8 APRIL 1972

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The Spectator

It is argued that the holding of referenda is not the traditional British way of doing things. This is broadly true, although Wales has been afforded one and promised another on...

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on the Tsar

The Spectator

six 11 an article headed " The p eb 41 the Tsar's Death" dated sey o ,.. 1 5 Tibor-Szamuely raised Points in criticism of a „..c'elatentary film for which we ik_"ere responsible...

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The Spectator

The ether day Patrick Jenkin gave some figures for those qualifying for marginal age exemption relief from taxation — mainly pensioners who retired between 1967 and 1970. In the...

141, WORK

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! the aged! jef Smith trg tal tirtg a i3f c onspiracy theory should be tr I cide npA °° k at some interesting recent t! ca n .;; 8 ; In each case, the launching Ccia] vai gn...

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Spectator, April 8, 1972 SCIENCE

The Spectator

Tree threats Rernard Dixon tAat e jus ; t the moment when Dutch elm dis t an 3 OM of the news — dyin g elms be- i n t ck i ,t be distin g uished readily from re u a Z 'Y ones...