9 AUGUST 1845

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The session of 1845 can now be judged as a

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whole. Regarding the promises with which it opened, it cannot be said to have dis- appointed expectation : on the contrary, though larger promises dawned as it advanced, and...


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IN Parliament, the business of the week has been a mere work of clearance—the " forwarding " of bills through their later stages; and, according to custom, the Commons adjourned...

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Debates antt lEiroteetringsin Iparliantent.

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ABSENCE OF THE SOVEREIGN ABROAD. In the House of Lords, on Thursday, Lord CAMPBELL drew attention to a question of great constitutional importance, connected with the Queen's...

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zbt fEourt.

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Thu Queen and Prince Albert remained as long as possible in their retreat et- Osborne House. Sir James Graham arrived on Saturday, and accompanied the Queen and Priam Albert to...

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'Ube Vrobintes.

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The labours of the opposing parties at Sunderland have been tediously pro- tracted by the delay in issuing the writ; which was accounted for by Lord Grey, in a letter to the...

She _Metropolis.

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The Fishmongers Company held their annual dinner, at their hall, on Friday evening. Among the guests was Viscount Melbourne, who had that morning been admitted to the frecdoni...

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Mr. James Watson, the Magistrate who took an active part in renewing the Orange demonstrations, has been removed from the Commission of the Peace, as well as from his office as...

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Preparations for the Queen's departure have increased in activity throughout the week. The yacht Victoria and Albert arrived at Woolwich from Portsmouth on Wednesday, and the...

§orttan anb QLolonial.

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Fnarson.—The King, Queen, and Royal Family, to the number of ten, left Nenilly on Monday, for the Chateau d'En, where they are to remain for a couple of months. "Admiral De...

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The Cominittees on the London and York affair have been

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working in- defatigably, day and night, to close their labours in time. The witnesses have been ineffably disgusted at their confinement; and on Thursday night strange pranks...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. 41h Atujust. 8m—Although I agree with you on this sulect, I wish to see the reasons of our opponents better understood and more fairly stated...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. Parliament was busy last night in finishing off its work; but there MLR ' one discussion, in the House of Commons, on Syria, begun though broken short. It was...

The Queen prorogued Parliament, in person, at two o'clock today.

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or course, a munber of spectators collected to view the approach of the cor- tege from Buckingham Palace; but the crowd was not very great. The Sovereign, however, received the...


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• Avarven—At Gravesend, 7th Aug., Boyne, Hammac, from Bombay. In the Downs, 6th, Amelia Mulholland, Brown, from Mauritius. Off Falmouth, 4th, Vixen, Douglas, from Port Philip....

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Last night's Gazette announces some of the appointments mentioned above,

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besides that of Peter Robert Lord Willoughby De Eresby to be an additional member of the Fine Arts Commission, of Lord Arthur Lennox to be Clerk to the Board of Ordnance, and of...


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THOSE LWO little laughing places in the Strand, whose wide-open entrances, gaily lighted, invite the passengers to come in and be merry, lured us inside their doors this week,...

Sydney papers to the 10th of April have been received

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this morning. The Stains Castle was to sail on the following day, with two hundred troops for Auck- land, and fifty more in another vessel, which was all that Sir George Gipps...

Her Majesty and Prince Albert will leave Woolwich in the

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Royal yacht The Victoria and Albert, Lord Adolphus Fitzelarence, this afternoon about .six o'clock; and, attended by the Porcupine, steam-surveying vessel, Captain Frederick...

The Paris Constitutionnel states that the immense appanage of the

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Princess De Joinville in Brazil, rich in mineral, forest, and sugar productions, is hence- forward to be worked by free labour. A telegraphic despatch from Toulon states the...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY /AFTERNOON. The fluctuations of the English Funds have been more extensive than usual; depending very materially upon the state of the weather. At the...

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THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND ON THE RHINE. ALL Germany is in commotion. The Rhine-lands are the centre of attraction ; and potentates and nobles, with sight-seers titled and untitled,...


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"A BARRISTER," in a candid and temperate letter, which appears in another page, undertakes to state correctly the grounds upon which the 'Western Circuit bar-mess justify their...


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Sin JAMES GRAHAM has crowned his sessional achievements by striking out a new moral theory. In the debate raised by Mr. Hawes on the Home Secretary's letter to Mr. Wray, Mr....

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THE last number of the Law Magazine contains an able article on the liabilities imposed by law upon those who take part in the getting-up of joint-stock schemes. As an...


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NOTWITHSTANDING its proximity to London, the world has of late years rather overlooked the land of the East Angles--of the Sud-folc and Nor-fob. The Norwich Festival was an...


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LORD CAMPBELL'S first appearance in the character of a cham- pion of ancient institutions would have been amusing, if any speech of so grave and elaborate an orator could...

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llinanApay, The Autobiography and Correspondence of Sir Simonds D'Ewes, Bart., during the Reigns of James L and Charles I. Edited by James Orehald IfsElwell, Esq., &c. Esc. In...

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IS a didactic novel on the political evils of Ireland. Notwithstanding the multitude of expositions that have been put forth upon the origin of Irish 21s, we think Mrs. Hall has...

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THERE have been various so-called " Pictures " of different towns,—as a Picture of London, a Picture of Paris ; and here is a Picture of Spain, for it goes far beyond the usual...

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From August lit to August 7th. BOOKS. The World Surveyed in the Nineteenth Century; or Recent Narratives of Scientific and Exploratory Expeditions, undertaken chiefly by...

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On the 30th July, in Hillside Crescent, Edinburgh, Lady Carmichael Anetrather, Of a son. On the 31st, at Noseley Hall, the Lady of Sir Arthur Grey Haslorigg, Bart., of LIME On...


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Was-oreme, Ang. 8.-10th Light Drags.—Lieut. the Hon. F. C. G. Fitzelarenee, from the 7th Foot, to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Ferrier. who retires. 17th Light Dings.—W. C. Lord,...

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Tuesday, Aug. 5. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Brown and Preston, Manchester, cotion-spinners-Farrer and Duckworth, Liverpool, eeffee-merchants-Smith and Donell, Watling Street,...


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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) &turd. Mouday Tuesday. Widnes. Thurs. Friday. 3 per Cent Consols ............ .• 981 98/ 981 991 981 99 Ditto for Account . 981 981 99...