7 MAY 1859

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NEWS OF THE WEEL The Imperial manifesto of Austria "

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to my people " is neither concise, simple, nor lucid. It comprises a history of recent . events, but related from the Vienna point of view. Indeed, it contains more than one...

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Tantia Topee has at last been captured. Huddled up in

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the Seronge jungles, this active chief, Feroze Shah, and Rao Sahib, were surprised by Colonel Rich and Colonel Salts, and routed with great slaughter. On the same evening Mann...

14t &turn', Eltrtiou.

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MEMBERS RETURNED. [The following is a list of the Members already returned to serve in the new Parlia- ment so far as reports have readied us. Any classification except of the...

Our own Government is not idle. Although the Ministry has

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anticipated public opinion, in declaring the policy of neutrality,— which the leading leaders of the Opposition confirm, and the public, without waiting for the meeting at...

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ATLESEURY. A double return. Bernard, 552; Wentworth, 535; (3. Smith, 635. BATH. Mr. Phinn has not been elected. The numbers were—Tits, 1346; Way, 1340; Phinn, 1194. BERWICK....

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France and Sardinia and Austria are now formally at war. Austria and Prance have each published its declaration of war, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs on both sides have...

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The French troops entered. Piedmont three days before the Austrians crossed the frontier. On the 26th some regiments had arrived at Genoa by sea, and the advanced guard of the...

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The Prince Consort, and a great company, opened the Albert Bridge at Saltash ; a point where the Cornwall Railway crosses the 'r i amar, and unites Cornwall and Devon. "...

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The annual dinner at the Royal Academy took - place on Saturday. Sir Charles Eastlake occupied the chair and fulfilled its duties with neatness and taste. The Army was...

tht Court.

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THE QUEEN held a Privy Council in Windsor Castle on Saturday and ordered a proclamation to be issued offering bounties to seamen. The Earl of Malmesbury, Mr. Disraeli,...


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Westmeath has been the scene of one of those agrarian tragedies novr, happily, rare. Some three months ago, one Kelly, a farmer, was murdered in Ins house at Kilbeggan . His...

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I It is wit extreme regret that we announce the death, in his 80th year, of the Very Re verend Principal Lee, which took place within his house in the College at early hour on...

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r1111r1.—The formal declaration of a state of war between France and Austria was made by M. Walewski in the Legislative Assembly on Tuesday. He said he had been ordered by the...

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The first official symptom of the effect of the European crisis upon British affairs is the following proclamation for encouraging seamen and landsmen to enter themselves on...

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An interesting lecture was delivered at the Royal Institution last

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even- ing by Dr. Druitt, "On Houses in relation to Health," in which com- mon defects in the foundations, drainage, and ventilation of the dwellings of the poorer classes were...

Mr. H. St. John Mildmay, formerly an officer in the

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Austrian service, will accompany the head-quarters of the Austrian army as British Commis- sioner during the war in Italy. Colonel Cameron will accompany the Sar- dinian army in...

The Tories have carried West Kent by a small majority

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: at the close of the poll yesterday the numbers were—Holmesdale, 3774 ; Filmer, 3701; Martin, 3581; Whatman, 3458. The Liberals have failed to carry the Northern division of...

The Globe correspondent at Paris, in his letter dated Thursday

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evens ing, thus describes the procession of the remnants of the Old Guard to the Napoleon column- " This being the day the Imperial captive died at St. Helena, about noon the...


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SATURDAY ArrEnNome. We have received from our Paris correspondent the following letter, which it will be seen contains information of the greatest interest. We have received...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, 'Samar AFTERNOON. Attention has this week been almost wholly confined to the settlement of today in the Consol Market. Business of a speculative kind is...

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(Prow our own Correspondent.) Although it is the month of May, the fashions are still behindhand, because of the great uncertainty of the weather. The fabries most worn are...

tairful Arts, fasinno, trffitt, &r.

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The "turn of the month" has not been a satisfactory one to most of the wholesale houses in the Manchester and general trades in the city. The cold) weather we have lately...


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The great depression of trade during the last year in connexion with the engineering department of industry, and the degree in which it af- fects the health of the community, as...


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A visit to the show rooms of Messrs. Hancock and Rixon enables us to report a notable change they are effecting in the style of glass chande- liers. The fashion hitherto in...


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Keeping up with the tendencies of the day, Messrs. Silver and Co., have on view at their establishment a pattern Rifle uniform which they propose to furnish to Volunteer corps....


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Our remarks of some two months since, in anticipation of the Spring fashions, have been so completely verified, that it would be no stretch of justice to claim for our...

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t NEUTRALITY. Inn object f the war is now defined, and whatever our respon- sible public servants may do, the interests and honour of England demand that her influence should...


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WIt are at a great loss in England for some clever politician who would have the wit to take things easy and keep the calmness of a gentleman among the contending crowds. There...

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Berrrsn India is insolvent; her Government is plunging her deeper into bankruptcy : she can be made solvent, if her Govern- ment will be taught by facts. We will show how. A...

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PEOPLE hav been heard to ask, even in thisyear 18a, why the Italians we suddenly so impatient to get rid of Austria. The Italians a not " so impatient " ; the wonder is that...

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UNIVERSITY REPRESENTATION. titli May 1859., Srn—Sir Eardley Wilmot, in his valuable scheme for a Reform May pub- lished in your last number, assigns Members to the Universities...

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LETTERS OF sra ACGITSTIIS SIMON FRAZER, X.C.B. * THESE interesting letters ought not to have been allowed to re- main in manuscript for four and twenty years after the writer's...


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IN a popular point of view Dr. Robinson's composition is occasion- ally overladen with technical terms, while in strict logic, the funda- mental positions are not always...

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THE MAN OF FORTUNE. * THE author of that useful little

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work, " How we are Governed," has achieved a fresh success, and in a new field, for " The Man of Fortune " is, we believe, Mr. Fonblanque's first venture in literary fiction. We...

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The representation of Marie, la Perle de Savoie, with which the series of French performances commenced. at the St. James's Theatre on Mon- day last, made no great impression,...


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The subject of petticoat government is treated in a very amiable man- ner by Madame George Sand. In a comedy entitled Marguerite de Saint Gemme, lately produced at the Gymnase,...


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We are authorized to state that Mr. Tennyson's new poem "Idylls of the Kung" is in the printer's hands, and will shortly be published. by Masers. E. Moxon and Co. geveral not...


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• The publications of the week are still less numerous and less notable than those of the preceding week. Mr. Duffy of Dublin sends us the Sermons, Lectures, and Speeches of...

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Sterndale Bennett's May Queen has just been produced with great

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success at Liverpool. The characters were sustained by Miss Stabbach, Miss Las- celles t Mr. Willye Cooper, and Mr. Santley. The performance was con- ducted by the composer....

The Philharmonic Society had its first concert on Monday evening.

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This is the Society's forty-seventh season ; and every lover of the musi- cal art will be glad to learn that a body whose services to the cause of the art have been preeminent...

The Musical Union had lla first concert of the season

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on Tuesday morning at St. James's Hall, under the direction of Mr. Ella.. A young German pianist, Mademoiselle Emma Suppue, from Frankfort, delighted the audience by her highly...

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EXHIBITION OF THE ROYAL ACADEMY. Few of man's works in this country, at this day, display more positive and distinct evidences of the influence which social changes and extra-...


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The two Italian theatres have this week been producing some quasi- novelties; first appearances for the season of favourite performers. Mario came before the public at Covent...

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COLOUR SOCIETY. Water colour is your only ware ;—at least the two exhibitions in Pall Mall, East and West, exhibit a large proportion of pictures that display the valuable...

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At the twenty-third annual meeting of subscribers of the Art

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Union, last week, at the Adelphi Theatre, the subscription was declared to amount to 15,210/. Mr. Wilmore is to engrave Turner's " Italy." Mr. Delpect has reduced a copy of the...


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On the 26th of April, at Richmond, the Wife of the Hon. Albert Yelverton Bing- ham, of a son, stillborn. On the 28th, at Brasted, near Sevenoaks, the Lady Ailleck, of a...


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Bankruptcies Annulled.-MARY ANN AKERS, Brizenorton, Oxfordshire, baker- Ions Yarn and JAMES COOK, Little Bolton, manufacturers. Bankrupts.-BENJAMIN FRAMPLON, Laudport,...


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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Sarstrd. Monday. Tuesday. Wednes. Than. Priddy. 3 perCen Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents Long Annuities...