8 OCTOBER 1977

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Now for the bad news

The Spectator

There is a delicious, and possibly even tragic, irony in a Socialist Chancellor of the Exchequer defining the economic recovery of the nation in terms of a stock market boom....

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Political Commentary

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Barbapapa rules Ferdinand Mount Brighton 'One of the problems that face all of us is that we live in the world as it is and not as we would like it to be'. Ah yes, when you...

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Brighton Notebook

The Spectator

'What will happen, then?' In my experience nothing ever happens'. The exchange was, I think, betWeen Churchill and Balfour. It is the epigraph for all party conferences,...

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Another voice

The Spectator

Thoughts on a bad Pope Auberon Waugh Perhaps I will be accused of perversity for waiting until the week after Pope Paul's eightieth birthday to celebrate this melan choly...

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Bhut to's ordeal

The Spectator

Simon Winchester Lahore Just a few months ago, when Mr Bhutto was still Prime Minister of Pakistan, about six people were dying violently every day in pitched battles being...

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Tonic water

The Spectator

Jillian Robertson Mr Morarji Desai, the austere Prime Minister of India who regards alcohol as an evil, has already started this week to impose prohibition on his country. But...

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Racial art in South Africa

The Spectator

Richard West Johannesburg There is a craze just now in Johannesburg for the 'multi-racial' cultural event to demonstrate hostility to the apartheid system. Alas, the...

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Breakfast at Kissinger's

The Spectator

Henry Fairlie Washington Let us begin with a dull remak, because dull remarks are most likely to be true. No one in Washington, no one in New York, where I went last week,...

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Moses in Europe

The Spectator

Douglas Leyboume 'We have been examining,' says Mr Callaghan, in a letter to Ron Hayward, secretary-general of the Labour Party, 'we have been examining the workings of the...

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The family beside the sea

The Spectator

Marshall Mainwaring 'Did you say Bloody Mary mixed with Gin and Lemon?' enquired the barman at Brighton. 'I had to check. I've had stranger requests this week.' And indeed...

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Blacked in Brighton

The Spectator

Nigel Duncan No sane jounalist could have other than mixed feelings about being banned from a party conference — a divine blessing or an outrageous blow to press freedom? It...

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War in Soho

The Spectator

Tony Craig War had been declared in the tea-room at County Hall. As we munched cream cakes and poached eggs on toast the:campaigners painted a lurid picture of Soho's evil and...

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A reply to the tough brigade

The Spectator

John Grigg In the correspondence columns lately there have been letters from several people to whom my form of Toryism is clearly abborrent. In particular, there was a long...

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In the City

The Spectator

The promised land Nicholas Davenport Some hilarity was roused when Ambassador Peter Jay was filmed saying: 'On the White Cliffs of Dover Mr Callaghan told me he saw his role...

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The Spectator

Sir: Mr Stanton should stick to his able arguments in support of Sir Osward Mosley rather than venture into 'medical and scientific' matters of which he is palpably ignorant. On...

Value of classics

The Spectator

Sir: Mr Buce Lockhart's remarks in Music, please (1 October) about classics cannot go unchallenged. 'Difficult and unprofitable and elitist, and therefore they have already...

Forest of Dean

The Spectator

Sir: I have read Forest madness by Humphrey Phelps in your issue of 17 September and I fear that it may have given readers the wrong impression of our management of the Forest...

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The Spectator

The slippery pole Robert Blake The Conservatives: A History from their Origins to 1965 edited by Lord Butler (Allen and Unwin £7.50) The Tory Leaders: Their Struggle for Power...

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Boys and girls

The Spectator

Alan Watkins Tom Brown's Universe J.R. de S. Honey (HIllington £5.95) Great Days and Jolly Days Celia Haddon (Hodder and Stoughton £3.50) When I first knew Professor (as he now...

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Staying on the margin

The Spectator

Conor Cruise O'Brien Irish Neutrality and the USA T Ryle Dwyer. (Gill and Macmillan; Rowman and Littlefield £7.50) It was not because of partition that the de Valera government...

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Dearest honey

The Spectator

Kay Dick A Change of Perspective: The Letters of Virginia Woolf 1923-1928, ed. Nigel Nicolson and Joanne Trautmann (Hogarth Press, E12.50) They have now become as familiar to...

Prison verse

The Spectator

Alex de Jonge Prussian Nights Alexander Solzhenitsyn trans Robert Conquest (Collins and Harvill £3.75Z) Solzhenitsyn composed Prussian Nights in a labour camp in the late...

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Modern life, at last

The Spectator

Peter Ackroyd Enemies Giles Gordon (Harvester Press £4.50) After much wasted effort it's now become apparent that 'modernism' is a concept which, like Burke's 'sublime' or...

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Vanity boxes

The Spectator

Benny Green Thackeray, Prodigal Genius John Carey (Faber and Faber £6.95) I don't know if Mr Carey set out to write a contentious book, or, if he did, he realises quite how...

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The Spectator

On the record Rodney Milnes All these opera sets are first recordings, even the ones that aren't. In the latter category is Kato Kabanova (Decca D51D 2, £8.50), which almost...

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Kicking sand Clancy &gal Annie Hall (Cinecenta, Islington Screen on the Green, Odeon Swiss Cottage, Gate Notting Hill) Pumping iron (ABCs Fulham Road and Bayswater, Studio 2)...

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Tough guys Ted Whitehead Barbarians (Greenwich) tufff (Theatre Upatairs) The programme for Barrie Keeffe's Barbarians states that 'the language in this play may be offensive...

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The Spectator

Artyfacts John McEwen No artist is more fawned upon by the public sector of the art world at the moment than lam Hamilton Finlay (Serpentine till 16 October). The Arts...


The Spectator

Mugg Richard Ingrams Last month I was lucky enough to see for the second time a television film made by Malcolm Muggeridge at L'Arche (The Ark), a community for the...

London days

The Spectator

Jeffrey Bernard The Celebrity Bulletin put out by Durrants is a fascinating joke to me. it's not so much that I don't give a hoot to know that Lauren Bacall is residing at the...

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Football fever John Moynihan New York Freddie Laker's Skytrains, Muhammad Ali's near-run world heavyweight championship fight against Earnie Shavers, Pele's last soccer match...