10 APRIL 1880, Page 12



APRIL, 1580.

VOTE out, from where the heather-blush

Purples the hills of Scottish song, The sand-heaps raised of Self and Wrong,— Vote out the Policy of Plush.

Vote in, with him who first upreared, Over the wave of Northern moss,

The banner of the Fiery Cross,—

Vote home the good ship, Homeward steered.

Vote in the old, vote out the new ; Bring back the calm and steadfast days, When England's truth was England's praise,— Vote out the false, vote in the true.

Vote Honour to the front once more, Whose drooping hands have veiled her face, While every weak and savage race The might of England overbore. Vote out your London's outworn town, That is the drag—that was the spur ; The quaking Aldermen in fur ; Vote Labour up, vote Turtle down.

Vote out the parodies of Men, Hugging, in sight of want and rags, Their stomachs and their money-bags ; Vote out the fat-fed citizen.

Vote down the City's pampered crew, Who for their villas vote at ten, Then faggot-vote their tills again ; Vote down the false, vote up the true !

Vote up the men whose life is work, Whose honest labour makes the world; Vote down the fashions, crimped and curled, And stand for Christian,—not for Turk.

Stand for the lesson taught of old, That as the work the meed shall be ; Give Freedom to who would be free, And in our boldness would be bold.

Vote out the slain and slaying cause ; Perverted forms of party strife; Vote in the nobler wars of Life, For growing nations,—growing laws.

Praise God ! our England's motto still, After this long, perplexing night, Is, in her poet's second-sight, "Broad-based upon the People's Will."

Vote out the false,—vote in the true !—

For Honour, Honesty, and Peace;•

The People's rest,—the Land's increase.

And so we thank Him, who foreknew. H. M.