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The Congress of the United States perseveres in a condition

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of conflict. The House of Representatives, which represents the ' population of the United States and the rising opinion, has taken a firm stand against the Senate, which...


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AMONG the honourable augmentatives set forth in the style and title of his Highness the Sultan is to be that of " K.G." ; for Abd-ul-Medjid, it is said with every appearance of...

In some other respects there are signs that the Governments

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of France and England have reverted more to the position which was assigned to them at the time of the Paris Conference and before the protocols were published. Some other...

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The Dowager Queen of Oude has been making a royal

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progress from India, via Southampton, to London. The object of her mission is to procure from Queen Victoria a reversal of the de- cree of Government, nominally executed by the...

Although payment of Members of Parliament has not passed into

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law, it is rather encouraging for the advocates of that plan that the first Member to receive an honorary revenue from his constituents is Mr. Roebuck, who can vie with Andrew...

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The most notable event of the week in London has been the stoppage of the Royal British Bank. It has been known for some time past that there was something amiss with the bank :...

The Earl of Cardigan has revived a discussion which, although

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little heeded by the public, goes on actively in private. It was to the private disputants that he was speaking when he appeared to be treating the Leeds people, last week, to a...

The bread prospects of the country have decidedly brightened. The

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sky has cleared, without a return of heat ; and the best chance has thus been afforded of recovering the harvest with a minimum of damage from the wet. In the United. States,...

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The town of Sheffield has subscribed a considerable sum for the pur- pose of presenting Mr. Roebuck with a testimonial, "for the national services he has rendered during the...

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The journey of the Queen to her Highland retreat was completed on Saturday according to the programme. She arrived at Banchory early in the afternoon; there leaving the railway...


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The sentences of the Court-martial that tried the mutineers of the Tip- f: peraryMilitia have been promulgated : four were sentenced to transportation r life, commuted to...

finnan nut Catmint.

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Iranre.—The Emperor and Empress still keep their rustic court at Biarritz. They do not appear to maintain the retirement practised by the Emperor at Plombieres. Each day, some...

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The Globe of last night gave the following statement the most pro- minent place in its columns- " A report has got abroad that his Highness the Sultan is to receive the highest...

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SATURDAY. The news of the morning is of a more animated and diversified charac- ter than usual ; the prominent incident being the meeting of the Duke of Newcastle and Mr....

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Sir Colin Campbell, the new Inspector-General of Infantry, began his

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labours on Thursday, at Preston, by a minute inspection of the Ninety- seventh Regiment. He was to go from Preston to Dublin. "It is un- derstood that Sir Colin Campbell is...


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The following are the resolutions of the 6elect Committee on Trans- portation, which are to appear in the Committee's third and forthcom- mg volume. It will be seen that, under...

The shareholders and depositors of the Royal British Bank were

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ac- tively engaged yesterday in its affairs. About twenty of the principal shareholders met a body of depositors. The general feeling seemed to be, that it would be best for the...

Who Prince of Wales made his data as a sportsman

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on Monday last, in the Osborne oovera, where there is plenty of game. It is anticipated that the Prince will prove to be a good shot. The pecuniary lees attendant on the late...

An inquiry into a recent accident was held yesterday. Mr.

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Payne, one of the City Coroners, and a Jury, inquired into the cause of the death of four persons killed by the falling of the house in Little Swan Alley. The result of a long...


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STOCK ExcEeNoz, FRIDAY ATERRNOON. The speculators in the English Funds have been selling Stock this week, to lessen their accounts preparatory to the settlement on the 10th...

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tt4t 14tatrts.

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It is not improbable that the course of that hybrid which we may term decorative " legitimacy" will be ultimately found to resemble those progresses depicted by Hogarth, and...

A"young lady," whose name was not stated, made her London

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debit at the Haymarket on Thursday, in the character of Rosalind. With the proficiency of a clever amateur she combines the confidence of a veteran professor.

PARISIAN TnEarnicaxs.

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Herold's Zampa was revived on Monday at the Opera Comique. At the Varietes there is a new vaudeville, by MM. CLairville and L. Thibonst, entitled Les Enfants Terribles. The...

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"NO NEWS." TICE events, ay, even of this week, are among the grandest and most important that the history of the world has witnessed.. No doubt, the newspapers will be regarded...


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" His Highness Abd-ul-Medjid, K.G.! "—such will be the future style and title of that illustrious personage. It is a great his- torical event. At first we are struck with the...

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Moscow is an old town of modern times ; for Russian antiquities are recent in comparison with their chronologies. The character of the architecture is familiar to us ; it is...


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THOSE who are challenging us to accept a more defined responsi- bility for the press, appear to overlook the facts, that the press has been constantly recognizing and enforcing...

NAME! NAME ► In reference to the mysterious return of moneys

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granted to cer- tain public bodies, especially to the Department of Science and Art, a correspondent forbids us to expect any further information. Yet he is a person who ought...

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BY A PATRIOTIC PROJECTOR. AN old pamphleteer, in speaking of the difficulties against which a Chancellor of the Exchequer must contend, owing to the ex- travagant expectations...

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THE Judges, the Police, and the Executive Officers of our

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Prison system as it is, have expressed from time to time a general opin- ion that the criminal classes are more awed by the punishment of transportation than of imprisonment....

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THE report of Colonel Kennedy to the Indian Railway Company for which he acts as consulting engineer is a lesson of very gene- ral application in the conduct of railways, with...

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[FROM A COltRESPONDENT.] The statements of M. Louis Blanc with regard to the sufferings of his political friends in Cayenne cannot be received with perfect confidence in their...

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Belfast, 1st September 1856. Sin—Your correspondent Mr. Bridges Adams does not seem aware that the loom has already begun to supersede the needle. It is easy, by means of a...

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BAKERS, MILLERS, AND COEN-MERCHANTS. 28th August 1856. - note in your last a letter on the subject of " the high price of bread." It has always been the habit of the press, and...


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Sin—I concede the point that the pain given by an alleged libel is by no means a conclusive criterion. All I meant to say was, that the pain given to an individual by an attack...

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(The following letter has been long in type, but had first been postponed by the accidents of publication, and then overlooked. Some of its facts are independent of time) 20th...

Cif ailing 5,

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A POLITICAL WANT.—There never was enterpriseor energy of any kind, however noble and useful, without a look of egotism. For our part, we feel that the country wants a few more...

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On the 10th August, at the seat of her father, Lord Sherborne, in Gloucester- shire, the Lady Dunsany, of a son. On the 23d, at Boulogne-sur-Mer, the Wife of Major-General...

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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, SEPT. 5. WAR DEPARIXENT, Pall Mall, Sept. 5.-Caralry-5th Regt. of Dragoons-Lieut. J. S. Ferguson to be Capt. without purchase, vice Brevet-Major A. W....


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PROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, SEPTEMBER 2. Partnerships Dissolved.-Bunkell and Beckett, Holloway, builders-Cox, Hack- ney, and Stevens jun. Lower Norwood-Mason and Co. Liverpool,...

[For Booxs and STATISTICS see the accompanying Monthly Supplement.]

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prim) Satord. Monday. Tuesday. TredneL Thurs. Friday, S per Cent Consols 96 95 941 941 95 95 Ditto for Account 951 951 95 95 95 3 per Cents...

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Isindon Printed bylosses Cravvcar, of 82 - 0, Strand, in the County

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of Middlesex, Printer, at the office of losers Ctrs TON, NO. 10, Crane Court, in the Parish of St. Ususstes'. in the West, in the City of London ; and Published by IS, aforesaid...

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MOTLEY'S RISE OF THE DUTCH EEPUBLIC. * Tun revolt of the Low Countries against the authority of Philip the Second was not only memorable for its leading principle, of being the...

„rtfator uppinittat.

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SEPTEMBER 6, 1856.

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Tins volume is the result of a sojourn by Mr. Bruce in the Presi- dency of Madras, and a return passage by the overland route. It wants the continuous narrative and consequently...

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NEW NOVELS. * Mr. TALBOT GWYNNE has made a considerable advance

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in Young Singleton over his previous fictions. • Hitherto he has written little more than " tales " which owed their chief attraction to a knowledge -of traditional manners, and...

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Mn. Boffin has displayed great spirit in providing the reading public with standard works, in a convenient and not inelegant form and type, and at a price that enables persons...

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SEPTEMBER MAGAZINES. * WHATEV .hR the members of the " Scottish

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Rights Association" may say about injustice to the " land of the mountain and flood," they have no right to complain of any want of nationality in the pre- sent number of...

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While recent revelations in the law courts have not tended to increase confidence in the management of life-insurance companies generally, the public- mind has just received a...


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TRADE AND NAVIGATION ACCOUNTS 1656. 1855. £ £ .... 63,936,642 .. 51,269,705 .... 15,575,972 .. 14,090,584 .... 4,319,425 • • 3,759,288 .... 9,059,429 • • 1,415,037 .......


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Boosts. Beaumarchais and his Times. Sketches of French Society in the Eighteenth Century, from unpublished Documents. By Louis De Lom5nie. Translated by Henry S. Edwards. In...