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As the period approaches for the reassembling of Parliament, there is the usual gossip about thickening plots and startling combinations; and, the hubbub in Ireland having...

Mr. O'CoNNELL's last display before his brief hybernation, the dinner

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to Mr. &era O'BRIEN, has come to pass : it was a kind of "monster-meeting," in a quiet way ; and it went off flatly enough. Mr. Sierra O'BRIEN came out strongly as a Repealer of...

The uneasiness felt in the French capital about the Duke

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of BORDEAUX'S Visit to London, and the indiscreet fanaticism and numbers of the Royalists who have flocked across the Channel to do homage to the Prince who claims the throne...

"Settlement" is indeed not a term to be used in

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Spanish affairs: the Ministerial arrangement is all up again, and another "settlement" has been achieved, with less promise of stability than ever. The political world in Spain...

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The news from India by the mail this week does

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not vary from that received in November ; it is only more of the same sort. The rulers of the Sikhs have been killing each other off like the slaughter at the end of FIELDING'S...

be (Sow.

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WE left Queen Victoria entering the grounds of Chatsworth, the Duke of Devonshire's seat in the Peak of Derbyshire, about two o'clock on Friday. At least 20,000 persons were...

The Dutchess of Gloucester is still reported to be "going

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on well." Inquiries are made daily, and the Duke of Cambridge has paid more than one visit to the invalid. The Duke of Cambridge passed through town on Saturday, on his way from...