. EPISTOLARY DiCLAMATION, The...


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IT has given us serious concern to observe the insidious progress by which the vanities of the world have been gaining upon this ve- nerable and pious lady. That the...


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C2ess.0 concise history of a campaign, "Veni, vidi, vici," has been beaten by the famous Irish conqueror Father MATHEW ; whose history ()this Roman campaign may be written...

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MISSIONS. A CAPUCHIN friar, preaching on a saint's day in honour of the saint, unsatisfied with the prescriptive merits attached to such a client on such an occasion,...

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IN point of composition, Dr. MACLEOD'S work on Rheumatism may be recommended as a model for a treatise on a particular disease : the arrangement is methodical, the style clear...

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From Tanwiry 28th to February 3d. Boo KS. Excursions in Albania; comprising a description of the wild boar, deer, and woodcock shooting in that country; and a Journey from...

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Serenade for the Pianoforte. Op. 103.

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L MOSCHELES. Romance and Brilliant Tarantel. Op. 101. These are among the lighter efforts of MOSCHELES'S pen; but they accomplish all at which they aim, and detract nothing...

The Better Land; a Song. By JOHN ABEL. One of

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the most beautiful English songs that we have seen for many a day : not that its character is English, but altogether German; the precise model being evidently SPoHR. The aim...


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Messiah, Oratorio; Composed by G. F. HANDEL, 1741. Arranged, by per- mission of her Majesty, from the Original MS. Score of the Composer, by HENRY R. BISHOP, Mu:. Rae. Oxon....

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SIR FRANCIS CHANTREY'S WILL THE munificent bequest by Sir FRANCIS CHANTREY of the bulk of his petsonal property for the encouragement of British painting and sculpture, is too...


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Tuesday, Feb. I. PAIYINERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Keats and Hayward. Chelsea. brewers -W. C. aud R. Robins. Coventry, silk- mercers -Watt and Co. Liverpool. merchants; as far as...


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BIRTHS. Ou the 19th July, on board the ship Carnatic, at sea, the Lady of Captain M. G. SPARKS Forty-ninth Regiment, of a son and heir. Ott the 13th January. at Moneyglass. in...

Virtually, Sir FRANCIS CHANTREY has bequeathed the bulk of his

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large property to the nation, subject to the consent of his widow, as re- gards his real estate ; the trustees under his will being the stewards of his bounty, and the arts of...

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BRITISH FUN DS. (Closing Prices.) Saturday Monday. Tuesday. Wailes Thurs. IsSiday s 3 per Cent. Consols 83 881 89 891 891 8 t} Ditto for Account 1591 1-91 a94 891 994...