10 APRIL 1880, Page 25

English Student's French Examiner. By F. Julien. (Sampson Low,

Marston, and Co.).—A book for students preparing for the local and higher examinations. A part of the plan of this work is to accustom

the learner not only to translate French ilito English, and vice versd, but to give him some training in the method of grammatically reason- ing out the pieces he translates. This book has the merit of a good, clear type to recommend it.—The Civil Service First French Book. By Achille Mortean. (Crosby Lockwood and Co.)—This useful class. book for students has one drawback. In the effort to oompress as much matter as possible into a small volume, the type chosen is of the smallest. The attention is often wearied, as every one knows, by the demand made upon the eye.