10 APRIL 1880, Page 24

The Home Life of the Prince Consort. By Rev. Charles

Bullock, B.D. (Hand and Heart Publishing Office.)—This is a sort of epitome of the fuller Life of the Prince. Where there is really so much to praise in the conduct of a royal personage, it is difficult to avoid seeming fulsome ; but the writer tries to avoid it, and many of the anecdotes here related are interesting in themselves. They are also calculated to do much more good to the people who can never hear too much about those in high places, than the foolish scandal and trivial pieces of information which seem to delight them. It is rather profusely illustrated, and though most of the pictures are those of familiar places, they are good in their way.—Byway Gleanings, by F. M. Suttees (" Cherith.") (Partridge and Co.) —A collection of four short tales, which are interesting in themselves and touching in their pathetic passages, but much spoilt by faults of manner which might be avoided with a very little care. Their truly religious tone is marred by the preaching at the conclusion of each. Good stories speak for themselves; and these are quite good enough to do so, if they had been well told and the "morals" left out. " Nitta " is the most to our taste.