5 JUNE 1858

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THE two Houses of Parliament have made each a considerable step in the progress of Representative reform. At first we might be inclined to think that we owe this instalment to...

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEER. HORSE or Loans. Monday, May 31. The Oaths Bill ; Lord Lucan's Amend- ment negatived by 80 to 68, and the Lords' Amendments insisted on. Tuesday,...

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The annual meeting of the British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society was held on Saturday, the anniversary of the abolition of the slave- trade, at the Freemasons' Tavern, with...

int tout Tan QUEEN has been taking a large amount

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of marine exercise this week in the Fairy. In her yacht she has cruised off the Isle of Wight, and visited Prince Alfred at Alverbank. Prince Leiningen has departed from...


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The two newly-appointed Ministers have appealed to their consti- tuents. Lord Stanley remarks, that his removal from one department to another implies no change of political...

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The Visitors of Trinity . College, Dublin, gave judgment on Wednes- day, in the matter of the appeals of Dr. Shaw and Mr. Carmichael. Vice-Chancellor Blackburne, having briefly...


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The Lord Advocate's Bill dealing with the Universities of Scotland has excited great attention, and a good deal of opposition. In Aberdeen there is a strong feeling against the...

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Iran 1' I.—The newspapers afford little French news this week. The most striking fact is the continued prostration of trade and industry. The Times correspondent says- " We...

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The place left vacant in the Cabinet by the resignation of Lord Ellen- borough, has been filled by the appointment of Lord Stanley to the Board of Control. The office of...

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On the 27th May, in Connaught Square, Hyde Park, the Rev. Charles Goodrich, Rector of Bittering, Norfolk. On the 27th, at Harlow Mill, Essex, Mr. John Barnard ; in his 93d year....


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On the 26th May, at Greystoke Castle, Cumberland, Mrs. Howard, of a daughter. On the 27th, at Scdgeford Hall, Lynn, Norfolk, the Lady of John de Courcy Hamilton, Esq., of a...


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These races began on Tuesday. The weather has been throughout the week extremely sunny and brilliant. The visitors were numerous, and the scene as animated and gay as ever. On...


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SATURDAY. The proceedings in Parliament last night were of a very quiet and miscellaneous character. In the House of Lords the principal matter was an inquiry made by the...


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Ou the 20th May, at St. John's Church, Guernsey, Louis de Schmid, Esq., eldest sou of Chevalier de Schmid, Florence, Chamberlain to the Grand Duke of TUISCally, and grandson of...

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The performances at the old Adelphi Theatre were honourably brought to a termination on Wednesday evening by the benefit of Mr. B. Web- ster, whose farewell speech comprised a...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, Fames AFTERNOON. The decline in the value of the English Funds since the opening on Mon- day morning amounts to 1 per cent. The market has been heavy and...

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The possession of Mademoiselle Titiens, one of the greatest German singers of Italian opera who have appeared within our memory, has given the manager of Her Majesty's...


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PARLIAMENTARY PROSPECTS. THE past week has contributed materials of some importance to the future history of this strange time of Parliamentary transi- tion. Our readers will...

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THE news of this brilliant young sailor's death has deeply moved the heart of England. It is not possible to pass over an occasion of such solemnity without comment. The life...

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OF all the obstructions that legislation can meet with, there is proverbially none more formidable than that which Scotch Mem- bers, and Scotohmen representing places not...


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WHILE declaring that he intends to take advice in his demeanour towards Turkey, Prince Danilo of Montenegro justifies his method of warfare against the Turks and distinctly...

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ENGLISH journalism is not usually concerned with the aspects, and much less with the conflicts, of churches and sects in foreign Protestant countries. It is only when those...

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" THE mutiny in India is over now ! "—such for a long time past, has been the monthly announcement founded upon some new success ; but although we are not amongst those who can...

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THE objections to the resolution carried by Captain Vivian in the House of Commons, for consolidating the whole military authority under a responsible Minister of the Crown, are...


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A PRINCIPAL item in the "Sporting Intelligence" of last week was the appointment of the Honourable Augustus Duncombe to a post of dignity and influence. His promotion has...

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THE SCOTTISH UNIVERSITIES BILL. Edinburgh, .Tune 1 1858. Sin—Will you allow me to fi raw your attention to the above bill, the second reading of which is set dOwn for Monday ....


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THE Registrar-General gives us every week a return illustrating the manner in which society commits a superfluity of suicides over and above the natural amount of death entailed...

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/int arts.

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THE ROYAL ACADEMY EXHIBITION. (Fifth Notice.) Not in one year out of ten is the portrait-department of the Academy Exhibition distinguished by such a body of beauty and...

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We have already spoken in general terms of this excellent exhibition, and now proceed at once to detailed criticism. Ary Scheffer has constituted himself the painter of Faust;...


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Following the precedent of last year, the prizes selected by this Edin- burgh body, which corresponds nearly with our London Art-Union, but somewhat goes beyond it in public...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Priem) Sawa. Monday. Tussday. Walrus. Thurs. Friday. 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced New 9 per Cents Long Annuities...

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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, JUNE 1. Bankrupts. - THOM/us Brim, Hambledon, Hampshire, grocer-Tuomaa FLYNN, Farringdon Street, cheesemonger-Wm.Luf Corrox, Bear Street, Leicester...


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PROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, JUNE 1. WAR OFFICE, Pall Mall, June 1.-Infantry- 32d Foot-To be Lieuts.-Lients. A. H. W. Thistlethwayte, from 33d Foot, vice Cook, promoted in the...

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London, Printed by Josavn Ctsvron, of 265, Strand, in the

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County of Middlesex, Printer, at the office of JOsarx vox, 17, Bouverie Street, In the Precinct of wslterrsus in the City of London; and Published by the aforessil Jossea...

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,p/ttifator c $1.witintitt.

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JUNE 5, 1858. BOOKS. GLADSTONE ON HOMER. * MANY of those who take up this book will be far more interested about the author than about his subject. That a man so immersed in...

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BRIMLEY'S ESSAYS. * To late George Brimley belong s to that class

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of writers whose public reputation is greater th an would be derived merely from tie character of their works, while both fall below the expeo- tafions formed of them by the...


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useful book to Italy, as " holding the mirror up to nature " ; but will scarcely be popular among Italians. In form it is a series of letters to a friend descriptive of an au-...

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NEW NOVELS. * THE quiet elegance of style and minute truthfulness

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of depiction that characterize Mrs. Ellis well qualify her to exhibit the pe- culiarities of Quaker character and Quaker life ; which it appears she had opportunities of...

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OXFORD ESSAYS. 1 8 5 8.• IN this annual volume

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of the Oxford Essays the University dis- plays its traditional character of attending less to the actual business of men , or to questions of current interest, than its sis- ter...

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MESSRS. LONGMANS' edition of Moore's National Airs and other Songs, now first collected, is a work rather to be welcomed than criticized. Scattered songs are now brought...

PUBLICATIONS RECEIVED. Boors. Sermons. By the Reverend John Caird, M.A.,

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Minister of the Park Church, Glas g ow, Author of "Reli g ion in Common Life." Observations on Naval Hygiene and Scurvy, more particularly as the latter ap- peared durin g a...