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The regular session of the French Chambers was opened on

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Monday, but not by the King in person. A " communication from Government," requiring the Chambers to proceed to business, was read by their respective Presidents. There was a...


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THE Ministerial Interregnum draws towards a close. The forlorn hope of the Tories, Sir ROBERT PEEL, may be expected to arrive in London on Monday or Tuesday next. Mr. HUDSON,...

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'bc SlictrapaIiit. The Lord Mayor, accompanied by Alderman Harmer and about

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eistptwo Common Councilmen, with the Recorder, Sheriffs, Clambe r 1 ai n, tinder Sheriffs, and other City officers, proceeded to St. James's Palace on Tuesday, and presented the...

The Emperor of Russia, the Duke of Nassau, and the

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Prince of Orange, have all been visiting the King of Prussia at Berlin. The Continental journals declare that the meeting had no con- nexion with politics, and was merely a...

MEHEMET ALI and the Sultan have patched up their quarrel

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for the pre.mut, with the concurrence of the Ambassadors from England, France, and Russia. The Morning Herald, on the authority of its correspondent at Constantinople, says- "...

A large body of the Westminster Reformers assembled in Covent

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Garden on Tuesday. The High Bailiff took the chair. Mr. Hume, Colonel Evans, Mr. Crawfurd, Mr. De Year, Dr. Bowring, Colonel Jones, and Mr. Simpson occupied prominent places on...

The last news from Jamaica is more favourable than was

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antici- pated. The session of the Legislature was opened by the Marquis of Smco on the 7th October. His speech concludes thus- " When last I took my leave of you, I expressed...

Extensive military preparations are making in Holland. The Belgians, too,

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are not idle. The return of the Tories to power has given fresh hope to the Dutch King; but if it be true, as the correspondents of some of our daily newspapers assert, that the...

ETA' Caurt.

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Tnr: King and Queen arrived from Brighton, at St. James's Palace, on Monday about noon. Soon sifter their arrival, the King gave audiences to LOA Lyndhurst, the Duke of...

It is said that the new Spanish Loan for four

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millions has been taken by Messrs. AaoourN and Ricaano, at 60, and 3 per cent. commission for five per tent. stock. No decisive action has oc- curred in the Northern provinces ;...

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A meeting of the rate-payers of Illarylebone was held on

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Monday, in the yard of the parish 1Vorkhouse, New Road. The attendance has been estimated at four sr five thoustind. Mr. Hume, Colonel Evans, Sir Samuel Whalley, :eel several...

The electors of Finsbury met on Tuesday evening, at the

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White Conduit House Tavern, Pentonville. Mr. W. Nicholson was ap- 'Tinted chairman ; and in his opening speech ridiculed " the Ellen- boroughs, Aiaryboroughs, and all the other...

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At length we can announce a symptom of the boasted

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reaction in favour of the Tories. The following circular was despatched to a number of persons on Saturday last. " Committec.room, City of London Tavern, Nov.29. 'Sir —You...

Lord Lyndhurst took his scat in the Court of Chancery

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on Thurs- day. There was an unusually large assemblage of the bar and of spec- tators, who hoped to hear an opening speech from his Lordship, but they were not gratified. The...

Some of the tapestry of the House of Lords was,

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it seems, sold by a servant of Major NV Arthur, the Lord Chamberlain's Secretary, to a porter of the House named Ware, for five shillings. Ware sold it to Mr. Preston, a broker;...

At a meeting of the Marylebone Vestry, on Saturday, an

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animated discussion arose on the question whether a vote of thanks should be passed to Sir John Hobhouse for throwing open a portion of the Regent's Park, in compliance with the...

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tbc Countrn.

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On Monday, a deputation from the Reformers of Derby presented an address to Lord Melbourne, at Melbourne Hall. It expressed general approbation of the policy of the late...

About five thousand of the inhabitants of Rochester, Chatham, and

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Strood, assembled on Monday evening, in Rochester, to discuss the present state of public affairs. The City Repository, Rochester, was the appointed Once of meeting, and...

The Suffolk Tories and clergymen of the same politics dined

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together at Ipswich on Tuesday. About three hundred sat down to dinner, and it is stated that u buieired more tickets might have been sold. Sir U. Brooke Vere, Lord Henniker,...

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The Anti-Tory Association held a meeting at the Dublin Corn Exchange yesterday week ; when Sir W. Brabazon, Lord Teynhatn, Mr. Sharman Crawford, and Mr. Roe, Member for Cashel,...

The Dissenters of Trowbridge have, by a large majority, rejected

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the church-rate proposed for the ensuing veer. - magnificent new Roman Catholic chapel is now buildiug at CBI- tun, near Bristol. The architecture is said to be peculiarly...

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Our accounts from North Britain are very cheering. 'The Re- formers are aware of the necessity of exertion, and are everywhere showing a determined front. The Town-Council of...

Anti. ToryClubs have already been formed in Enniscorthy, Galway, %lel

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other towns ; and by the end of the present week they will be elleriilly established throughopt t ire country. The people of Tralee lot on Saturday. The Cork city meeting. at...

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The following letter has been sent to the present Lord

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Chaneellor from Lord Brougham, withdrawing his offer to take the office of Chief Baron without the salary. "Paris, Saturday, 29th November IS34. 'My Lord—I had the honour of...

Lord Kenyon has addressed a prosy letter to " the Protestants

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of (heat Britain," on what he calls the present " Religious Crisis." The Standard considers it a good text to preach from ; but the Times thinks it will do the Duke no good. We...


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Arrived-At Gravesend ,Gee. , ee. 1st, Postboy. Towgood, from the Cape; 4th, Boltou, Fremlin, from Bengal ; and Cognac Packet. Spittle. from New South Wales. At Deal, 3d,...

The Duke of Gloucester died on Sunday evening, at twenty

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minutes before seven o'clock. his Royal Highness succeeded his father, who was brother of George the Third, in 1805. He married, in 1816, his first cousin, the Princess Mary, a...


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WAR - OFFICE, Dec. 5.—Ist Regt. of Drags.—Lient. W. R. Sands to be Capt. by pup chase, vice Strac" y , x110 retires; Cornet .1. Yorke to be Lieut by purchase, vim Sol ids;...

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BIRTHS. On the Dith ult., the Lady of II. ST/Aril/RD THOMPSON, of Fairfield Lodge, near York, EMI.. of a son. On the Illst tilt., at the Dowoger Lady Arundelfs, the Hon. Mrs....


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The Anniversary Meeting of the Royal Society was held on Monday last, December 1st., St. Andrew's Day falling on Sunday : the Treasurer, J. W. LUBBOCK, Esq., V.P., in the...


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Mr. Ward's address to his constituents of St. Alban's, has provoked an- ger alarm in the breasts of the neighbouring aristocrats. Lord Verulam has started his son, Mr. Grimston,...

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The French journals mention some reports of battles between the

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Queen's troops and the insurgents on the Spanish frontiers: also, that a son of Don CARLOS has passed through Bayonne into Navarre, with a mission to his father from the Duke of...


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TilE trial night for the ensusing season was on Tuesday last; when the members of the Society, with the instrumental band of last season, performed some classical works of great...

A trial of strength, on the subject of Chsrch-rates, took

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place yesterday at Birmingham ; when the People beat the Tories and the Church party, on a show of hands, by at least 100 to 1. The immense area of the new Town-hall —the...


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THE events of the week are few and slight. At Covent Garden, Mrs. GORE'S petit comedy, Modern Honour—with a moral pointed by the suicide of a ruined gambler, who retrieves his...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. Mr. HUDSON arrived in London at half past two o'clock yesterday morning ; bringing information of Sir RIME er PE res departure from Rome for England on the 26th...

A Letter from 0. 1'. Q. on the Erniali Co

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timer:au' ciliation, is utiavoidably i st1 oned till next eeek, tbr want of lootn. zany other Communications we are obliged to have unnoticed ; partly fiom want of room, partly...


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STOCK EXCHANOF. FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The scarcity of Money, which was the complaint of last week, continued up to yesterday ; when it was considerably mitigated by the advances...

The statement made by the Chairman of the Cork dinner

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on Monday, relative to the Duke of WELLINGTON'S order to Mr. ARTHUR O'CONNOR IO " be gone" from Ireland (as given in the Irish news), is not quite correct. It appears from a...

It is supposed that Sir ROBERT PEEL may arrive at

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his town residence in the course of to-morrow.

The Fluke of WELLINGTON has received two valuable adhesions to

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his party this week. He must have felt sonic apprehension that neither Lord MA RY- BGROUGH, Lord COWLEY, Lord ELLENBOROUGH, nor yet Lord LY2411/IU RSV, would be accepted by the...

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CHEAP AUCTIONS: "DOWN WITH THE TORIES!" TnE REPORMER3, in England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland, are now called upon to muster ; to clear the decks, and prepare for action with...

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THE attempt to get up a Church and King cry, to revive the days of Anti-Catholic bigotry and Birmingham mobs, has utterly failed. People laugh at Guy Faux, and no, longer; dread...


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A REVISED CALCULATION. SOME corrections of the Parliamentary Analysis given in our last Number have reached us, from exceedingly well-informed and estimable correspondents. As...

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Pants, 3d December, 1834. TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. THE injunctions to timely resistance delivered, as if in the spirit of prophecy, by EDMUND BURKE, sixty-four years...

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THE chief interest of the time is still political. Many

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publica- tions are indeed before us, but none of sufficient mat k or merit to- call up before the reader an ideal world and transport him beyond' the anxious present. They,...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Bristol, 27th November 1531. SIR-1Iad the meeting, which has this week taken place in Bristol, under the auspices of a " Bristol Association of...


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FICTION, The Autobiography of Jack Ketch. With fourteen Illustrations, from Designs by Meadous .Chstrfon. Youn g Heaths ; a Novel. Ity a Recluse. With a Preface by Miss Jane...

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CAPTAIN BOID served in Donna MAnta's naval armament, as Secretary to Admiral SARTORIUS, or rather to the Fleet. He was at the Azores during the time the vessels remained there ;...

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Wu are reminded of the close of the year, by the character and number of the books on the table. Guides and Companions for the year to come; nice little books for little people...