9 JUNE 1838

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From the proceedings in Parliament few would dieceser cause for

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apprehending any thing seriously wrong in the condition of the country or the state of public feeling. There has been a little talk about the fanaticism of the followers of mad...


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The Peers are seriously engaged on the improvement of the Irish Poor Bill; which, contrary to every appearance awl expecta- tion on its introduction to the House, bids fair to...

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The United States Government is embarrassed by want of money.

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President VAN BUREN had sent a message to Congress, stating, that "with over 28,000,000 of dollars in deposit with the States, and over 15,000,000 of dollars due from...

The intelligence from France and the Peninsula is utterly des-

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titute of interest. The accounts from the seat of war represent the spirit of disaffection as prevalent in the Carlist army ; but no new facts are supplied in confirmation of...

!Debate% atilt Praceetiingit in Parliament.

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IRISII POOR. The Peers went into Committee on the Irish Poor Bill, on Thursday. Lord FITZGERALD said he should propose amendments respecting emigration and medical charities....

By a packet from New York, accounts have been received

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from Toronto to the 2d of May. It was not expected that any more executions would take place in Upper Canada. Four persons con- demned to death had been reprieved.

From a statement in the Leipsic Gazette, it would appear

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that there are serious apprehensions of a revolt in Calabria. De- sertions from the Neapolitan army are numerous. These symp- toms of trouble in Italy annoy the Government at...

It is rumoured that the King of Belgium has formally

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pro- tested against the fulfilment of the treaty of 1831 with Holland ; and that M. VAN PRAET, LEOPOLD'S private secretary, was sent to LOUIS PHILIP, in order to produce a...

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In the Court of Queen's Bench, on Thursday, Sir John

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Campbell moved for a rule to show cause why a criminal information should not be filed against " Benjamin Disraeli, Esquire, Member of Parliament for the borough of Maidstone,"...

A Mr. Herbert Smith, who in some of the papers

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is called " Reverend," has charged Alderman Harmer and Mr. Clement, proprietors of Sunday newspapers, with a breach of the I iw in selling the same on Sunday ; and Sir Peter...

be Court.

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TilL Queen, with the Dutchess of Kent, Baroness Lehzen, Lady Mulgrave, Miss Paget, Lady Flora Hastings, and Colonel Wemyss, left Buckingham Palace on Monday afternoon, for...

Cbr fitrtrapoTil.

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" The friends of the British Colonial Empire" par excellence, who. ever they be, gave a dinner on Wednesday, at the Freemason's Tavern, to Sir Francis Bond Head. Upwards of two...

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Waterloo Road. The evidence produced strongly confirmed the sus - appearanee,

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e ;tit a man at their head answer ing the desel iption sit - the picion that Grimwood's murderer was the man who accompanied her f h Bennett with hiss swoion of military,...

, ai 'Air. KTI.stc'.!wll, 4 NI sg;s! it ; ...1

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M rim' Armstroeg left the turniiihe-rstid as ith the .t Iii s:ivisien. Ile woes:infest calling himself Courtebay. Almost immediately afterwai;k, he saw Licatenant Handley', who...

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There have been two Anti-Poor-law " manifestations " iii the

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menu. factoring districts this week,—one at ;Manchester, on Monday; the other at Bradford, on Tuesday. The NIancliester manife.station was in the form of it dinner to Mr. John...

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Mr. Johnston of Straiton is the Liberal candidate for Linlithgow- shire ; and Colonel Baillie, a rather lukewarm Whig, opposes the Tory, Mr. Grant, in Inverness-shire, The...


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The Irish Chief Baron Joy is seriously ill. The controversy between Gregg and Maguire is still carried on. The Dublin Evening Packet, in allusion to one day's discussion, says,...

A curious case of manslaughter occurred in the neighbourhood of

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Alderley, in Cheshire, last week. William Coops, a child only seven years old, threw an egg; which he hal taken from a bird's•nest, and which had a live bird within it, at...

At Liverpool, York, Chester, Shrewsbury, Taunton, Colchester, and many other

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places in all parts of the country, preparations are making to celebrate the Queen's Coronation. It is said that Lord Harrowhy in very ill, and that the Liverpool Tories are...

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The members of Brooks's Club invited the members of White's and Boodle's to join with them in getting up a ball in honour of the Coronation ; but White's and Boodle's declined ;...

Our anticipation that Mr. Benjamin Smith's attack on Lord Brougham

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would not long wait for a reply, has been iodized in the following letter, first published in a cheap and useful publication called The Commentator. Very calmly and with perfect...


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Arrived-At Gravesend, Scene 4111. Edinleurgh, Marshall, Dora Chime; Bob Small Feleher. I Henget ; 1.ady Elute. Ford ; and Batelle Junior. Sanders, from Madras; 5th, General...

The Westmeath Committee have resolved to grant a commis4ion to

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proceed to Irelmd to examine witnesses on certain points, (+idly as to the qualification of voters. The matter may occupy several months. In the House of Lords, on Thursday, in...

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!Ate accounts from Chili mention, that the advocates for continuing

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the tearl war with Pern are daily diuninialting in number tind ilitiuence; and that, although the treaty granted by SANTA CRUZ Ns not been ratified, there is a prosrect of the...

'rite affairs of the African celony weepy the nttention of

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the French Chamber of Deputies. Some of the leading members of the Chamber upoti the utter hopelessness of derivieg tiny benefit front the poseeseion ot Algiers mid Constantine,...


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SATURDAY. The cOnsideratirn of the Irish Poor Bill was completed he the Corn. mittee of the Lords last eight. Several amendments, apparently of ea; nor importance, were mede in...


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sroes lxrnntit. Farosy AFTERNOON. prev ion% to the Dis idend,which OCCUrte11011Tilestlay. caused etcumnporu.y heaviness in boll these sticks. and a trifling depression occurred...

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THE KENTISH "FANATICS." THE riots in Kent are ascribed to the religious fanaticism ofIthe people ; a malady, for which, Mr. WYNN assured the House or Commons, education is no...


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TO THE EDITOR OF TI1E SPECTATOR. 20, Pembroke Place, Pimlico. 7th Jane 1838. will beg the favour of you not to rely implicitly upon the information of your Edinburgh...


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TAGLIONI has returned to ravish the senses of the town with the wonder and beauty of her performance of the impossibilities of French dancing. She has moulted no feather of her...


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REDUCTION of expenditure, to meet the deficiencies of a falling revenue, is commonly the last expedient of feeble rulers. "Our establishments are already cut down to the lowest...

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No small amount of responsibility rests upon him who advises the humbler classes of society to intrust their hard-earned savings with a Life Assurance Society; and that...


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AN anonymous letter-writer complains, in a tone better to be shunned than followed, that, notwithstanding a summons from himself some three weeks ago, we have neglected or...

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" Tne foundation of British settlements in distant lands, accord

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we shall now state. of British Settlements in the Islands of New Zealand." The dis- reside ill the colony and administer the government there. from Mr. ELLiorr's Report; which...

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TIIE principal feature of the seventh concert, on Monday last, Wall Semites lust Sinfunia, entitled " The Influence of Sound," which was revived after a three.years• repose. We...

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8:P1145511Y, The Life of William Wilberforce. By his Sons, Fobert Isaac Wilberforc e , NI A VIC:IT of Emit Farlei g h, late Fellow or Oriel Colle g e. ; awl ti.tmitel...


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IF any busy, influential, and decidedly pious Member of Parlia- ment, who has an extensive correspondence, and keeps (like M r ,. WILBERFORCE) two diaries, " one sacred, the...

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THIS volume contains pieces of much merit, and proofs of eon- tiderable poetical power, but rather promises future volumes for popularity than is likely to be very popular...

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THE PORTRAITS IN THE ACADEMY EXHIBITION. OCR purpose of entering into a minute examination of the Academy Exhibition has been hitherto diverted by other claims on the attention...

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colour as a Means of Art is a sequel to the Sketcher's Manual ; and carries the student another stride onward in the royal road to picture-making. In his first book, FRANI:...