8 APRIL 1843

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Ma. enemas BULLER brought the subject of Systematic ColoNii- zation before the House of Commons on Thursday, in what may be termed the speech of the session. So complete an...

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Rebates anb if3rotrebings in Vatliament.

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SYSTEMATIC COLONIZATION AND NATIONAL DISTRESS. Several petitions having been presented to the House of Commons, on Thursday, in favour of an improved system of colonization,...

At the end of last week, arrived the message of

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President TYLER to the American House of Representatives, reasserting the construction which he has put upon the 8th article of the Ash- burton treaty, that it relinquishes the...

China is tranquil, and Afghanistan gives us no more trouble

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; but Scinde has now come into play, and has cost us some hundreds of men in quelling its impatience of a yoke which was disguised under the absurd pretence that real subjects...

The revenue-accounts, published this week, are upon the whole much

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less unsatisfactory than those which startled the country last quarter, though they cannot be considered as in any degree flourishing. There is a decrease both on the year and...

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Zbe inetropotis.

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The Lord Mayor entertained Sir Robert Peel and a distinguished party at a banquet in the Egyptian Hall of the Mansionhouse, on Wed- nesday. Among the company, which numbered one...

Zbe eourt.

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ALL is in preparation at Buckingham Palace to receive the third Royal infant on entering existence. The Queen continues to walk with the Prince in the Palace-garden ; and on...

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Ebe 113robtntes.

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The nomination of candidates for Nottingham took place on Wednes- day. The contest lay between Mr. Thomas Gisborne and Mr. John Walter junior, the son of the unseated Member....

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Athlone election commenced on Friday ; when Mr. Collet, an Eng- lish Liberal, and Major Beresford, Conservative, were proposed. The numbers at the final announcement of the...


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The Crown Prince of Wurtemberg, accompanied by Baron Hugel, visited the leading members of the Corps Diplomatique and several of the nobility on Saturday. The Duke and Prince...

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Pressure of matter has compelled the omission of notices of

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the Fine Arts, and several other articles. Pressure of matter has compelled the omission of notices of the Fine Arts, and several other articles. Our able Correspondent J. M....


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BIRTHS. On the 31st March. in St. James's Square. the Lady of J. Warrrucx, Esq., of a sou. On the 1st April. at Ashley Park, Lady FLETCHER, of a daughter. On the 1st, at...

Last night's Gazette states that the Queen has appointed Major-

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General Sir Henry Pottinger to be Governor and Commander-in-Chief of the colony of Hong-kong. Mr. Wordsworth's appointment as Poet-Laureate is also gazetted.


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The Peers, at the instance of Lord Brougham, pronounced judgment last night on the Ashburton Treaty. Lord Baoucinain began by describ- ing the sore feelings...

The Montezuma packet-ship brings New York intelligence to ;the 20th

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March. In the Union itself there had occurred nothing new except a violent hurricane along the coast, whichind done considerable damage. The insurrectionary movement in Hayti,...


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AIR/VID—At Gravesend, 3d April, Asiatic, Barlow. from China; 9th, Syria, Stroyan ; and Neptune, Murray. from China; Roseanne, Johnstone. and Royal Consort, Roman, from Calcutta;...

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Galignani's Messenger mentions that the new postage-treaty between France and

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England was signed in London on Monday. The total postage on letters not exceeding half an ounce in weight is to be the uniform charge of 10d., payable either in England or France.


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Abstract of the Net Produce of the Revenue of Great Britain, I. the Years and Quarters ended 5th April 1842 and 1843, showin g the Increase or Decrease thereof. YEARS ENDED 5th...


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STOGIE EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. All the Stocks, the books of which were closed for the Dividends, are now opterfbr private transfer; and money business in them, which has...

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THE organ of Lord PALMERSTON , who with his colleagues assumed the government of New Zealand, is wroth with Lord ABERDEEN for allowing the French Government to take possession...


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THE OPIUM-TRADE. " IT has no smell," said VESPASIAN, holding out a denarius to his son, who was remonstrating against the nasty tax by which it had been raised. " The rupees...

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IF all the Philharmonic concerts were like last Monday's, the most fasti- dious critic would have little cause to complain : for this was the scheme. ACT I. Sinfonia in C...


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OLD SLAUGHTERS is no more! and in it one of the links which bound us to the past has broken. HOGARTH had sipped his port in Old Slaughters. Dr. PITCAIRNE presided there over a...


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AN opera by Pamir, entitled Sappho, was produced in an English dress at Drury Lane Theatre on Saturday ; chiefly, we presume, for the purpose of introducing Miss CLARA NOVELL°...


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WHEREVER there are newspapers there will be marvellous stories. The British and Continental newspaper-printers, to say nothing of the American, keep up as keen a competition in...

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The Italian Operahouse was filled to overflowing on Thursday, when

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lie Sonnambula was performed for the benefit of FANNY amain ; Mauro making his first appearance this season as Elvin, FORNASARI playing the Count, and PERSIAN! Amino. Some...


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Alone VOYAGES, A Voyage of Discovery towards the North Pole, performed in his Majesty's Ships Dorothea and Trent, under the command of Captain Buchan. R.N.; 1818. " 10 which is...

VERNET, the Muannaz of the Parisian stage, appeared at the

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French Theatre on Monday ; and now, instead of the gentle murmurs of merri- ment and short interjectional cachinnations that have hitherto marked the scanty pleasantries of the...

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THESE three reader-deterring volumes of nearly sixteen hundred pages, which have been lying beside us for some time, complete the Buckingham trilogy on the United States ; and...

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THE author of this little volume lost his eldest son, and has attempted to solace his grief by giving it utterance in a series of verses to the child's memory : tbr of the...

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PUBLICATIONS RECEIVED, Freon March 31st to April 5th.

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BOOKS. A Voyage of Discovery towards the North Pole, performed in his Majesty's , ships Dorothea and Trent, under the command of Captain David' Buchan, R.N., 1818. To which is...

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Tuesday, April 4. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Stibbard and Daly, George Lane, City, ship-agents-Ramsden and Walsh, Mickley. Warwickshire, colour-manntacturers-R. and J. H. Harper,...


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Wamomcr, April 7. - 1st Life Guards-Ensign and Lieut. W. G. Eurl of Munster. from the Scots Fusilier Guards. to be Cornet and Sub Lieut. by purchase, Nice Lord Templemore, who...

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: II FUNDS. Saturday Monday. (Closing Tuesday. Prices.) Wednes. Thurs. Friday. 96 1 961 961 97 97 961 961 961 97 97 9 96/ 61 shut - - - o k ex d . 961 shut - iOlk...