6 JANUARY 1866

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TOPICS OF THE DAT: Adderley, Mr, on Brotherly Lore in Parliament.. 1047 Agra Durbar, the .. .. 1452 Aphasia •• .. 657 America, Signs of the Times in .. • . 177 —...

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At a meeting at Tiverton yesterday week to celebrate the

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return of Mr. Denman, Mr. Acland, the member for North Devon, made a very good speech on the true principle for the expected Reform Bill. Mr. Acland described it an the right...

A telegram from Madrid of the 4th inst. announces that

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two regiments of cavalry, one of them stationed at Aranjuez, the Queen's summer residence, and another at Oeana, have revolted, and are being pursued from Madrid towards the...


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11 R. BRIGHT on Wednesday addressed his townsmen at Roch- dale upon Reform. His speech; upon which. we have com- mented elsewhere, was long, and delivered throughout in the tone...

The Revenue Returns show that Mr. Gladstone has in the

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first three quarters of the financial year got about half a million more than he had calculated on, which will be made up, we suppose, in the last quarter—always the most...

The cattle plague returns show another terrible increase, the seizures

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amounting to 7,700 against 6,200 in the previous week. There are better days, however, in store. Scientific opinion is sway- ing more and more to the theory that rinderpest is...

Dr. Jeaffreson, lately resident medical officer to the London Fever

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Hospital, has published a letter directly tracing typhus to the overcrowding of some London districts. Working families are bonsai in these places worse than animals in the...

General la Marmora has succeeded in forming a new Ministry,

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but exclusively from his own aide of the House. Lanza refused to join, and the new Minister of Finance, Scialoja, is a Neapolitan, originally a professor of political economy,...

The Emperor of the French held his annual levde on

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New Year's Day, and this time expressed a hope that he might " augur a long day of peace and prosperity for the world," a prophecy which, as the augur is also Csssar, may...

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A great fire broke out at seven p.m. on Monday

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in the London and St. Katherine's Docks, which raged throughout the night and the following day and the following night, destroying pro- perty, jute, tallow, dyewoods, coir, and...

Julia Susannah Bellinger was last week the wife of George

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Bellinger, a weaver in Bethnal Green. He earned a pound a week, but deserted her to live with another woman, and gave her no money. She therefore went to her mother, a Mrs....

The merchant princes of London have not yet quite lost

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their old princeliness in giving. They approve Mr. Rogers' scheme for a great City Lyceum, and accordingly twenty-eight firms have each subscribed to his project 1,000/. Half...

Mr. Cardwell addressed his constituents at Oxford on New Year's

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Day, and made% speech, on which we have commented else- where. The very bad and erroneous sentence in it as to the one " undisputed " point in the Jamaica controversy was...

Dr. Jeaffreson also publishes a very remarkable table,--an analysis of

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the occupations followed by London vestrymen. There are 477 of these persons, and Dr. Jeaffreson has obtained informa- tion as to 368. Of these 33 are publicans, 18 grocers, 17...

The Jamaica mail brings home a number of petitions,—from the

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Dissenting ministers of the island against the legislative proceed- ings there, and from sections of the inhabitants against the pro- posed new constitution. The press, too,...

The Jamaica Commission is now fully constituted, and has gon

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out, Sir II. Storks' colleagues being Mr. Russell Gurney, Recorder of London, and Mr. Blessed Maule, Recorder of Leeds. There seems to be every reason to be satisfied with the...

The new Austrian Minister, Count Larisch, is at least thoroughly

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frank, and the tone of his report on the budget for 1866 is so manly and different from anything we have had experience of there as to promise very well for the future. The...

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Crum Ewing, Esq., M.P., and Frederick Lubbock, Esq., of Leadenhall

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Street, have joined the Board of the Colonial Company (Limited).

There is a rumour in London that the captain of

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the late Con - federate cruiser the Tallahassee has given the first bit of tangible evidence against the late Mr. Gordon. It is said that the Captain, when wishing to run the...

Friday, Dec. 29. Friday, Jan. 6.

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Great Eastern Great Northern .. Great Western.. .. Do. West MIttaad. °Mori Lancashire and Yorkshire .. London and Brighton .. .• 1271 .. 42} .. 12.■ '8 as 1221...

The „Bank of France return also exhibits unfavourable changes frtim

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the preceding statement, the supply of bullion having declined to the extent of nearly 1,000,0001., or to 16,747,1001., whilst bills discounted have been augmented by...

The Comi Market during the greater part of the week

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has been very inactive. With the exception of Wednesday, when prices exhibited an upward tendency, Consols for money having touched the quotations have shown considerable...

The Fenian trials have ended. The last ringleader has been

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sentenced to five years' imprisonment, and the Government, it is said, do not intend to prosecute the remainder. They are still, however, taking extraordinary precautions,...

What is the superstition which induces the daily papers of

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London to publish on the 31st December a history of the year ? They are very dreary bits of literature, these histories, usually full of inaccuracies, always bald in style,...

The return of the Bank of England for the week

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ending January 3 is very unfavourable, and the Directors of the• estab- lishment have in consequence further advanced. their minimum rate of discount to 8 per cent. This...

The leading Foreign Securities left off at the following prices

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yesterday and on Friday week:— Greek Do. Coupons .. Friday, Dee. 29. 15/ Friday. Jan. 5. Mexican .. 21} 221 Spanish Passive • • 24 261 Do. CertiBeatee ••...

The Record asks all its readers to pray for it

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in the opening of a new year. We will propose a litany,—" That the editor may rest from his labours, and his works may follow him." But the last would be too much, even for...

1866 is said to be a year important in prophecy.

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The Morning Advertiser remlnda its readers that Mr. Fleming, writing in the days of William and Mary, more than 150 years ago, predicted that in 1794 the King of France would...

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MR. GLADSTONE AS LEADER OF THE HOUSE OF COMMONS. M R. BRIGHT'S speech at Rochdale concludes with a some- what curious passage, in which he expresses his eager desire that Lord...

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M R. BRIGHT'S moderation is upon Reform rather more dangerous than his violence. Of all possible roles, that of Mr. Brand suits him the least. He meant his speech at Rochdale to...

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M R. CARDWELL is Mr. Gladstone's junior by four years, and has long been regarded as one of the political reserve force in case of any further devastation of the ranks of our...

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S O far as the Houseless Poor Act has been enforced we must pronounce it eminently successful. Its object was of course to relieve London 'streets of the great burden of misery...

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TiT experience of the last five years ought to have thrown iscredit on the assumption, so habitually made by English critics of American affairs, that the views expressed by the...

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THERE is strength, then, in ideas after all. Never, perhaps, in the history of the world did an idea gain so rapid, complete, and visible a triumph as that which was consummated...

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HE legend of the old Arabian tale teaching that the true testof 1 high breeding and sensuous refinement into be found by put- ting a pea secretly under some half-dozen...

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" S ILKEN THOMAS," the tenth Earl of Kildare, who was kJ executed with his five uncles at Tyburn in 1537, is thus described :—" Ile was of stature tall and personable ; in...

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[FROM OUR SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT.] New York, December 22, 1865. Tuts week has been signalized by the official proclamation by the Secretary of State that slavery in this country...

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[To THE EDITOR OF THE " SPECTATOR."] SIR,—It is to be hoped that in the new Reform Bill the Govern- ment will avoid the error of reducing the franchise in the small borouihs....


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[To THE EDITOR OF THE " SPECTATOR.") SIR,—I am in the invariable habit of taking my opinions from your journal, but naturally I find some of your directions more palatable...


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[To THE EDITOR OF THE " SPECTATOR."] SIR,—In reply to your question iu the Spectator of 30th ult., " Do nineteenth-century children so much enjoy seeing four fools knock each...


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STANLEY'S JEWISH CHURCH.* [Finsr NOTICE.] No book is so much read or so little known as the Bible. Eng- lishmen, at any rate, read the history of the Jews, which is a history...

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MANY of these poems are familiar to us, from having appeared in nearly the most diminutive volume of poems we ever remember to have seen, published by the present author in...

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fresh and in many ways a very striking piece of, we suppose, fictitious autobiographY, full of curious and clear touches of artistic feeling, but as remarkable for its...

A RHYM.D. - G DICTIONARY.* WALKER, the well known author of the

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Critical and Pronouncing Dictionary, first published his Rhyming Dictionary in 1775. A second and improved edition followed in 1806, and since that date there have been several...

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THE years 1634-35, through which Mr. Bruce has now led us in Volumes VII. and VIII. of his Calendar for the reign of Charles I., were memorable in the annals of nature for the...

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John Alston's Vow. By Elizabeth A. Murray. 3 vols. (Skeet.)—

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The authoress of this novel is afraid that the present fast generation will not appreciate the delicacy of motive by which her characters are actuated. "It will vote her heroes...

The Red Shirt. Episodes. By Alberto Mario. (Smith and Elder.)—

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The tone of this book is so offensive that it is quite possible one may be prejudiced against such merit as it has. It purports to contain certain episodes in Garibaldi's famous...


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e--- The Whole Works of Roger Ascham, now First Collected and Revised, with a Life of the Author. By the Rev. Dr. Giles. 4 vols. (John Russell Smith.)—In these four portable,...

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The poems are well selected for the purpose, and the

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woodcuts are for the most part pleasing. Mr. Millais has drawn a pretty golden-haired child, which adorns the outside of the bright-looking square volume.

Songs Sacred and Devotional. Edited and selected by T. E.

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Carpenter. (Warne.)--"This sacred and devotional song-book will be found to differ from most other compilations of sacred verse, inasmuch as it will com- prise with but few...

Watchwords for the Christian Year Drawn from Holy Scripture. (Warne.)—This

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volume, intended for a gift-book, contains a series of texts printed on toned paper, with ornamental borders, and is illustrated • with six engravings of the Evangelists, &c....