5 JUNE 1847

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LORD LINCOLN has succeeded in elevating a great branch of im- perial policy to the position which it ought to occupy in the councils of the nation : he has made colonization...

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In spite of jarring action here and there, the political

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progress of Europe seems to be making more real way than it has done since it entailed so much mischief to detract from the good, through the violences of its promoters. A...

Debates anb ikotetbings in Varliameni.

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COLONIZATION FOR IRELAND. In the House of Commons, on Tuesday, the Earl of LINCOLN moved the following resolution- " That an humble address be presented to her Majesty,...

Among the Election news of the week will be found

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a few cu- rious portents. Knaresborough appears to be really bent upon vindicating its capacity for selecting a man of sense ; the Honour- able William Lascelles being the...

The other prominent topics in Parliament need no lengthened notice

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here. Sir Charles Wood; asking for another grant on-a& count of Irish relief, makes a very favourable report as to the operation of the temporary Poor-relief Act, and puts forth...

From the extreme East and West come the most opposite

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re- ports—of tranquillity and bloodshed. India is quiet. Two events, however, serve to keep important duties in mind. The seizure of a Minister, at open day, in Oude, is one...

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Election rumours multiply in the provincial papers, but they are mostly too vague and unauthentic to be worth repeating. The Dublin Evening Post, a Whig journal, speculates upon...

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The Honourable Francis Scott has taken formal leave of the Roxburgh electors; it is understood, at the bidding of the chief of the clan. He is a candidate for the county of...

jortign anti (Colonial.

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FittscE.—The Chamber of Deputies have negatived, by 187 to 162, the motion for establishing a reduced and uniform penny postage. The papers are indignant; even the Ministerial...

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PA is tellaneous.

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It is understood that the Queen Dowager will not return to Cashiobnry; but will pass the next winter at Madeira, with the principal members of her court and a small suite of...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The House of Lords had a Colonization debate last night, on a motion by Lord MONTEAGLE, for a Select Committee to consider the means by which a system of...

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Asco'r RACES-

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Ascot Heath Races commenced on Tuesday - , under favourable auspices. The weather was beautiful, and the Queen was present, having in her train a brilliant throng of notables....

The Morning Chronicle yesterday published a letter from Mr. Godley

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to Lord John Russell, correcting his misconceptions of the writer's plan of colonization for Ireland. Mr. Godley shows, in detail, that Lord John totally inverted facts and did...

Prince Albert is to preside at the meeting of the

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Society of Arts to be held on Thursday next, for the purpose of conferring the honours of the Society on those who are accounted to have been successful in practically promoting...


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STOUR EEmIANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The tendency to improvement in the Public Securities, though it continued during Monday, received a check on the following day; and the price...

The Reverend Dr. Miley and Mr. Daniel O'Connell arrived at

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Rome by the 27th May, with Mr. O'Connell's heart. It is stated that a triumphal arch had been pre- pared for the great Irishman's entry. After various conflicting rumours on...

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It cannot be doubted that the venerable establishment "The Concert

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of - Ancient Music," has begun to awake from its long slumber, and to bestir itself with some life and energy. The concerts of the present season, of which five are now past,...

At the English Theatres, two new pieces have been produced,—namely,

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a farce called IV ho do they take me/or? at the Haymarket; and a petite comedy, called Romance and Reality, at the Princess's; but both are of that decided mediocrity, which...

We observe that The Creation is to be performed at

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Exeter Hall on the evening of Monday the 14th, for the relief of the destitute people in Scotland. The Sacred Harmonic Society have given the gratuitous use of the hall, and the...

Though the " &trick Shepherd" of Blackwood's Nodes was a

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far more interesting and poetical personage than the real James Hogg, yet James had a fine vein of poetry in him too, especially in the department of song. Be had not, like...


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Exeter Hall was crowded on Monday evening, for a performance of two great Cantatas of the ancient and the modern school—the Alexander's Feast of Handel and The First Walpurgis...

There has been no novelty at Her Majesty's Theatre this

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week—none but the "infinite variety" of Jenny Lind, in the run of La Figlia del Beg- pimento. Even Lablache, with all his real and unapproachable greatness, has seldom other...


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The Covent Garden Opera has now struck into the right path; in which, for its own sake as well as the sake of the musical public, we hope it will continue. The production of Don...

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IT is not often that a man can be said

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to have "lived all his days," so truly as in the case of Thomas Chalmers. The oldest reminiscences of him that have been preserved, present the image of a young and ardent...


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THE COLONIZATION INQUIRY. THE debate on Lord Lincoln's motion has exhibited the actual position of what may be called distinctively, from its mate- rials, the Colonization...

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RAILWAY accidents have attained their climax—in-Belgium a Queen has nearly been smashed, and in England a Bishop burned. Bishop Philpotts has undergone a fearful ordeal of fire,...


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IN a recent debate, alluding to the possible settlement of soldiers in India, Lord Ellenborough said that "colonization would be se- paration." He took a purely military view of...


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June 8. 1847. The act of 1844 for regulating the issue of Bank-notes separates the Bank of England into two departments, one for issues, the other for banking. The Bank- ing...

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HISTORY, History of Greece. By George Grote, Esq. Volumes Ill. IV Mertsee. BIOGRAPHY, The Lite of Mrs. Godolphin. By John Evelyn of Wootton Esq. Now first pub- llehed, and...


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TO THE EDITOR OF TILE SPECTATOR. 1, Hyde Park Place, lat June 1847. Stu—The new system about to be developed by Government of employing pri- soners during their sentence, will...

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Tan wife of Sidney Godolphin, the subsequently celebrated statesman of Queen Anne, was a youthful friend and favourite of the amiable Evelyn, and, according to his perhaps...

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IN general structure and composition, 21farmaduke Herbert resembles those fictions in which a natural idiosyncracy and family training pro- duce a peculiar character, who is...


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an able, practical, world-observing man, but one who has not the large and lofty ethics that are derivable from the Socraticse chartse, and is not altogether fitted "by his...

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THE SCULPTURE OF GAETANO AND RAFFAELE MONTI. In a amall room at the house of Messrs. Colnaghi, in Pall Mall East, are some of the most beautiful works of sculpture from living...


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BOOKS. Lives of the Queens of England, from the Norman Conquest; with Anec- dotes of their Courts. Now first published from Official Records and other Authentic Documents,...

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The Welcome, Cook, from Hartlepool, was totally lost in the Red Sea In April; muter and part of crew saved. The Mermaid, Rogers. was wrecked near Vingorla, Malabar coast, 18th...


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WAR-OPTICE, June 4.-1st Life Guards-Capt. C. K. Macdonald, from half-pay Unatt. to be Capt. "ice G. Rushout, who exchanges ; Lieut. J. Ferrer to be Capt. by purchase, vice...


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On the 18th May, at Padua, the Lady of Major Charters, R.A., of a daughter. On the 29th, at Cornwood Vicarage, the Wife of Cite Rev. Herbert George Adams, of a daughter. On...


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Tuesday, Tune 1. PARTNESAMPs DIELIOLVED. Evans and Smith, Ekestone, Derbyshire, stone-bottle-manufacturers-Toy and Han- son Leicester Square, gas-engineers-Routlidge and...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) 3 per Cent Consols 88 Ditto for Account . 138j 3 per Cents Reduced 874 34 per Cents 881 Long Annuities Bank Stock, 7 per Cent. 196 India...