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By way of New York we have the text of

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one of the conven- tions concluded between the Plenipotentiaries of Honduras and our Foreign Secretary when the Central American question was settled. The present convention is...

The plan of the French Railway campaign for 1857 is

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laid before the public. In the ensuing twelvemonth, the companies, assisted by the Government, will be permitted to spend 14,320,0001. upon an extension of 600 miles, chiefly on...

Early in the week, we had a telegraphic report of

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an insurrec- tion in Sicily. Little is known of it except that there has been some rising under a leader bearing the propitious name of Ben- tivenga, in some rustic district...


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THE French joutnals were right after all, and the English Minis- terial journals were wrong : there is to be a second Congress. We had been prepared for this change by the...

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The " enthroning " of two British Bishops in one

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week is a coincidence worth notice, especially as it is accompanied by the announced appointment of a third Bishop—Robert Bickersteth, the Rector of St. Giles's, who has become...

The new regulations for Staff appointments, issued by the Duke

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of Cambridge, are another promise of gradual reform in the Army. Officers in active service will be recommended by their commanders for selection ; they will have to go through...

• In the Court of Exchequer, Lord Lucan has tried

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the question whether or not, as a public man, his conduct was sacred from the criticism of the public press ; and the Jury has determined that question in the negative. The...

Some change has come over the prospects of Southampton elec-

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tion. Mr. Edwin James has retired, apparently leaving the field to Mr. Weguelin ; but the friends of the two candidates had al- ready caused such a " split " among the Liberal...

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Dr. Tait, Bishop of London, was "enthroned" in St. Paul's Cathe- dral on Thursday. This ceremony is " simple and unadorned." When Dr. Tait, attired in his episcopal garments,...

The repetition of violent offences by men who are reported

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to have tickets-of-leave is perhaps the reason why we again see set attacks upon " the ticket-of-leave system." Mr. Wilson Over- end, Chairman of the West Yorkshire...


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THE QUEEN and the Royal Family left Windsor Castle at eleven o'clock on Thursday morning, and arrived at 'Osborne, in the Isle of. Wight, at two in the afternoon. Besides...

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M. Kossuth paid a visit to Edinburgh on Saturday, and lectured to the working classes in a large Congregational church ; Mr. Black M.P. presiding. His subject was the connexion...


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The constituency of Southampton is still divided in its choice. Mr. Edwin James disappeared on Tuesday week, and has not since visited the borough. His supporters, thus left in...


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Gossip is busy in Ireland with the probabilities of new Ministerial ar- rangements, involving an exchange of Earl Granville for the Earl of Car- lisle as Lord-Lieutenant, and...

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(after a preliminary examination) so brought forward to his notice

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a fit can- didate for a Staff appointment, his name will be placed on the list ; and, as vacancies occur, the senior officer on the list will undergo a course of instruc- tion,...

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The usual yearly dinner to the outgoing Mayor of Oxford

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gave Mr. Cardwell an opportunity of meeting his constituents on Thursday. Mr. Langston, the other Oxford Member, was absent, from ill health. The Earl of Abingdon was also a...

In the Court of Arches, yesterday, the Judge, Sir John

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Dodson, gave judgment on the admissibility of the libel of appeal brought in by Archdea- con Denison against the judgment of the Court of the Archbishop of Canter- bury sitting...

The Baltic arrived at Liverpool yesterday, with advices from New

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York to the 22d November. The contents of some of the Southern journals show that the extreme party in the South look with apprehension to the future. The chief among them—the...


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"A private telegraphic despatch from Marseilles, dated today, announees that the movement in Sicily broke out in different districts of the provinces of Palermo and of...

Among the papers to be read at the meeting of

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the Royal Geographical Society on Monday, is one by Dr. Livingston, on his retuin home from Africa. In connexion with this it may be mentioned, that Dr. Living- ston will be...

}IAN% OF ENGLAND. An Account, pursuant to the Act 7th

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and 8th Victoria, cap. 32, for the week ending on Saturday, the 29th day of Nov. 1856. taste DZPARTMRNT. Notes issued 824,269,930 I Government Debt £11,015,100 Other...


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On the 24th November, in the Esplanade, Plymouth, the Hon. Mrs. D. Hay, of a daughter. On the 25th, at the Royal Hospital, Dublin, the Wife of Colonel Robert Wood, of a...

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The Coroner's Jury sitting to inquire into the causes of

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the explosion on board the Parana returned their verdict yesterday. They find that the three men killed died by scalding, consequent on the bursting of the boiler : they censure...

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The production of Fidelio this week at Drury Lane, though deficient in the means and appliances which a great musical theatre ought to possess, was in several respects very...

A curious anecdote is related of Captain Kellet's ship, the

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Resolute. When the last expedition in search of Franklin was going out, Captain Kellet dined with a distinguished friend,. and the lady of the house made him a present. The lady...

A Dutch pilot-boat, lying at Spithead, was seized yesterday by

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the re- venue-officers of Portsmouth. She had four hundredweight of tobacco on board. The officers had captured one Jurd, a waterman, with three hun- dredweight of tobacco in...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The English Market has been steady, with a fair amount of business do- ing. The Bank of England yesterday announced a reduction from 7 to 6}...

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THE : NEWCONGRESS. No surrender " was Lord Palmerston's motto. He insisted upon the fulfilment of the treaty of Paris according to its terms denying that the Bolgrad point, or...

Mr. Dillon's Othello is a practical essay on the Horatian

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maxim, " Si vie me flare dolendum est Primum ipsi tibi : tune tna me infortunia Indent." It is not by his declamatory accomplishments or the niceties of his "reading," that he...


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M. Leon Laya has produced a three-act comedy, by which he warns the ladies who patronize the Theatre Francais, not to set their affections on literarygentlemen. The central...

Jullien's concerts at Her Majesty's Theatre go on smoothly and

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suc- cessfully. The promenade is generally well filled, and the boxes pre- sent a goodly array of company. M. .Tullien, however, is scarcely so active as has been his wont in...

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THE appointment of Mr. Bickersteth to be the Bishop of Ripon is as great a surprise to the public as it is said to have been to the Bishop-designate himself. Who is Mr....


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Jun as the members of the Metropolitan Board of Works are converging upon a practical arrangement for carrying out the drainage of the Metropolis according to their constituent...

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Tan intelligence of this week might remind us, if we have for- gotten, that railway-extension is not peculiar La Russia, but is going on more or less actively all over the...


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THAT there will be another Arctic search seems quite certain : the only question is, whether it shall be deferred until some per- sons, who have never been to the Arctic...

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I'm Manchester exhibition will not be limited to pictures ; the Museum of Decorative and Useful Arts will not be swamped in paint and canvass. A kind of response has been made...


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of a century ago, the woollen manufacturers of. Great Britai n consumed about 32,000,000 pounds of foreign wool ; of which about one- sixteenth Axtrt came from Australia, Van...

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/Mfrs in tiff Rita.

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Sni—As the Spectator is above doing an intentional injustice to any one, however widely he may differ from it, I do not anticipate that you will re- fuse to receive my friendly...


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London, 27th November 1856. Sm—There is a proverb in Spain that Quiets dice Espana, dice todo- " Whoever says Spam, says everything," which centuries ago was much nearer the...

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THE SOUL.A.OES COLLECTION. The curiosity which was raised some weeks ago as to the purchase and character of the Soulages Collection, and which has since been fed from time to...

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While decorative art, in the guise of the Soulages Collection, courts the regards and suffrages of Londoners, the Scottish metropolis is en- gaged in getting together a kindred...

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. Among subjects of the late war, the Defence of Kars is one—perhaps the one—which emphatically deserved to be painted. No action of the w ar was more memorable, or more a theme...


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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, DECEMBER 2. Partnerships Dissolved.—Cotton and Collier, Gawcott, Buckinghamshire, and Northampton, farmers—Griffiths and Ashley, Flamstead, Herta,...

dlt fair.

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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, DECEMBER 2. ADMIRALTY, Dec. 1.—Vice-Admiral of the Blue the lion. G. A. Crofton has been appointed to receive a pension of 1501. a year, as provided...

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PROM THE LONDON GAZETTE., DECEMBER 5. WAR DEPARTMENT, Pall Mall, Dec. 5.—Cavalry--5th Regt. of Drag. Guards- Lieut. A. T. Frederick, from the 18th Foot, to be Lieut. paying the...

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1856. 1855. £ £ .... 95,573,556 .. 78,087,431 23,078,653 20,898,548 .... 6,630,165 .. 5,729,091 3,050,688 .. 2,194,223 .... 3,039,236 .. 2,407,117 3,610,633 .. 2,962,415...


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3 per Cent Consols .........- .... Ditto for Account S per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents Long Annuities Annuities 1885 Bank Stock, 9 per Cent India Stock, 105 per Cent...

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London: Printed by lessen Cxorros, of 920, Strand, in the

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CohSty of Middlesex, Printer, at the office oilstones Cu* TON, No. 10, Crane Court, in the Parish of St. Dan'tea'n the West, in the City of London ; and Published by the...

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NEWMAN ON UN I*ERSITIES. * Tars volume is a republication of a series of papers which appear- e d in the Catholic University Gazette, and it retains the slight and sketchy...

*ttfafor *itilpitment,

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DECEMBER 6, 1856.

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BAIRD'S HODERN GREECE. * MR. BAIRD is an American , who spent

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some time in Greece as a student at the University of Athens, with a view to the acquire- ment of the modern tongue. In the intervals of his studies, he made excursions through...

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NEW NOVELS. * NOTWITHSTANDING the general barrenness of the season, there

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has been no lack of fictions ; but their number has not made up for their want of interest and character. In a class of literature where specimens are continually appearing by...

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DECEMBER MAGAZINES. * MANY persons were justly dissatisfied with " the

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great political article " in the last issue of the Quarterly _Review. Perhaps it was " touched " too much by " eminent hands " to be intel- ligible ; perhaps the vagueness of...

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Bemis. Cambridge Essays, contributed by Members of the University. 1856. On Poisoning by Stryehnia ; with Comments on the Medical Evidence given at the Trial of William Palmer...

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We might say, adopting the American style, We are a great nation; we do everything on a vast scale—including our disasters. Every year what an amount of shipping wrecked on our...


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In August and September last year, we inserted a series of letters ad- vocating the employment of certain fibres produced in the West Indies for the manufacture of linen,...