9 APRIL 1842

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Nothing has occurred to alter our estimate of Sir,RoneaT PEEL'S

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position ; but the events of the week have rather confirmed it. The alterations of the Corn and Provision laws have called forth loud complaints, and sometimes bitter threats...


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THE first week after Easter in the House of Commons has been a contrast to the last week before it: the talking has somewhat abated, to the advantage of practical business. But...

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Debates an Vroceerfings In Varliatitatt.

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THE NEW FINANCE MEASURES. Soon after the reassembling of the House on Monday, Mr. RAIKES CURIUE rose to put a question to Sir Robert Peel, on the answer to which would depend...

The Indian mail brings no relief to the disastrous news

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which the last conveyed, but confirmation of the worst. Nearly six thousand British troops, with a larger number of camp-followers, have been destroyed. Criticism has been...

The Revenue accounts for the year and quarter ending the

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5th of April have been published. They are not more unfavourable than was to be expected from the general state of the national finances. On the year, indeed, there has been an...

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Zbt Artztropolis.

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A special meeting of the Court of Common Council was held on Tuesday. The report of the Thames Navigation Committee was read, and its adoption was moved. Mr. David Wire moved...

gbe Vrobinros.

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The county meeting took place at Lincoln, on Monday last. Sir John Nelthorpe, the High Sheriff, assumed the chair ; and on the plat- form were, Mr. Christopher, M.P., the Earl...

ghe Court

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The Court removed to town on Monday. The Queen and Prince Albert, followed by the Royal infants and the suite, and escorted by a party of Hussars, left Windsor Castle in five...

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We have heard that Lord Belhaven will now cease to represent her Majesty in the meetings of the General Assembly, and that either Lord Arbuthnot or Lord Strathallan will be the...

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The Duke of Wellington hunted on Monday with the Vine hounds. The meet was at Ashe Park, where the Duke arrived soon after eleven. A fox was quickly found, which enabled his...

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SATURDAY NIGHT. The grand palaver in the House of Commons last night forms an episode in the history of the session : the questions before the House, even the particular...

A number of Communications are obliged to stand over fbr

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want of room.

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The Queen held a Court at Buckingham Palace today ;

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attended by most of the Cabinet Ministers and Great Officers of State. Many addresses of congratulation on the birth of the Prince of Wales were presented ; the Lord Mayor and...


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Arrived—At Gravesend, April 2d, Blakely, Batten. from China • and 6th, City of Derry. Roberts, from ditto, Off Hastings, 4th, Northumberland, G;thing, from Ben- gal. Off...

The caterers for the papers have collected a few additional

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facts about the flight of Good, the presumed murderer. He went in a cab, on Thursday morning early, to see his wife, in Flower and Dean Street, Spitalfields ; not having seen...

On the authority of a Berlin correspondent, upon whose information,

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derived through letters from Moscow, great reliance is placed, the Times states that the Shah of Persia has marched against Herat at the head of 60,000 men ; and that Russia has...


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THE reception of Mr. and Mrs. CHARLES KEAN at the Haymarket on Monday was not enthusiastic, although it was their first appearance in London since their marriage, and their...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The Bank of England have at length adopted the resolution of reducing the rate of discount. The following notice was issued yesterday- .....

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At Covent Garden, the benefits are begun ; and BENEnscr's

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house, on Thursday, was crowded in every part. Miss ADELAIDE KEDIBLE appeared in the Sonnambula for the first time ; and she repeats the per- formance of Amino, for her own...

The French Plays were resumed at the St. James's on

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Monday ; when Mademoiselle PLESSY, who is the star for the present, appeared in Valerie, on rAveugle. Valerie, it will be remembered, is a blind girl, who suddenly gains her...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Grove Street, Camden Town, 31st March 1812. Ste—As one of your constant and admiring readers, I must crave your in- dulgence while I endeavour...

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INDIAN AFFAIRS. Tea terrible amount of' the loss of life in Cabul is apt to induce those who form their opinions upon isolated impressions, as most men do to overrate the...


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Abstract of the Net Produce of the Revenue of Great Britain, in the Years and Quarters ended 5th April 1841 and 1842, showing the Increase or Decrease thereo£ YEARS ENDED APRIL...

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Ire a letter inserted in a previous page, we are taken to task, by the author of a clever work of fiction which we formerly reviewed, for our supposed heresies in the matter of...


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ONE of the bugbears brought forward to alarm us when a graduated property-tax happens to be recommended, is the assertion that the principle of taxing the rich more heavily than...

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THE Ancient Concerts continue their accustomed career, with, per- haps, a tendency to diverge more widely from their original design. The preponderance on Tuesday night was as...


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Siufonia, No. 6 Mower. Aria. Mr. J. A. NoVELLO, " Menne tt laseto" MoZART. Fantasia, Clarinet, Mr. GolIDSWAARD REISSEOER. Tersett , . Madame CARADORI ALLAN, Mr. Moans, and Mr...


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THE Examiner of last Sunday contains an ingenious criticism upon Mr. ROEBUCK'S remarks on the inquisitorial nature of the Income- tax. Mr. ROEBUCK said—" As to the inquisitorial...

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PRIXCIPLEI or Pourtes. Political Philosophy- Principles of Government : Monarchical Government: East- ern Monarchies European Monarchies. l'ublished under the Superintendence...

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THE present volume commences the Queens of the House of TUDOR; containing the lives of ELIZABETH of York, consort of HENRY the Seventh, and the first five wives of HENRY the...

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From March 25th to April 7th. BOOKS. History of the Earldoms of Strathern, Monteith, and Airth ; with a Re- port of the Proceedings before the House of Lords on the Claim of...


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Tuts is the best argument upon the subject of abolishing war that we have seen ; close, practical, and even interesting. Mr. JAY argues the question like a man of this world,...

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On the 28th February, at Bombay. the Lady of Captain GEORGE ROWLEY, Second Bombay Light Cavalry, of a daughter. On the 27th March, at Chertsey, Surrey, the Lady of Lieut.-Col....


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WAR-tonne, April 8.-7th Regt. Drag Guards-Cornet O'Neal Segrave to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Stevenson. who retires ; A. H. Butler, Gent. to be Cornet, be pur- chase, vice...


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Tuesday, April 5. PARTNERSHM DISSOLVED. T. and E. B. Price. St. Martin's Lane-T. and J. E. Atkinson, Wyld's Rents. Ber- mondsey, cinders Darthez and Co. Austinfriars,...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Saturday Monday. Tuesday. Wednes Thum Friday. FOREIGN FUNDS. (Last Official Quotation during the Week ending Friday Eteuing.) Alabama...