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Louis Napoleon has married his pretty Spaniard, and carried her

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off to St. Cloud; with flying visits to Versailles and Paris to fill up the chasms which pomp and business make in the honey- moon. Paris, on Sunday, had its dearly-beloved...


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4 ‘ FORE-WARNED is fore-armed." At the last sitting of the Peace Conference, Mr. Cobden gave notice that he will " do his utmost to turn out any Government that takes another...

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Qogess - Vristome. walked in the Home. Park with the Duchess de

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Nemours Vonfiy morning, and drove out in the afternoon accompanied by Prince Albert and the Duke and Duchess de Nemours. Her Majesty and the Prince also drove out on Thursday....


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St. Martin's Hall was filled to overflowing on Wednesday evening, hy egatheringsf the working classes who support the proposed opening of the Crystal Palace on Sundays. The...

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Cht Vrouituto.

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The close of the Peace Conference at Manchester, on Friday, brought an immense meeting to the Free-trade Hall. The principal speakers, indeed with two or three minor exceptions...

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,furrign nub cranial.

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Fiteram.—The civil marriage of "his Majesty the Emperor Napoleon III." and "her Excellency Mademoiselle Eugenie de Montijo, Countess de Teba," was celebrated on Saturday. As...


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The Earl of St. Germans rode into Dublin on Thursday afternoon. He was received and preceded to the Castle by the Lord Mayor and the Cor- poration, and cheered, in passing the...

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We understand that Viscount Stratford de Rodeliffe, on the retirement of the Earl of Derby's Administration, placed his resignation as Ambas- sador to the Ottoman Porte in the...

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At a meeting of the ratepayers of Marylebone, last night,

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a resolution was passed condemning as unconstitutional and dangerous the Bishop of London's Churchwarden's Election Bill, which interferes with the con- trol of the parish over...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The English Stock Market has this week presented an unsettled aspect, with frequent although not extensive fluctuations. The agitation on the...

Pleadings in the great Wagner case were again commenced yesterday,

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in the Court of Queen's Bench, by the counsel for Mr. Gye in support of the demurrer to Mr. Lumley's declaration. Mr. Lumley seeks damages from Mr. Gye, for enticing away the...

The names of the persons included in Louis Napoleon's amnesty

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were published yesterday in the .Iffoniteur. All the persons included in the list are to be instantly liberated. But they belong mainly to the lowest class of society, and the...


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On the 19th January. at Turin, the Hon. Mrs. Edward Erskine, of a daughter. On the 27th. in Carlton Gardens, the lion. Mrs. James Stuart Wortley, of a son. On the 29th, at...

SANK OF ENGLAND. An Account, pursuant to the Act 7th

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and 8th Victoria, cap. 32, for the week ending on Saturday, the 29th day of Jan. 1853. 151195 narxxeminer. Notes - issued £32,494,810 Government Debt £11,015,100 Other...


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SATURDAY. Political movements have been looking up during the last few days. This morning we have reports of three meetings, all of the convivial- political kind, furnished by...

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Ittttru to thr thitur.

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CAPTAIN ERICSSON'S CALORIC - ENGINE. 1, Adam Street, Adelphi, 28th January 1833. Sin-Various accounts have appeared in the columns of the Times, copied from American journals,...

With the month of February comes our musical season-the season

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appropriated to the fashionable concerts and other entertainments. There have been two such concerts this week, both at the Hanover Square Rooms ; Madame Pleyel'a on Monday, and...


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During the past week, the Parisian theatres have been less prolific in novelty than they usually are at this season of the year ; and the great matrimonial spectacle which the...

thratrro ant Zuoir.

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To the amusement-seekers of the West-end there can scarcely occur a more welcome incident than the opening of the St. James's Theatre for French performances. Every one,...

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'Oxford, 30th January 1853. Sin—How long will it be before ieople are thoroughly a-wakened to see the great evil of our - "State services" ? Today we have heard the worst of...


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2e1 February 1853. Sri It appears to me, on reading in your journal of Saturday last the re- port a the meeting which took place atExeter Hall yesterday -week, that the...


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2d February 1853. Bra—It is needless to call:your attention to the instances of disingenuous- ness, and, I am compelled to say, falsehood, which are so deplorably nume- rous in...

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THE POLICY OF 1.tit GO V.ERNMENT. THE opening of Parliament has not for many years excited the in- terest which awaits the renewal of the session next week. It is felt to be...

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Tun construction of acts of Parliament, and the management of their discussion, are not the only or the most important functions of Government in England. Parliamentary...

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IN common with all other questions the settlement of which de- pends on the Legislature, and therefore on the arrangement of political parties, the prospects of University...

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PETS. Tr is notorious even to a proverb, that the

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fanciers df pets among the lower animals are liable to be attracted by qualities which are repulsive to their neighbours. Colonel Mannering was not singu- lar in that perversity...


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LORD Atuaressuar prophesied that emigration would leave Eng- land a deserted island on a weather-beaten coast ! It is true that Mr. Disraeli took the trouble to refute his noble...

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A Norivcsas Poor-law Union advertises for a surgeon—salary 201. per annum. The rationale of such a miserable offer is well known : it is expected that some young practitioner,...


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DRUMMOND'S SCENES AND IMPRESSIONS OF SWITZER- LAND AND ITALY.. ALTHOUGH Switzerland and the North of Italy have been described again and again by travelling authors, Mr....

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JeCULLOCII'S WRITINGS ON POLITICAL ECONOMY. * THIS volume consists of treatises,

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essays, and biographical notices on men or matters connected with political economy ; a few being original, but the majority revised and corrected reprints. The direct treatises...

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JULIA KAVANAGH'S DAISY Bl7RNS. 8 IN the books of Miss Kavanagh,

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the workmanship often surpasses the material; a peculiarity which may be proper to the poetical palace of the Sun-god, but is scarcely so well fitted for our work- aday...

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TILE PLAJRIT OF FREE1)011. * A QUARTO form, a handsome style

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of printing, and a generally ex- pensive mode of " getting up," distinguish. this volume, which sp- ears without author's or publisher's name : the law, we be- e, requires an...

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Wes-orrice..Feb. 4.--6th Befit. of Drag. Guards—Lieut- B. C. Tichborne his been permitted to retire from the service by the sale of his commission. 1st Drags.. —Brevet Col. Sir...


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Booze. Twenty-seven Years in Canada West; or the Experience of an Early Settler. By Major Strickland, C.M. Edited by A g nes Strickland, Author of " The Queens of England," &c....

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Tuesday, February 1. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED.-Wanebrough and Co. the Grove, Southwark, patent cloth-manufacturers-Poole and Co. Kent Street, emery-manufacturers-Goodwin and Co....


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FOREIGN FUNDS. (Last Official Quotation during the Week ending Friday Evening.) Austrian 6 p. Ct. 87 Massachusetts (Sterling)...6 p. Ct. Belgian 41 - 98 Mexican S - Ditto 21 -...