10 APRIL 1880, Page 12



IxTo the fields flew a little bird; In the joyous sunshine his song was heard; And wondrous sweet was the sound of his lay. "Farewell, I am going !" it seemed to say,— " Far, far away Must I travel to-day."

To that sweet field-music I lent an ear; It made me sorry and glad to hear ; With an aching joy, with a gladsome pain, My heart rose lightly, then sank again.

"Say heart, say heart, Art thou breaking for pleasure, or breaking for pain?"

The leaves around me fell sadly down, Then I said, " Alas ! the Autumn is nigh ! The summer swallow has homeward flown. Perchance, thus love and longing fly,—

Far, far and swift, With time they drift."

But the sunshine streamed around me anew ; Back to me quickly the little bird flew, And sang, as he saw my falling tears,— " Love knows no winter in his years.

Nay, nay !

For Love, there is no such thing; It is, and it must be always, Spring !" L. T. M.