10 APRIL 1880, Page 25

FRENCH CrAss-BooKs.—Ettgeme' s French Method. (Williams and Norgate.)—These elementary lessons

are founded on the synthetical method illustrated in Ahn's original work. The plan is, however, distinct in some particulars from that of Alm. Its aim is to graduate the difficulties of pronunciation as well as those of grammar, as, for instance, in the first and second Exercises, words with simple vowels only are given ; in Exercises 3 to 6, words with accented vowels ; and so on. Differences of idiom and construction in the French and Eng- lish languages are contrasted by easy illustrations. It may be noted that care has been taken in the selection of type to adapt the book to the wants of a beginner, a point not always sufficiently considered— Macmillan's Progressive French Course. Parts I. and II. By Euginte Fasnacht. For the first year, the pupil's course of instruction com- prises easy lessons on tho regular accidence. The second year, he will be exercised in conversational lessons on systematic accidence and elementary syntax. The appendix contains philological remarks and illustrations. There is a comparative table of Latin and French verb inflections, there are tables illustrating the Latin original of substantives as l'autte, ulna ; l'armoire, armarium ; la dette, debitu»t ;