7 MARCH 1846

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TDB subjects discussed in Parliament have been important and interesting, although the treatment in debate has not always been commensurate. In the House of Commons, some...

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What was reported last week as a disturbance in Posen

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turns out to be a revolt in all Poland. The Poles have made one more struggle to free their nationality from foreign oppression. The history of the event is quite unknown,...

The mail received this week from India does not recount

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any more great engagements, but it supplies evidence that a fierce campaign in the Punjaub has only begun. The Sikhs, though astonished, are neither broken up nor cowed ; and...

The news from Washington is startling. Congress has ex- tracted

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from Mr. President Polk a diplomatic correspondence, by which we learn that his Government has refused to refer the Oregon question to arbitration ; and Congress itself has...

Debates anti iirocetbings in Varliament

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The ARMY OF THE Su'ranr. • In the House of Commons, on Monday, Sir ROBERT PEEL moved the following vote of thanks to the officers and soldiers who achieved the re- cent...

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'be larobincts.

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Lord Lincoln's name got mixed up in a strange manner with the election for North Nottingham. The nomination took place at Mansfield on Satur- day; and after Lord Henry Bentinck...

Zbe jailetropolis.

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A Court of Common Council was held on Monday. The only subject of interest disposed of was the proposal of the North Kent Railway Com- pany to carry their line across the Thames...

' Mb(' trOttft.

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Tax Queen and Prince Albert and their infant family are enjoying the healthful breezes of the English Channel at their marine residence in the Isle of Wight. Walks on the beach...

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fforeign anb Tolonfal.

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UNITzr, STATES. — The packet-ship Patrick Henry arrived at Liverpool on Monday, with despatches from New York, of the 9th February. A considerable sensation had been created...


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At the weekly Repeal meeting, on Monday, two letters, of very opposite import, were submitted. The one following was from Lord Melbourne, to. whom a circular had been sent...

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An order, dated the 20th February, has been issued from

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the Horse Guards, directing the augmentation of certain corps of cavalry and infantry; and the officers in command are requested to use their utmost exertions to make up their...


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Aaarezn—At Gravesend, 2d March, William Shand, Morrison, from China ; eth, Dntcbeas of Northumberland, Scott ; Hope, Goss; John: Horton, Cunningham ; San- derson, Robinson;...

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" What will the Lords do With the Corn-law?" Nobody

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can answer with any certainty; but we believe that, after duly pondering it, they will pass the Government bill unaltered. One estimate of the present state of their Lordships'...

The Bridport electors were promised by Messrs. Day and Fox.(who

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seem to be persons of some local influence in such matters) the choice of a Pro- tection candidate: accordingly, Mr. Robert Montgomery Martin, writer of some statistical books...

We have received by extraordinary express important news relating to

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the in surrection in Poland. This insurrection already extends over a large portion of the country, and is daily spreading far and wide, gaining as it proceeds accessions of...

More has been made of the Andover Union vote of

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Friday night, as a " defeat of Ministers," than we attach to it. Perhaps others are more in the secret of the intentions of parties than we are. A shrewd observer, who was...

The latest intelligence received from the Army of the Satlej

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is dated January 19th. No official information has been received of any action having taken place since the 22d December between the British troops and the Sikh force.—Times....


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The House of. Commons got through a good deal of useful business last night, in Committee on the Customs and Corn-importation Acts; the graver work being...

Southampton, Saturday.—The Teviot, Captain Allen, with the Mexican and West

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Indian mails, has Just been telegraphed off Calshott Castle. The Pacha, with the Peninsular malls, is also coming up the river. The Pacha brings in- formation of the total loss...

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LONDON may now boast of the most magnificent theatre in Europe: our Italian Operahouse, scarcely surpassed in size, is unrivalled for the beauty and splendour of its form and...

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The Lyceum has turned the Marble Maiden to amusing account,

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in a burlesque that affords Mrs. Keeley and Mr. Wigan some scope for the exercise of their talents; and, what with parodies of popular songs and dances, passes half an hour very...

The French Plays have received a most delightful acquisition in

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the handsome person of M. Felix; one of the most easy, agreeable, and elegant of actors, with force and passion at command, as well as gayety and grace. It is a treat to see him...

The Haymarket has added to its stock of merry-making entertainments -

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one that is irresistibly comic by the force of situation. The Irish Post is a smart naturalized version of L'Etourneau, a French piece in which Ravel was so amusing. Hudson...

Benedict's opera, The Crusaders, has obtained well-deserved success at Drury

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Lane. Greater breadth of style prevails in this work than in any previous effort of the composer. The concerted pieces, finales, and in- strumentation, from time to time remind...


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MAncw 1846. MAJORITY AGAINST IMMEDIATE REPEAL. O'Brien, A. S. Packs, C. W. Palmer, R. Palmer, G. Palmerston, Visa. Patten, J. W. Peel, Sir R. Peel, J, . Pennant, Col.'...

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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. West Surrey, 3d March 1846. Notwithstanding the present influence of short memories and speculative opinions, I cannot resist renewing my...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Westminster, 2d March 1846. Silt—In your paper of Saturday last, tinder the head of " Free-trade Con- tagious," you assume that the English...


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PEACE IN DANGER. SOME active philanthropists in this country, foreseeing' the chances of war, have set on foot a movement to supersede such barbarous struggles by...

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THE issue of the great Corn-law debate, on Friday last, seemed to put a quondam Ministerial contemporary into a phrensy of irritation, so extravagant that all our respect cannot...


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Iris curious to see how the present fusion and confusion of parties perplex party politicians. In the eddy, they cannot discover which way the stream runs in order that they may...

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.THBRE are two principles upon which groups of Railway Bills may be formed for the consideration of Select Committees. All the railway bills relating to a certain district may...


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taken up the notion that Lord Stanley is to head a formidable opposition to the Ministerial measure in the House of Peers. What there is in or about Lord Stanley that could...


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Oun knowledge of the existence of this important body is derived from an intimation in a Shrewsbury journal, that the members "propose an early visitation of the county of...


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Ix 1845, the total declared values of English exported manufactures amounted to fifty-one and a half millions; the declared values of the ex- ported cotton manufactures, to...

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POLITICAL ECONOMY, Over-Population and its Remedy ; or an Inquiry into the Extent and Causes of the Distress prevailing among the Labouring Classes of the British Islands, and...

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Tams two volumes contain a number of articles, which Mr. Wright has published at intervals in different periodicals, on topics connected with archaeological literature and...


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IT is probable that history is a more certain line of business for the ma- nufacturer of fictions than every-day nature, provided the dealer have imagination enough to vivify...

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From February 27th to March 5th. BOOKS. Life and Correspondence of David Hume. From the Papers bequeathed by his Nephew to the Royal Society of Edinburgh, and - other original...

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Tuesday, March 3. pARTNERsiliPS DISSOLVED. Gould and Hall, Manchester, merchants-Goodwin and Bibby, Birmingham, law- stationers-Ayers and Amey, Sutton Poyntz, Dorsetshire,...


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On the 26th February, at Claydou House, Bucks, Lady Verney, of a son. On the 26th, at the Rectory House, Old Swinford, Worcestershire, the Lady of the Rev. C. 11. Crayfurd, of...

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