8 AUGUST 1846

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Among the measures which Ministers do not defer, is one to renew the Irish Arms Act! You may doubt the fact, but it is so. Yes, the men who ousted Sir Robert Peel on the...

The evidence before the Committee on the Andover Union ex-

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hibits the Poor-law Commissioners and their Secretary at open feud. Mr. Lewis and Mr. Chadwick fiercely recriminate—they accuse each other of contemplating harshness towards the...

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The French general election has resulted in a large majority

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for the present Ministers; so that M. Guizot enters on a new term of power. The exact figures are not yet known ; and even if they were, the working tendencies of the Chamber...

Mr. O'Connell has reappeared in Ireland, to review his Repeal

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forces after the late desertion of Young Ireland, to consolidate his power, and whistle up the golden breeze of the rent. He has had a most successful review. His adherents are...

Debates anti Vrotetbings in Varliament. ENLISTMENT IN THE ARMY. In the

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House of Commons, on Monday, the order of the day for going into Committee on the Army Estimates having been read, Captain LAYARD moved this resolution- " That an humble address...

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The Committee was appointed on the motion of Mr. Hume, "to examine the applications for local acts during this session of Parliament; to examine expe- =illy in respect to the...

Sbt _Metropolis.

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The Lord Mayor, as Conservator of the Thames, went to Oxford on Tuesday; travelling by the Great Western Railway. On Wednesday he gave a banquet, in the large room at the Star...

2Ebt eourt.

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THE Queen held a Court and Privy Council at Buckingham Palace on Saturday afternoon. Prince Albert, the Lord President.of the Council, the Lord Chancellor, and other of the...

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Ebe tirobintes.

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A grand dinner got up at Lynn for Lord George Bentinok "came off" on Tuesday. It took place in the market-house, as no other building was large enough to contain the company;...

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Mr. J. J. Murphy, the new Master in Chancery, is nephew to Dr. Mur- phy, the Roman Catholic Bishop of Cork, and brother-in-law to Mr. (YComiell's son Morgan. Mr. Daniel...


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Mr. Dundanahe new Solicitor-General, was returned last week, without opposition, for Sutherlandshire. The Perthshire Courier makes a report from the moors- " The usual...

Jordan an Colonial.

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FaaNcn.—The general election took place on Sunday. From the begin ning a still greater majority than that possessed by Ministers in the previous Chamber of Deputies was...

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A meeting of Conservative Peers took place on Thursday, at the resi- dence of Lord Stanley, in St. James's Square, for the purpose of considtr- , ing the course which ought to...

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SATURDAY NIGHT. Almost the whole of last evening, in the House of Commons, was devoted to the subject of military flogging. The order of the day for a Com- mittee of Supply...

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The Gazette of last evening notifies the appointment of Lord

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Camoys and the Earl of Listowel to be Lords-in-Waiting in Ordinary to the Queen; and of Admiral Sir Edward Codrington to be one of the Grooms-in-Waiting. Lord Listowel has...

Mohammed Ali, the Viceroy of Egypt, arrived at Constantinople on

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the 19th July, on a visit to the Sultan. The Morning Chronicle states that Government has resolved to establish a naval station on Pubs Labuan, off the mouth of the Borneo...

A correspondent calls our attention to an historical point disputed

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be- tween Lord Brougham and Lord John Russell. The great promoter of useful knowledge thought that he had detected Lord John in a blunder, because the Premier calls Mr....


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Of all the plays in which Mademoiselle Rachel has yet appeared, there is not one in which we would not rather see her than in Bajazet. The manner in which she acts the haughty...


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sive& Excuaiscr., FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The English Funds are not so firm as they have been recently; the market CV incing symptoms of weakness without the occurrence of any large...

The great aohievemeet of the Brussels Company this week has

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been the performance of Donizettrs La Favorite; good in all its principal parts and characteristics, but the part of the King being rendered especially effective by the fine...


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asarree—et Oravesend, Aug. 2, Herald, Turnbull, from the Cape ; 5, Romeo, Poi, lock, from Bengal ; Belhaven, Watt, from Singapore ; and 7, Roscherry, Young, from ditto. Off...

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The nights of the Italian Opera season are now counted

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backwards from the end, in the announcements, by some three or four. But the glory of the ballet is in the zenith. Le Jugement de Paris is certainly the prettiest of...


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LETTER V. TO ME EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. We come now to that section of the Code which exhibits the most daring altera- tions of the law, that of " Extenuated Homicide ";...

In the English theatrical world, the only novelty, if novelty

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it may he called, is a little one-act piece at the Lyceum, entitled The End qf Tune. A tailor, baying to make some waistcoats for a hand of conspirators, steals a piece of the...

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Air old quarrel between railway companies and some of their customers has been revived. Various enactments are attempted to prevent the packing of small parcels in one large...


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Tau Protectionist demonstration at Lynn has the advantage of informing the world what those worthy gentlemen would be at. It seems that they are really under the leadership of...


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MORAL OF THE CHOLERA PANIC. Tan cholera panic has come round with the plum season; remind- ing people that London, though rather healthy for a town, has its plagues. The...

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Taraa Ministerial plan of modifying corporal punishment in the Army was explained by Lord John Russell last night. It consists in a stringent limitation of the number of lashes...


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THE new Premier has been called upon for an explanation of his puzzling circuitous mode of repealing the Imperial duties upon Imports into the West Indian Colonies. The duties...

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To THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Lord Melbourne's Administration arose out of dissensions and separa- tions among the Reform party. It was feeble from the first. It subsisted...

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TEAMS, Life in the Wilderness ; or Wanderings in South Africa. By Henry H. Methuen. DIPLOMATIC COMMON'S:BST, Bentley. The Conquest of Scinde ; a Commentary. Part II. By...

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Tins Second Fart of Colonel Ontram's defence of himself and the Ameers of Scinde commences with his discussions at Hyderabad and the assault of the Belooches upon the Residency...

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Aurnoucu somewhat of a veteran in novel-writing, the author of The Jilt appears to have mistaken the vocation ; which was rather to the article or the tale than to the...

descendant of the celebrated Joseph Addison : his father, Mr.

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Joha Addison, filled with credit various important situations in the civil sere vice of the East India Company. George Augustus was born at Cal- cutta, in 1792 ; sent to England...

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PHOTOGRAPHIC MINIATURES. THE subject of portraiture, on which we touched lately, led us to a cond. deration of photographic miniatures; for the successful attempts of Meagre...


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Boons. Hochelaga• or England in the New World. Edited by Eliot Warburton, Esq., Author of The Crescent and the Cross." In two volumes. Father Darcy. By the Author of " Mount...

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WAN-orrice, Aug. 7.-Royal Regt. of Horse Guards-Lieut, H. S. Battik to be Capt. by purchase, vice Bastard, who retires ; Comet F. W. F. Berkeley, to be Lieut. by pur- chase,...


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On the 11th July, at Kingston, Canada West, the Wife of Captain Sampson Freeth, Royal Engineers, of a son. • On the 29th, at Spring Park, Addington, Surrey, Mrs. Hewitt Davis,...


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Tuesday, Aug. 4. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Whalley and Thompson, Leeds, stock-brokers-Walker and Knight, Evesham, Wor- cestershire, butchers-Collett and Brown, Leeds,...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) &Surd. 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 31 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock, 7 per Cent India Stock, 101 Exchequer Bills, 144. per...