8 JULY 1843

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IRELAND has again been the leading topic in Parliament ; and Mr. &arm O'BRIEN contrived to give some breadth and completeness to his treatment of the subject. In moving for...

The Revenue accounts for the year and quarter, compared with

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those that have recently appeared, are satisfactory. They still, indeed, exhibit strong signs of the national depression. There is still a decrease on the year in the Customs,...

The Foreign news of the week presents no marked incidents.

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In Spain, the tide of insurrection has so spread abroad that the dry lands are few—the capital, ESPARTERO'S camp, some places of which the garrisons are faithful—little more....

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Dante% nub Vrortebings in Varliament.

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STATE OF IRELAND. In the House of Commons, on Tuesday, Mr. Siirrii O'BRIEN drew attention to the state of Ireland ; moving, " That this House will resolve itself into a...

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gin eourt.

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THE Queen's birthday was formally celebrated on Thursday ; when her Majesty held a drawing-room. The Queen and the Prince arrived at St. James's Palace escorted by a party of...

The Queen gave audiences, on Sunday, to Sir Robert Peel

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; on Tuesday, to Le Comte de Bjornstjerna, Swedish Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary ; on Wednesday, to the Sheriffs of London, when her Majesty appointed one...

The King of Hanover met with a slight accident on

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Friday afternoon ; stumbling over a stone step at Kew, and somewhat bruising himself in the fall. The Queen and Prince Albert sent to St. James's Palace to make inquiries next...

The Hereditary Grand Duke and Dutchess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz left Kew

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on Monday morning, for the Continent. The Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge took leave of the young couple on Sunday; Prince George on Monday. Their Royal Highnesses embarked at...

Many Royal persons have been suffering from illness. The King

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of Hanover's accident has already been mentioned. The Queen Dowager's health causes some anxiety as her Majesty has a troublesome cough ; but it appears to have taken a...

be „Metropolis.

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A Court of Aldermen was held on Saturday. Reports were presented of the operations of two Inspectors of Weights and Measures, one of whom was appointed in February and the other...

Monday was a remarkable day in the history of Thames

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boating, as it was the first of the newly instituted Grand Thames Regatta. The thing had for some time been thought of, and about two months ago a general meeting was held at...

A duel with fatal result took place at Camden Town

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on Saturday morning. Two carriages, a brougham and a phaeton, were observed at a quarter to five o'clock, by Policeman Jones, S. 130, passing by the Camden Villas towards the...

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A tragical scene occurred in Hyde Park, on Monday morning,

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about nine o'clock. The First Battalion of the First Regiment of Foot Guards had entered the Park to exercise, with colours flying and baud playing. Their Commander, Colonel...

Zbe Ilrobtnces.

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Mr. Cobden made a successful call upon the county of Surrey on Saturday. The meeting was summoned for the Town-hall in Guildford ; and at three o'clock Mr. Ross Mangles, M.P.,...

There has been no renewed disturbance in South Wales, except

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the destruction of toll-gates, which continues without intermission. The followers of Rebecca do not abate a jot of their obstinacy. Pont Newydd gate has been reerected and...


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One of Mr. O'Connell's multitudinous meetings took place at Dundalk on Thursday week ; the numbers being stated at 300,000; with the usual display of bands and banners. The...

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SPAIN.—The accounts from Spain are still occupied with the pronunciamientos of towns and the movements of troops, with no decisive action. The Regent left Quintanar de la Orden...


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The public celebration of the Queen's birth-day, on Thursday, was marked by the usual rejoicings. The bells were rung, and flags were hoisted wherever flags are commonly...

Tuesday's Gazette announced that Major-General Sir Charles James Napier had

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been appointed by the Queen Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath ; and several officers in the Army and East India Company's service are gazetted as Companions. The...

Dr. Hahnemann, the founder of hommopathy, died at Paris on Ewaday, aged eighty-eight. The Commerce sketches his life

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" Dr. Hahnemann was born in 1755, at Meissen, of poor parents ; and owed his education to the great aptitude for learning he gave evidence of at the little school where he was...

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5.] Our readers are not likely to have forgotten those annual summaries of the results of Whig legislation with which Lord Lyndhurst used in former days to entertain the House...

MORAL OF THE REVENUE-ACCOUNTS. [From the Standard, Thursday, July 6.]

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The great consideration is the turn of the current. Up to the last year, the revenue had, for a succession of several years, rapidly declined. Last year there was a sort of...

The adjourned debate on Mr. Smith O'Brien's motion for inquiry

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into the state of Ireland took a more strictly party turn last night. Mr. BAILLIE COCHRANE, however, and Mr. LASCELLES, in opposing themotion, urged conciliation. Mr. EMERSON...

A legal decision was given yesterday which will create no

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small dismay in the Presbyterian North of Ireland. The Judges attended in the House of Lords, and gave their unanimous opinion on the subject of Presbyterian marriages, referred...

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Dublin advices of Thursday state that the 1st of July

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passed off without one attempt to disturb the peace by Orange celebration of the day.

The Spanish news is gloomy. Espartero was strengthening himself at

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Albacete on the 29th; having taken the small but strong castle of Chinchilla : another fort necessary to be reduced before leaving it in his rear, Las Penes de San Pedro,...

A second edition of the Morning Chronicle contains the news

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which had been received in Paris yesterday, from Barcelona to the 1st instant, and from Madrid to the 3d. Some intercepted correspondence of Seoane gave information that the...

The Paris correspondent of the Standard gives the following inlelligence,

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as of undoubted authenticity " The apparent inacth ity of Espartero is wholly occasioned by acute bodily suffering, from a renewed attack of a malady to which he is subject. The...


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Calcutta, 12th May 1843. The Stephen Rowan, Crawford, sailed from Calcutta in July last, aud has not since been heard of. The Resolution, Wood, bound for Arracan, ran aground...


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THE yearly commemoration of PURCELL took place at Westminster Abbey on Thursday ; when the members of the Purcell Club, united with the Vicars-choral of the Abbey, formed a...

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THE bulk of it is unquestionably subscribed by people who have nothing to spare after providing their own mere subsistence and paying rent to their landlords. If those poor...


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Duanza the past week the public have been horrified by an act to which they are puzzled to give a title. Not that, stated in plain terms, it is at all ambiguous, but that the...

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THE recriminations between the employers of manufacturing and of agricultural labourers have led to inquiries which prove that both are as badly off as can well be. The report...


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A FINAL judgment of the transactions in Scinde cannot be pronounced until the whole of the facts are before the public. That the aggression has been on the part of England seems...

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THE Philharmonic season terminated gloriously, and its orb sank below the horizon with unwonted splendour. To this the reappearance of SPOIER in person, in that orchestra which...

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THE period over which this series of the Walpolian epistles extends is from 1760 to 1785, but the two volumes now published only come down to 1776. The first letter opens with...

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COLONEL E. NAPIER is the son of "the fighting old Commodore "; and while recovering in the paternal shades of Hampshire from a severe fever contracted on duty at Gibraltar, he...

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FATE made Mr. MASLEN a soldier, but Nature had intended him for a builder and surveyor. In his youth he wandered about London, watching the modes and mechanism of the structures...

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From Jane 30th to July 6th. Boosts. Narrative of a Journey from Heraut to Khiva, Moscow, and St. Petersburg, during the late .Russian Invasion of 'Wye ; with some Account of...

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T7rIE EXHIBITION OF CARTOONS IN WESTMINSTER HALL. THE Cartoon exhibition in Westminster Hall is to be regarded not as an ordinary display of the relative skill of a certain...

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Ma. BURFORD, who not long since opened a pavilion in Leicester Square where the visiter looks down on Baden-Baden and its gayeties, now enables the stay-at-home traveller to...


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BIRTHS. On the Wd Jane, at Edinburgh. the Lady CABHERTNE PARKER, of a daughter. On the 25th, in Rutland Street, Edinburgh. the Lady of CoLIN G. Caul:meta., Esq., yonnger of...


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WAR•OpricE„ July 4.-Rrevet-To he Lieut.-Cols. in the Army-Major J. Poole, 230 Foot ; Major Philip M•Pherson. 17th Foot. To be Mah.re it, the Army-Capt. F. D. George, 22d Foot ;...


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Tuesday, July 4. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Jones and Co. New York, merchants; as far as regards Gibson and Ord-Jones and Co. New York, merchants; as far as regards Jones-Jones...