6 MARCH 1847

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THE business transacted in Parliament has been more than com- monly varied , though it really includes few topics of novelty. Ministers have both retreated and advanced from...

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Cambridge University has elected Prince Albert, LL.D., for its Chancellor

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; and he has accepted the honour with the best grace he could. Of course his Royal Highness has acted on advice ; and it is not surprising that he should take the course least...

All Europe trembled at the consequences threatened by Lady Normanby's

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soiree, its mistaken invitation, and the absence of the invited guest : Paris is now agitated by the reconciliation of the parties. M. Guizot has magnanimously screwed himself...

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THE LOAN. The House of Commons went into Committee of Ways and Means on Monday, in order to a further statement by the Chancellor of the Exche- quer. Sir CHARLES WOOD announced...

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A meeting of the electors of Westminster was held on Monday evening, at the Crown and Anchor, to hear from Mr. Charles Lushington a decla- ration of his political principles....


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THE Queen held a Privy Council on Saturday, at Buckingham Palace: Prince Albert and all the Ministers attended. Lord Grey took the cus- tomary oaths on being appointed...

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The election of a Chancellor for the University of Cambridge terminated at noon on Saturday; and Prince Albert had then a majority of 116 votes. The customary reckonings having...


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The Government Poor-law for Ireland seems likely to be met with a very modified opposition. A meeting of the Grand Jurymen and Chair- men of Relief Committees of the county of...

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FRANCE. —The leading subject in the Paris papers of the week is the reconciliation between M. Guizot and Lord Normanby. The manner of bringing it about is narrated by the...


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A Cabinet Council was held at the Foreign Office on Saturday. We understand that a Privy Council will be held at Osborne House on Tuesday next, when a day will be appointed for...


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Disturbances connected with the shipment of food have again broken out in the North of Scotland. At Wick, a vessel was about to load with grain. The people assembled in...

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SATURDAY NIGHT. Transportation as a punishment will be totally abolished in respect of men. The law and practice in regard to passing sentence of transportation will not be...


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On the 26th February, at Leamington, the Hon. Mrs. Petre, of a son. On the 28th, at the Rectory, Barnes, the Wife of the Rev. R.E. Copleston, of a eon. On the 28th, at Escot,...

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On the evening of the 28th February, a fire broke

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out just before the perform- ance, at the theatre at Carlsruhe, in the Grand Duchy of Baden, and at nine o'clock it was a heap of ashes. Some lives were lost.

A correspondent reminds us that Sir William Molesworth was not

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the first to attack that system of convict-punishment which is now abandoned; but that the Archbishop of Dublin did so ten years before Sir William's Committee sat. We can never...

A steam-ship, which arrived at Southampton this morning from. Malta,

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pssed Cape Finisterre on the let instant, and the people on board heard fi r• • in the direction of Oporto. The Tiber, bearing the Peninsular mails, due on e 25th of February,...

A letter from Bologna, quoted by the Daily News, says

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that the Pope had ex- perienced a slight attack of epilepsy, a malady to which he was subject in his youth. Great anxiety was felt at his illness; which is said to have been...

A Cabinet Council was held at the Foreign Office yesterday

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afternoon. The Chancellor of the Exchequer was absent, from indisposition. The popular armament in Ireland again shows signs of revival: there has been a very extensive sale of...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FR1DAT AFTERNOON. The competition for the Loan of 8,000,0001. took place on Monday, according to previous notice. Messrs. Barings and Messrs. Rothschilds...

Lord Bowden left Paris, on Thursday, for London.

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According to the Gazette de France, M. Martin (du Nord) is convalescent. The French Ministry demanded a further grant, on Wednesday, of four million francs, for the employment...

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At Her Majesty's Theatre, Verdi's Nino was performed on Saturday, for the first time this season, and continues to be repeated. It is more strongly cast than last season, and...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. London, 4th March 1847. SIR—I have been for some time past in the habit of reading your paper, with a deKree of attention very different from...

The new danseuso of Drury Lane, Mademoiselle Baderna, has greatly

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distinguished herself in a Cachucha. By a certain abandonment to the spirit of the moment, by a sort of youthful joyousness, she gives as it were a new reading to the various...

The St. James's Theatre has been distinguished by its novelties,

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which follow each other with a rapidity almost unprecedented even at this volatile little establishment. First, a drama of serious interest, called Mathilde, in which Madame...


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AKetTim--At Gravesend, 28th Feb., Iris, Starkings, from Mauritius. In the Downs, 1st March, Helena, Eyre, from China. In the Channel, John Bibby, — ; and Soft nauth. Skinner,...

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THE passing. of bills is growing to be the best sport in the world. Bellamy's is becoming a kind of betting-booth, and Members make up books to record bets on the chances not...


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PROGRESSING BACKWARDS. ON Monday last, in Committee of Supply, Mr. Fox Maule ac- quainted the House of Commons that the Government has formed a plan of military colonization,...

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Tan Morning Chronicle endeavours to supply the blank left in its argument for a peasant proprietary and against a poor-law in Ireland, by advancing proof of the assertion " that...

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WE revert to this subject having received a very distinct and ex facie a very fair statement of the case of the Colonial Dis- tillers, printed apparently for circulation. This...


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"I HAVE brought thee some latten spoons, Ben," said Shakspere, arriving as a guest at a christening in Ben Jonson's family ; and thou shalt translate them." Cambridge University...


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MIOINIAPHY, Memolrof the Reverend Henry Francis Cary, MA., Translator of Dante. With his Literary Journal and Letters. By his Son, the Reverend Henry Cary, MA., Wor- oester...

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THIS is really a clever romance. Considering how many volumes Mr. James has written, or rather "spoken off," "it is wonderful how he does it," as they say of conjurers. We can...

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DR. CHILD ' S situation as physician to the Westminster Dispensary has given him an experience in bilious complaints and indigestion, as well amongst the poor as the rich ; and...

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BOOKS. The Castle of Ehrenstein; its Lords, Spiritual and Temporal ; its Inhabit- ants, Earthly and Unearthly. By G. P. R. James, Esq , Author of " Hei- delberg." A History of...

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BEETHOVEN'S "EGMONT." A musical entertainment of a novel and interesting kind was given by Mt... Wilson, to a large party of his musical friends, on Wednesday evening, at-his...


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WAR-OFFICE, March 2.—let Drag. Guards—B. Tomlin, Gent., to be Cornet, by pur- chase, vice Brise, who retires. 7th Drag. Guards—Cornet J. T. Cramer to be Lieut. by purchase, vice...


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Tuesday, March 2. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Plckford and Co. Manchester, commission-agents ; as far as regards IL Heywood--Col- lick and Worsley, Upper Thames Street,...

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Friday. -- 90 90 901 92 9 205} shut 6 S HAR E S. (Last Official Quotation duringt! ES. Week ending Friday Evening.) RtILWAYS-- Birmingham and Gloucester Ba Zut s-...