7 JANUARY 1843

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The state of the revenue is only the bad symptom

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of the substan- tial 'evil, the state of the people. Everybody seems to feel that some attempt ought to be made to mend it, and nobody now believes that the measures of last...


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THE Revenue-tables exhibit an appalling deficiency-922,6301. on the year, and 940,0621. on the quarter ! A scrutiny of the figures does not mitigate the anxiety created by the...

The endeavour to blow the coals of Irish Poor-law disturb-

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ance, as a help to the Repeal agitation, does not seem to answer. The chief Repealer has overshot his' mark ; for he has declared against any poor-law at all ; which others...

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The Committee appointed at a late public meeting in the Ward o Tower, to obtain redress in respect of overcharges for the Income-tax had an interview with the Chancellor of the...

Ebt (Court.

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Tux life of the Court has been a little more varied than it was last week. Sir Robert Peel and Lord Stanley arrived at Windsor Castle on Monday. On Tuesday, the two Ministers...

The foreign news is not of importance, but it is

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satisfactory, in so far as it is upon the whole pacific. In France, politicians lie . upon their oars, waiting for Monday and the opening of the chambers. In Spain, the...

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Zbe girobinces.

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An Anti-Corn-law " festival" was held at Birmingham Town-hall on Monday, to receive a deputation from the League ; consisting of Mr. Cobden, Mr. Laurence Heyworth, Mr. Brookes,...

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The Bandon Board of Guardians have adopted a petition on

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the sub- ject of the Puor-law ; which they condemn as to its details, while they admit " the Wisdom and sincerity [?] cf a state-provision for the des- titute, aged, infirm, and...

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The Ross - shire Advertiser twits the Conservatives with the legislative bungling that they made a reproach to the Whigs; the Income-tax Act furnishing an instance. " The...


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The Manchester Guardian contains the following paragraph, under the head of " Printed Velveteen "— " A beautiful specimen of printed velveteen has been produced at the...

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The French Government have received the following telegraphic despatch relating

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to Barcelona- " Perpignan. 2.41 January. " General Seoane, on the 29th, annulled the division of the forced war contri- bution which had been made by the Municipality, because...

The usual weekly meeting of the Anti-Corn-law League in the

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Man- chester Corn Exchange was much crowded on Thursday evening; the attraction of the night being an address from Mr. Charles Villiers. Mr. Mark Philips, Mr. Cobden, Mr....

Advices from Montevideo, of the 3d November, state that Buenos

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Ayres has refused the offered mediation of Great Britain and France between the republics of Buenos Ayres and Uruguay, in one of the in- numerable wars that distract South America.

The 4-,'. r:iversal Gazette of Leipsic states, that all doubts

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relative to the reaty existing betweg Russia and Prussia, for the surrender of de- serters, had ceased ; a rescript havt: been addressed by the Prussian Minister of the Interior...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The overland Indian mail has arrived ; having left Bombay on the 1st of December. It brings _ intelligence from China to the 13th of October ; but in that...

The news in the Paris papers of Thursday is not

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without interest. The impression that Ministers would be able to carry through the im- pending session triumphantly was hourly becoming stronger in Paris. Even the exacerbated...

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The Collegiate Institution for the education of the youth of

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Liver- pool, was opened yesterday, with great eclat. Lord Stanley was to have attended, but was kept away by public business. The proceedings, however, were graced by the...


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Arrived-At Gravesend. fau.6th, Kilmaurs. Sims, from Batavia. In the Downs, Jan. 5th, Crest, Oliver, from China; Mary and June ' Peche, from Singapore ; and Atlas, Sexton, from...

The Queen has been pleased to appoint Lieutenant R. J.

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Le Mesurier Whin to be Superintendent of Africans captured by her Majesty's ships of war and liberated at the Havanna.—London Gazette, Jan. 6.

MONEY MAP .......,.......„

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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. , 74 Mc w ...7, -market has evinced great elasticity , and during the week prices 'f.. - ee improved very materially. A check to the rise was...

The Hull Advertiser of yesterday says, that Sir Felix Booth

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was examined before the Magistrates on Wednesday, on a revolting charge preferred by Felix Booth, his second cousin and godson. Sir Felix said that it was an attempt to extort...

Quarterly average of the weekly liabilities and assets of the

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Bank of England, from the 8th October to the 31st December 1842— LIABILITIES. ASSETS. Circulation £19,230,000 Securities. £20,560,000 Deposits 9,063,000 Bullion 10,330,000...

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There are two debutantes at Drury Lane tonight, in an

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English version of La Gazza Ladra. The young lady, announced as a pupil of the Chevalier MICHEROUR, who appears as Ninetta, is Miss SABILLA NOVELLO, a junior sister of CLARA...


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THE only novelties we have noted this week have been at Covent Garden. Miss RAINFORTH appeared on Tuesday in the character of Sentiramide; a bold attempt, which the result has...

The showy and effective opera of' Gustavus has been reproduced

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with considerable splendour : AIIIIER'S lively music, the beautiful scenery by GRIEVE, and the glittering spectacle of the masked ball, are attractions at this season not likely...


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Orates or ORDNANCE, Dec. 31. -Royal Regt. of Artillery -Sergt. J. Nicoll to be Quartermaster, vice Barker. retired on full-pay. WAa OMCE, Jan. 6.-9th Regt. of Light Drags.-F. J....


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Mid Lothian, 2d January. 1843. Sin-Your correspondent HERITOR, in writing on the state of the Poor-law in Scotland, has made some statements...

The Haymarket closes on Saturday the 14th, until Easter ;

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when it will reopen, we understand, under the same management, and with the same company : Mr. WEBSTER having renewed the term of his lease, and reagaged Mr. FARREN, Mrs....

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NATIONAL HOLYDAYS. Now that we are at peace with the world, advantage may be taken of the lucid interval to call attention to some domestic points, so that before we again...


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Income and Charge on the Consolidated Fund, in the Quarters ended 5th January 1842 and 1843. INCOME. Customs Excise Stamps Taxes Property Tax Post-offiee. Crown Lands...

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Tuts message of the President of the United States contains a pas- sage which has all the appearance of being spoken to Congress but at the British Government- " It would have...


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are aware, that in Police-offices there is a depository called the poor-box, to which the charitable few send handsome donations, and into which delicate prosecutors and...

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TO TUE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Sin-1 have to thank you for the attention you have paid to my communi- cation of last week, in your full discussion of " a Landlord's Case.' I...


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IT is nothing uncommon to see one who has suddenly fallen heir to an estate playing all sorts of pranks to make his new neighbours stare. John Bull's recent acquisition of...


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One of the standing wonders is, the uneasy eagerness of many Ame- ricans, who are high Republicans—rank Tammany-men—in their own country, to procure access to the "exclusive"...


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THERE is art even in scavenging ; as the critical scavenger felt, when he said that though an artist who had been praised might do straightforward work well, perhaps he could...

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MILITARY HISTORY. The Military Operations at Cahill, which ended in the Retreat and Destruction of the British Army, January 1842; with a Journal of Imprisonment in Afghanis-...


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MARIE OF BADEN. TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Principiis obsta ! Paris, 13th December lea. Sia—All over the Grand Duchy of Baden, (through which I have recently travelled,)...

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THE opening of the new year has produced two new fictions by popular authors, to be published in monthly parts,—The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit, by Boz ; and Jessie...

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From Decanter 29th to January 5th. Boors. The Military Operations at Cabal, which ended in the Retreat and Di struction of the British Army, January 1842. With a Journal of In...

BRYANT'S FOUNTAIN AND OTHER POEMS. Tins little volume of the

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celebrated American poet consists of fragments or passages from unfinished works, and of several mis- cellaneous poems. The fragments appear to have been taken from...

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Felice Donzella ; Romance pour le Pianoforte, par SIGISMOND TRALBERG.

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This is quite Thalbergian. Though not so extravagant in its diffi- culties as some of its race, yet Heaven save our ears from hearing it executed by any amateur player ! What is...


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Tuesday, Jan. 3. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Faulknor and Adler, Newbury. Berkshire, appraisers-Abbott and Arney, Char- lotte Street, Bedford Square - Challis and Pugh, Vauxhall,...

A Set of Songs, by the Honourable M - rs. Roux/an

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and Miss Annusra COWELL. Of these two ladies, the one is a pretty poet, and the other has con- siderable taste and feeling, and some skill, in music; so, between them, they...

" Rule Bntannia," arranged as a R - ondo, by CHARLES

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CZERNF. CARL CZERNY is another of the note-splitting generation ; but he can both play beautifully and write beautifully when he pleases. No one is more conversant with the...


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BIRTHS. On the 26th December, at Dittisham, Devon, the Lady HENRY Kerre, of a daughter. On the 29th, at Hastings. the Wife of the Rev. F. S. Galenism of a sou. On the 29t1a. at...


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BAVDN'a Creation; a Mio Edition, by JOHN BISMOP. SINCE CLEMENTI'S first English edition of The Creation, three or four others have appeared ; a proof of the sustained...

Songs by CHASES E. Hoax. 1. Highland Nora;" a Ballad;

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the Poetry written by Mrs. Caswroao. 2. "My Arab Maid"; a Ballad, the Poetry by the Same. 3. "Dream not of me"; a Ballad. CHARLES HORN once occupied a large share of public...

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BRITISH Saturday FUNDS. Monday. (Closlug Prices.) Tuesday. Wednee Thiirs. FFiday. 3 per Cent. Consols shut Ditto for Account 94} ex d 941 941 941 94} 94941 0ex d 3 per...