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Tim opening scenes of the Session of Parliament have been tranquil even to tameness. Following the precedents of recent years, the Queen's Speech has been so framed as almost to...

The French President might be called the Napoleon of Pew

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with more justice than Louis Philippe. His civil policy is widened upon his uncle's military strategy. A Victory won has no value in his eyes except as the means of enabling him...

There is a singular discrepancy between the addresses of the

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outgoing and the incoming Indian Commanders-in-chief. Sir Charles Napier bluntly tells the armies in India that luxury and extravagance have corrupted many officers to an extent...

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lithattsuü rntrrtungn in vultruntut.

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. Rotate OP Loans. Tuesday, Feb. 4. The Session opened by the Queen in person. Address to the Crewn in reply to the Royal Speech. Thursday, Feb....

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PAPAL Aoonvzsma.

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In both Houses, considerable time has been occupied in the presentation f the vast mass of petitions from county meetings, corporate and other influential bodies and...

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Tim Queen came to Buckingham Palace on Monday, to open

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Parliament on the following day ; Prince Albert accompanying her. Soon after their arrival in town, they visited the Duchess of Gloucester at Gloucester House ; and in the...

At a meeting of the Law Amendment Society, on Monday,

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Mr. Neale read the report of the Society's Committee on the Law of Property upon the subject of increasing the facilities for raising loans by the pledge of land. While the...

The application to the Court of Queen's Bench on behalf

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of the executor of the late Queen Dowager against the Treasury was decided on Saturday last. The Court held that there was nothing special in the wording of the act of...

In the Insolvent Court, on Saturday, Alfred Whaley Cole applied

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for his discharge. Mr. Cole is a barrister, twenty-seven years of - age, and one of a family of twelve. In 1849 he was in debt 400/. At that period he became attached to the...

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The February session of the Central Criminal Court commenced on

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Monday, and has continued through the week. The case of the Sloanes was the first tried on Wednesday ; and the Court was thronged at an early hour. Mr. Sloane entered with a...

tt :Pruniurro.

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The county of Cambridge on Saturday, and the county of Hertford on Thursday, added to the long and almost completed list of protests by shire meetings against "Papal...

It is said that efforts are in progress at Liverpool

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to establish a new company to run screw-steamers from that port to Calcutta. The proposal is to build iron boats for the service, of 2500 or 3000 tons, with 600-horse power....

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It is announced upon the orthodox authority of the Tablet, says the Dublin correspondent of the Times, that the performances enacted with such marked success by the father of...

intrigu an CnInirtt.

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FBANCE. — In the Legislative Assembly, on Monday evening, the reprouentatives were surprised by the actual presentation of the Dotation Bill. M. Germiny, the Minister of...


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An unusual interest was attached by the temper of the times to the meeting of the two Houses of Convocation, in the Jerusalem Chamber, on Wednesday. There seems even to have...

The daily journals have reprinted from the Constitution and Church

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Sentinel a correspondence between Mr. Thompson, a Protestant butcher of Dublin, and the Duke of Wellington. Mr. Thompson is the spokesman of some memorialists who call the...

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Thomas Graham, Esq., Professor of Chemistry at University College, Dr.

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Miller, Professor of Chemistry at King's College and Dr. Hoffman, Professor of the Agricultural College of Chemistry, have been appointed Commissioners to inquire into the...

Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton has been appointed Deputy-Lieutenant of the county of Hertford.

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Mr. Gladstone has been detained at Naples by the indisposition of Mrs. Gladstone : he is expected home before the close of the month. The Reverend Dr. Pye Smith, one of the...

By returns from the Poor-law Board, presented to the House

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of Commons on Tuesday, it appears that there was spent for the relief of the poor in England and Wales in the six summer months ending last Michaelmas, nearly 200,000/. less...

It is stated that up to Saturday nearly two hundred

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model life-boats had been forwarded to the Surveyor's office in the Admiralty from all parts of the country, including Ireland, to compete for the two prizes offered by...


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SATURDAY. In the House of Commons; last night, Lord Toter RUSSELL moved for leave to bring in a bill "to prevent the assumption of certain ecclesiastical titles in respect of...

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The latest accounts from Paris, down to yesterday evening, concur

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in the opinion that the bill for the dotation of the President will be rejected: there is no doubt that the Committee 'will report against it ; and the idea that the Assembly at...

The Board of Customs have at last brought their charges

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against the London Dock Company to the test of a jury. The trial of an information filed w ith relation to 8000 pounds of coffee and 2.30 hundredweight of ginger, landed by the...

The sittings in Parliament this week have not been very

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protracted. Tho House of Lords adjourned on Tuesday at a quarter past nine, on Thursday at six, and yesterday at a quarter to seven. The House of Commons adjourned on Tuesday at...


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SIR—In the Spectator of Saturday last, I observe one a your correspondents attributes a letter of mine upon the ttNect of University Reform (wide& you were ti", obliging as to...

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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The English Stock Market has continued the whole week without the *lightest sign of animation, or any business of importance. The closing...

The Amateur Musical Society has entered upon its fifth Season,

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and its usefulness as a means of promoting sound knowledge and good taste among the upper classes is increasing every year. Its peculiar object is the cultivation of orchestral...

The report of the affairs and proceedings of the Sacred

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Harmonic Society for the Past year, laid before the late annual meeting, has been pub: lished, and we extract from it a few particulars of the most general in r terest The...

ttratrro out( Zugir.

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It might have been 'supposed that the prospect of Mr. Macready's benefit, originally announced for the 19th instant but now deferred to the 26th, would have the effect of...

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LORD JOHN'S LAST. BENT upon bathos, Ministers will not suffer the public interest in their ultimate measure on the Papal aggression to equal that which was created by their...


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NaTuRE abhors a vacuum—the Commons abhor simple order. Order which is not simple they will continue readily enough. The Sessional Orders, for instance, which were renewed on the...

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Accoamare to the Registrar-General, the "health of London" is above the average ; for the return of mortality is some 100 less than the corrected average for the third week in...


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THE Daily News arraigns, in strong terms, the conduct of Government on this question. We have discussed at large the merits of the question on former occasions : at present we...


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IsLuveame used todelight his soldiersbv smackiagtheir faces, and the Duke of Wellington's admirers are diligent in courting tart replies. The Dublin Conservatives have obtained...

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Tr is scarcely to Sir Charles Napier that one - would go for a character of the Indian Army. Sir Charles is most efficient as a Commander -in -chief, but he is by no means...


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HAVING succeeded in dismissing General Changarnier, the Preaident of the French Republic is bringing in his little bill to the National Assembly ; a claim which that august body...

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MEMOIR OF BISHOP STANLEY. * ALTHOUGH the late Edward Stanley of

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Alderley was indebted to his ancient family and his Whig politics for the bishopric of Norwich, his character was such as to entitle him, without those adventitious aids, to a...

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Turs novel possesses all the excellencies of the writer's former

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work : there is the exact knowledge of Scottish country life from the peasant to the laird, the same nice truthfulness of delineation in character and dialogue ' with more of...


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and agreeable author of "A Hot-Water Cure" and " Paddiana " likes to lie fallow, although both his subjects and his style are of the " light " kind, which many seem to think can...

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Boons. The meeting of Parliament appears not to have affected the operations of the book-publishers. Mr. Murray has sent forth Mr. )3 , orrow's "Lavengro," a species of...

Lectures on the Scripture Revelations respecting Good and Evil Angels.

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By a Country Pastor, Author of "Lectures on the Scripture Revelations respecting a Future State." [This volume is not, as might be supposed, a speculation on the very curious...

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Two books are before us of the nature of reprints.

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A new edition of Herbert Mayo's interesting "Letters on the Truths contained in Popular Superstitions," with some additional matter, consisting for the most part of extreme and...


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On the 26th January, at Ryde, Isle of Wight, Lady Wade, of a daughter. On the 30th. at Na. 57, York Place, Edinburgh, the Hobourable Mrs. Dalrymple Hay, of a son. On the 31st,...

MILITARY GAZETTE, WAR-OFFICE, Feb. 7.-4th ltegt. of Light Drags.-Lieut. R.

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Sutherland, from Oth. Light Drags. to be Lieut. vice Mallet, also exchanges. 9th Light Drags.Lieut. H. Mallet, from 4th Light Drags, to be Lieut. vice Sutherland, who...


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Tuesday, February 4. PARTNERSHIPS DISS07.17121.-WhitS and Co. Gravesend-R. and S. Morton, Miserdine, Gloucestershire, farmers-Lawrence and Son, Tottenham Street, carpentersKeen...

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Friday, Feltruary 7.

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PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLTED. - Hepton Brothers ' Leeds, plumbers-Humphreys and Ackerley, Liverpool, merchants-Hardman and Walton, Bury, stone-dealers-Willans and Sons, Ironmonger...