6 AUGUST 1859

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THE end of the troubled and fruitless session of 1859 is now distinctly visible, and the White-bait dinner at Greenwich is looming in the very near future. Although there is...

The reception of Mr. Horsman's motion touching the fortifica- tion

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of our ports and arsenals was encouraging, and it would have been well had that gentleman abstained from pressing it to a division. It was evident that some of the most eminent...

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The affairs of Italy still wear a healthy aspect. The

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new Ministry in Sardinia have given evidence of their intention to restore the constitution to that country and revive Parliamentary government. But it is obvious that the...

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PRINCIPAL . BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. Hews or Roam ifonday,.. August 1. Royal Assent to the Consolidated Finial (7,000,00W.) Bill, Public Health Bill, and other bills—Divorce Court...

The agitation on the questions at issue between the employers

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and employed. in the building trades has already assumed serious proportions. The masters have met and agreed to form an asso- ciation intended, if possible, to break np the...

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Two important operations have been carried on by the belligerents this week. The Master Builders mustered in great strength at the Free- masons' Tavern on Monday, to receive the...

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TILE QUEEN has enjoyed a variety of forms of out-door exercise. She had twice cruised in the Fairy, driven out twice, and once ridden on horseback. The Prince Consort, the...

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A very large deputation, ry headed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Bishop of London, the Duke of Marlborough, and Lord Shaftesbury, waited upon Lord Palmerston and Sir...


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Several elections will shortly take place. At Dartmouth, the Liberals have put forward Mr. Sturt Donaldson ; and the Tories, Mr. Dunn, the rejected of 'Totness. At Devonport one...

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Success attended the great annual Show of the Highland Agricultural Society at Edinburgh on Wednesday. The weather was not propitious, but the attendance of visitors was large ;...

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$raurr.—The process of disarmament has already been begun in France ashore and afloat. The Minister of War has addressed an order to all colonels of regiments to send home all...


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All the prelates of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland, with tha solitary exception of Bishop Blake of Dromore, assembled on Monday in the chapel of St. Kevin, attached to the...

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Sir Erskine Perry has been appointed a member of the Council of India. This creates a vacancy at Devonport. Mr. James Wilson has been selected for the important post of...

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POSTSCRIPT SATURDAY AFTERNOON. In the House of Commons last night, after Mr. ROEBUCK had repeated Sis accusations respecting the corrupt compromise at Bodmin,. Dr. Mreirm....

An official telegraphic despatch, dated Aden July 25, says-

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" The Bengal, with Calcutta dates of the 5th, has arrived. Every recruit in the Barrackpore cle - p6t has taken his discharge under the General Order. The 5th Europeans at...


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Ekroca ERMA/CDR, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The statement of Sir Charles Wood on Monday that the Indian Loan would be limited to 5,000,0001. and payable in instalments extending to...

The French papers state that the Emperor Napoleon is about

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to visit the camp at Chalons ; and that Garibaldi will take command of the Tuscan army. The Gazette of L'idge gives what purports to be the substance of the letter recently...

Two bills are now rapidly passing through Parliament connected with

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our system of national defences. One is the Army Reserve Bill ; a measure which enables the Government to retain the services of all soldiers who have completed ten years of...

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THE INDIAN BUDGET. • Tim annual statement of the Indian Minister has at least one advantage--it serves to remind us of our immense responsibilities as the rulers of India. The...


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Mr. Hughes, of the Atlas Works, Hatton Garden, has recently patented what he call& a gas-escape " indicator." This contrivance is a small whistle applied to the upper part or...


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The blow-pipe- has always been attended with the inconvenience of exhausting one's breath, in order to perform certain work. Nothing could be more objectionable. Messrs. Lewis...

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Tan wholesale houses dealing in Manchester and fancy goods in the City, "dated on " as usual to their customers last Monday, but not much busi- ness was done this " turn of the...

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WAKEFIELD, Norwich, Gloucester, and other 'boroughs, here afforded some useful specimens not only of election tactics, but of the new fashion in which Reformers support their "...


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THE session is passing away and no clear and distinct statement has been made by the Government of their intentions on the question of legal reform. The Lord Chancellor and the...

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WHEN Lord Palmerston dissolved Parliament after his China defeat in 1857, we all remember the famous manifesto issued to the freeholders of Bucks, in which the object of the...

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THE law on some branches of this subject is unsatisfactory and unsettled. Sir George Cornwall Lewis has undertaken, the use- ful task of developing its chaotic state and...

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IT is impossible not to feel some sympathy for working men struggling with capitalists. The man who gives actual and manual labour will always be popular compared with the...

WHAT THE ARMSTRONG GUN CAN DO.—A few days ago, says

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OCT contem- porary the Atheneum, we saw the range and accuracy of the new Arm- strong gun tested in a way which demands a note. Cooling ourselves on the Rimer coast near the...

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REYNOLDS' SERMONS. * GREAT beauty pervades these sermons. They are eloquent with- 0.nt effort ; and evidently spring from a heart attuned to the holy feelings and aspirations...


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Mn. WALTER WHITE'S yearly volumes of tours in England are becoming what our American friends call an institution, like Murray's Handbooks, and Longman's Practical Guides. He is...

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THE Editor of the "Shelley Memorials " warns the public to re- ceive with the utmost caution all letters purporting to be by the poet which have not some indisputable warrant,...

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xxw NOVELS.'

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IF any reader of ours thinks of taking a semi-detached house on the banks of the Thames, he had better be quick about it, for there will be a run upon that sort of property, for...

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It is no barren work in a literary point of view, though its yield be ; small in quantity, which gives us a Lira OF GARTRA.LDI written by him- self. The translator states that...

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Mr. Murray announces a long list of new books, among them a " Life of Dr. Wilson, late Bishop of Calcutta," in two volumes ; Mr. Rawlinson's "Bampton Lectures ; " Mr. Tindall's...

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The Corsican Brothers, a piece which in other hands would be a com- mon melodrama, but which by the refined acting of Mr. Charles Kean and the elegance with which its details,...

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hitt! iris.

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M. Raphael Monti, the sculptor, has for some time been engaged upon an important group in marble, which promises well for his already high reputation as a sculptor of the...


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On the 24th of July, at East Lodge, Worthing, the Hon. Mrs. 0. W. Lambert, of a daughter. On the 25th, at Clifton, Staffordshire, the Hon. Mrs. Biber Erskine, of a daughter. On...

With the close of the Royal Italian Opera, Covent Garden,

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this even- ing, the London musical season comes to an end. Since the production of Dinorah, it has been repeated every opera night, to great houses, and with undiminished...


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Bankruptcies Annulled.-HARBIS TALLL1253A77, lioundsditch, clothier-Tnomss PooLE Iurru,'Walsall, grocer. Hankrupts.-CahaLss T1'101114511(111, Wimpole, Cambridgeshire,...

Roger, the celebrated tenor of the Grand Opera, has met

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with a deplorable accident, while shooting on his own grounds near Paris. He was riding with his fowling-piece in his hand, when his horse stumbled and threw him. As he fell his...


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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Saturd. Monday. Tuesday. Iffsines. Thum Pride's, per Cent Consols Ditto for Account a411 it 91/ 911 - '941 911 951 94 33 93 93 935 S...