8 MAY 1926

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At last long talk about a general strike and the

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assertion of the demands of Labour by U"united front" has been gathered up into an act of such gravity and magnitude that no one can yet measure - its . significance or foresee...

When the General Council of the Trades Union COngreSs forbids men

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to work it challenges the existence of the Government. Thus the question before the country necessarily becomes a constitutional one. No . ohe can prevent that . ..from...

Our own experience , can hardly be unique, and in conversations

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with wage earners we have come across general regret and even. dismay at the order for a general strike, It is felt, very truly, that nothing can really be gained because when...

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We feel bound to oxp:-:nss our conviction that there was

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much snse , in what 7/as said at that meetng. The particular speal:oril :lore not firetrnd but modolate men of the right wing. of Labour, and they contendod for what has nearly...

When the subsidy was originally offered we took the view

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that as tho owners had not managed things well and there , ;as much symtpathy with the miners,it was justifiable to pay the subsidy and 4ive the country a breathing space to...

The fatal hour came when the . subsidy ceased and

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the notices from the ownors took effect. Last Saturday the General Council of the . Trades Union Congress decided to order a general. strike to begin at midnight on Nonday, in...

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The 'accusation about interfererk&e . with the freedom of the Pregs'seferred

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to the'refqsal of .compositor 8 to print the DATU UAIL last Sunday night,.becausethey - Objoeted to e a leading 'article. There is of course not a word" to e said for this...

rt0 pass now to the debiite in thoBouse of Commond'Ori

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-Monday. Mr Baldwin confirmed., esehat had be'en suspected that-. in interpreting the meaning , of the Commissions - Repor':: in' the passages dep.' ing with wages,' no thought,...

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The "Spectator" will be supplied at the rate of 2/6d

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a month post free to anyone who applies to the Manager, 13, York Street, Covent Garden, London..C.2. London is astir aa.it has net : teen since those fateful days, of August,...

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