10 APRIL 1880, Page 2

The Times' correspondent at Constantinople forwards a statement of very

great importance. He says that Sheikh Hussein, the Grand Shereef of Mecca, who has just been. assassinated, was believed at the Palace to be favourable to the revival of the Arab Kaliphate. It was resolved to summon him to Constantinople, but as he might have refused obedience,. he was " induced " to go to Jeddah, where he was stabbed by some one, who, it is hinted, may have been instigated from the capital. The moment the news was received at Constantinople, the Sultan summoned Abdul Mutallib, a former Grand Shereef, remarkable for his fanaticism, for his. hatredof England, and for his ascendancy among Arabs, and appointed him to the vacant post. If the movement among- the Arabs, which is sure to come sooner or later, has already begun, the Sultan may not find this a good selection. Abdul Mutallib may wish for a throne, and having resided for years- in Constantinople, must be thoroughly familiar with the state of affairs there, and the hopelessness of effecting any reform. He must be conscious also that the "hour of destiny" has very nearly arrived, and that Turkey will very shortly be in extremis. Under those circumstances, Abdul Mutallib is not unlikely to. claim independence, and shake Ottoman rule through Arabia,. Syria, and Egypt.